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Summer 2018 Bridesmaid Dresses

wedding colors ideas combinations themes summer 2018
Sweet Ice Cream Photography
Summer is the most popular wedding season and it is rapidly approaching, therefore it is a perfect time for brides and her helpers to start planning their wedding themes and color schemes. Whether you are getting married or being invited as a wedding planner, it is always a good idea to choose your wedding colors together with your bridesmaids.

Born Pretty Store Holo Series 'Papakōlea Breeze' | Review & Demo

bps born pretty store discount off code holographic manicure how to tutorial
bps born pretty store discount off code holographic manicure how to tutorial
bps born pretty store discount off code holographic manicure how to tutorial
bps born pretty store discount off code holographic manicure how to tutorial
bps born pretty store discount off code holographic manicure how to tutorial

It is hard to find a nail polish junkie, who doesn't like holographic nail polishes. This holosexual obsessions started to grow stronger together with the popularity of Simply Nailogical Youtube channel. I was never a fan of holographic nail polishes, but when I saw this beautiful spicy nail polish called 'Papakōlea Breeze'*at Born Pretty Store, I fell in love and decided to give it a try.

I want to start off with a little explanation, because I didn't know what Papakōlea means. Papakōlea is a very famous and unique green sand beach located on island of Hawaii. The sand there looks like a fine mixture between little emerald crumbs and spicy black pepper. So, Papakōlea Breeze is a gentle afternoon wind from a green sand beach. Sounds wonderful, isn't it? 

Holo Series come in a regular Born Pretty nail polish bottle with a medium-sized brush-applicator. Application of the nail polish wasn't the best, it goes on smoothly on the nail plate, but once you try to build-up the color, bush moves the first coat. I recommend you to apply a thin layer of Papakōlea Breeze and let it completely dry, before the second application. Fortunately, it dries very quickly! For an extra opaque coverage I like to apply two thin coats of holo nail polish and finish my manicure with a layer of top coat. 

To my surprise, after I covered Papakōlea Breeze with a transparent top coat, all holographic rainbows disappeared. Usually, transparent top coat is used to reveal the shiny power of rainbows, but not in this case. I honestly don't know where was the problem: in my favorite top coat Big Universo Brilho Cristal (review) or in this incredibly beautiful holographic nail polish. If you know the answer, please let me know in the comments, because I really want to understand where was the issue. But the saddest part is the durability of this nail polish. It started to chip on the second day of wearing, I wonder how long it lasts without a top coat.

Overall, I was a little bit disappointing with the formula of Holo Series nail polish by Born Pretty. The color and that beautiful rainbow shine are undoubtedly magnificent. But the overall application and durability of this nail polish isn't the best. Born Pretty has better nail polish collections, like the Pumpkin Series (review), which are very durable and last on my nails more than a week. I think, Born Pretty needs to develop a special top coat and retail it together with Holo Series nail polishes, to make them last longer and shine brighter. If you are searching for a new nail polishes, you can use a special code LIZH to receive 10 % discount on your purchase at Born Pretty Store. Click the banner below to check out the whole range of beauty and nail products. Hugs and kisses ♥

Lots of love,
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How to Care for Hair Extensions With TedHair

how to choose wash heat protect natural virgin hair extension
Brooke Cagle
Hair extensions are amazing! You can add volume and length to your natural hair, using only few clip-on extensions. Want to experiment with different hair styles and color, but don't want to damage your natural hair? Feel free to do all kind of hair experiments with human hair extensions. But, just like any natural hair, hair extensions demand a special care.

Summer'18 Fashion Trends | I ♥ Summer

Spring fashion season with its denim and satin trends is almost at an end. Together with rising temperature, summer is going to bring brand new fashion styles. No worries, there are a bunch of trends, that are going to stay from the previous spring season. From calm and romantic pastels to vintage tropical prints - this summer fashion is going to take two opposite directions.

Simple Skincare Refreshing Facial Wash Gel | Review

Finding perfect nondrying face wash is harder, than it seems! Today in the spotlight is Simple Skincare Refreshing Facial Wash Gel, and it is not as simple, as it seems at first. Simple Skincare is a very popular British brand of soap and skincare products, formulated for sensitive skin types and made from the purest natural ingredients. Simple doesn't use artificial perfumes and colors, that can cause skin irritations. Sounds great, isn't it? Let's find out more about this wonderful product.

Simple Skincare brand is pretty new to Brazilian beauty market, but I still decided to give it a try, especially when I saw how affordable was the price. Refreshing Facial Wash Gel comes in a regular 'squeezable' plastic tube, which you can recycle a little bit later. The product itself has no color and no harsh scent, just a very soft transparent gel. I love good smelling makeup and skin care products, but artificial perfumes can cause allergies and irritation, so these ingredients are totally unnecessary.

I have normal to dry skin type and most facial gels tend to leave my skin feeling dry and tight. But, fortunately, Simple Skincare Refreshing Facial Wash Gel is very comfortable, even for dry skin. Right after I washed my skin with this gel and gently dried it with towel, my face instantly felt refreshed and squeaky clean! There was no discomfort, unpleasant patchiness or irritations. I also like to use natural face sponge together with this washing gel, because it helps to remove dry and dead skin cells.

Overall, I absolutely agree with the Simple Skincare ideology - the simpler is always the better, especially when it comes to skin care. On my opinion, it is a perfect facial wash for summer time, when our skin needs a lightweight care, without any heavy ingredients and strong scents. My skin always feels fresh and clean after I use Simple face wash, thought, I'm not sure how it would work on oily skin. I highly recommend to try out Simple Skincare brand to everyone, who needs product with gentle formula and affordable price.

Lots of love,
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Customize Your Dream Graduation Invitation With Basic Invite

basicinvite review
Graduation party celebrates recognition of your personal achievements and the beginning of a new exciting journey in your life. There is no better occasion to bring together all your dearest friends and relatives and celebrate this huge moment together. One of the most important thing to do is to celebrate graduation properly, preparing all the essential details for an amazing party.

Brazilian Hair Guide With BestHairBuy

brazilian remy virgin 100 % natural hair extensions how to guide

Picture by Averie Woodard

Weaves and hair extensions become more and more popular among women these days, because they allow us to have long, beautiful and full-looking hair, with minimal professional care and effort. Virgin Brazilian hair considered a 'gold standard' for hair extensions. They are beautiful and have naturally smooth and silky texture.

City Color Cosmetics Huge Makeup Haul & First Impressions

liz breygel makeup cosmetics review before after demo test drive affordable budget friendly brand

Hi lovelies, are you ready for a huge makeup haul blog post? I'm super excited to introduce you this gorgeous makeup collection by City Color Cosmetics. It is not my first experience with this brands, I have tried their Matte Liquid Lipstick in beautiful shade called 'Homeslice' (detailed review with swatches here). City Color Cosmetics company was first introduced at IMATS LA 2013 as a high-quality and budget friendly beauty brand.