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Bold Eyeliner Hack: Cheat A Neat, Perfectly-Defined Cat Wing

eyeliner hack cheat step by step pictorial

Seductive Marilyn Monroe, extraordinary Amy Winehouse and affecting Audrey Hepburn - is there anything uniting these talented women, except their unique fashion sense and beauty? Love for dramatic cat eyeliner! These ladies mastered the eyeliner art and loved wearing thick black wings on their eyelids. An ideal fleek beautifully prolongates the eyes and makes them bigger and sexier. But incorrectly applied eyeliner can completely ruin even the most beautiful makeup look.

#2009vs2019 Ten Years Challenge For Makeup Industry

ten years challenge makeup industry then and now 2009 versus 2019 year

Ten years ago I wasn't such a huge fan of all things beauty. In fact, I only started my makeup journey, watching the first makeup tutorials on Youtube and wearing my favorite heavy smokey eye makeup look during night and day time. But in the current of the latest events and especially challenges, I've decided to take a brief look back in the history of the makeup industry. Yes, I'm talking about the infamous ten years photo challenge or 2009 vs. 2019 that overwhelmed our Facebook feeds. Let's find out together how our favorite makeup brands looked ten years ago and how they developed their products during the past decade.

Catharine Hill Skin Freshener | Spray Facial Toner Review

Catharine Hill professional makeup review blogger skin care how to use toner

Every beauty junkie knows the eternal and unchangeable skin care mantra - cleanse, tone and moisturize. Skin care brand build their cosmetic lines around this simple three-step rule and even dermatologists insist on following these essential steps. To be completely fair with you, I do not follow this skin mantra thoroughly, often skipping the toner part. But, this year I've decided to take an in depth care of my facial skin, dedicating more time to an everyday skin care routine and nourishing treatments. Filling in my toner gap, today I want to talk about refreshing skin toner by Brazilian  professional makeup brand Catharine Hill.

Your Illuminating Pre-Wedding Routine

beautiful bride in a wedding dress holds the hand of her future husband

Being able to light up the room with your vibrant, glowing look becomes even more important as your wedding day approaches. There’s a lot to think about before your wedding – wedding flowers, wedding cakes, wedding speeches – so here’s your go-to guide to get glowing skin and luscious hair ensuring you look your absolute best before the big day arrives.

How to Totally Revamp Your Skincare Routine This Winter

girl is taking bath with flowers

It doesn’t matter what season it is, we want our skin to be healthy and look good, and for this, we need a really good skincare routine. Still, as with everything in life, nothing is perfect, and even when you find a skincare routine you’re satisfied with, chances are that you’ll have to change it every now and then. Temperature, humidity, wind, and UV index are just some of the important factors you should think about when it comes to steps in your skincare routine. If you were hoping to try something effective this winter that will make your skin glow, read on:

Winter-Spring 2019 Trendy Hair Colors

Long winter months and the first months of the spring season are considered to be the most dull and boring time of a year. Cold winter nights cover the streets of our cities in snow and during the first spring months, while nature is still asleep, the weather tends to stay chilly and windy. Sometimes all we need during this period of year is some lively color, that will overwhelm our days with its magnificent warmth and energize weekdays. The easiest way to incorporate saturated shades in our lives is to give our locks a cheerful makeover.

Derma Roller System Against Cellulite?

Derma Roller System 1 mm. tool packed in plastic container

Blackheads and cellulite are my two biggest skin-related problems. But if scrupulously facial cleansing always helps to get rid of blackheads almost instantly and makes the skin looks fresh, fighting the annoying orange-peel skin is not an easy mission. Around 80-90% of women around the world experience cellulite - an uneven, lumpy texture of the skin. At times even eating healthy food and exercising regularly is not enough to fight this condition.

Amazing Hair Color Trends That You Need To Try While You Are Young and Wild

girl with silver hair lays on the grass

Among the numerous ways through which one keeps the zest alive and celebrates the spirit of life is coloring hair. 2019 has brought amazing hues in the market which upholds the true spirit of the young and wild. While many choose to color their hair with these vibrant shades, many opt for the hassle free hair extensions that are available in the market. So, let’s check the different colors that teens and young are availing this season.

Mac Cosmetics Eyeshadow Review & Swatches : Brule, Nylon & Print

packed maccosmetics single eyesahdows in shades brule nylon and print laying on a fur blanket

High quality eyeshadow is the key to a flawless eye makeup look. As a person who loves playing with makeup and share my unusual makeup designs on Instagram I'm in constant need of basic, but extremely good eyeshadows. For this particular reason, few months ago I've started building my very own custom eyeshadow palette by Mac Cosmetics. The idea of having my personal collection of essential eyeshadow colors always fascinated me, so I continued filling in my half-full palette.