makeup collage showin how th emakeup industry have changed for the past 10 years #10yearschallenge

Ten years ago I wasn't such a huge fan of all things beauty. In fact, I only started my makeup journey, watching the first makeup tutorials on Youtube and wearing my favorite heavy smokey eye makeup look during night and daytime. But in the current of the latest events and especially challenges, I've decided to take a brief look back in the history of the makeup industry. 

Yes, I'm talking about the infamous ten years photo challenge or 2009 vs. 2019 that overwhelmed our Facebook feeds. Let's find out together how our favorite makeup brands looked ten years ago and how they developed their products during the past decade.

makeup collage showin how th emakeup industry have changed for the past 10 years #10yearschallenge

2009 Then: NARS Hungry Heart Duo Vs. 2019 Now: NARS High Voltage Highlighting Palette

November, the year 2009 - NARS cosmetics celebrates 15 years anniversary with the launch of the 15X15 photography project, shot by the founder of the brand makeup artist and photographer François Nars. In the past ten years, NARS cosmetics outlasted many changes but continues to please its fans with high-quality makeup products.

A brand new palette of highlighters by NARS can not be compared with a ten years old duo called Hungry Heart. An old palette, released in the summer of 2019, featured two iridescent illuminators: pearly pink with golden sparkles and ivory-gold shade. But, unlike latter-day highlighters, the Hungry Heart duo provided a very subtle glow to the skin. The packaging is also changed and now it has even more personality than ever!

makeup collage showin how th emakeup industry have changed for the past 10 years #10yearschallenge

2009 Then: Mac Cosmetics The Hello Kitty Vs. 2019 Now: Mac Cosmetics Bling Things

An old-hand makeup enthusiast remembers one of the most iconic and cutest makeup collections by Mac Cosmetics. I'm talking about the Hello Kitty makeup collection, released in January 2009. The Hello Kitty collection was a combination of two different makeup collections: the Hello Kitty Colour Collection for makeup lovers and Hello Kitty Kouture for professionals and collectors; plus it included a line of exclusive accessories with Hello Kitty snouts and tons of rhinestones.

Ten years later Mac Cosmetics has prepared a whole new set of makeup collections, released in the beginning of 2019 year: Makeup-Ready Skin, MAC In Monochrome, Lucky Red, Glitter Tripper, PatrickStarrr Slay Ride, and Bling Things. These makeup collections feature both new and classic products by Mac Cosmetics. In the past years, brands have definitely improved packaging design and presentations for collaborative collections.

makeup collage showin how th emakeup industry have changed for the past 10 years #10yearschallenge

2009 Then: Urban Decay Primer Potion Vs. 2019 Now: Urban Decay Primer Potion

You might not recognize the next product, but it is one of the most iconic eyeshadow primers in the beauty industry. Eyeshadow primer potion by Urban Decay in the Original shade has become a holy grail product for almost every makeup lover. A decade ago it had a slightly different shape and formulation, but after the regular customer complaints, Urban Decay changed the packaging. 

No more vintage-shaped tube with magical Gothic letters. Now Primer Potion comes in a pretty regular squeezable tube and the only two things left from the original packaging is the appealing lavender shade and wand-applicator. Even the original formula has been enhanced with anti-aging agents.

makeup collage showin how th emakeup industry have changed for the past 10 years #10yearschallenge

2009 Then: Lime Crime Vs. 2019 Now: Lime Crime

Some indie makeup brands have gained huge popularity and dramatically expanded the range of the products they developed since 2009. For instance, our beloved Lime Crime, which produces makeup for unicorns, completed the colorful lipstick collection with blindingly bright highlighters, diamond lip toppers, and eye palettes. Lime Crime was one of those brands that made people fall in love with sophisticated matte finishes once again and reminded us about the beauty of neutral shades. I really hope that Lime Crime will continue to please our makeup tastes for a very long time.

makeup collage showin how th emakeup industry have changed for the past 10 years #10yearschallenge

2009 Then: CoverGirl Vs. 2019 Now: CoverGirl is Cruelty-Free

In my opinion, one of the best news for the makeup industry is that more and more world-famous brands are turning cruelty-free, earning a leaping bunny trademark. Throughout the past ten years, a huge amount of cosmetic brands said no to animal testing. For example last year a drugstore brand CoverGirl had finally become totally cruelty-free. In August of the year 2018, the state of California passed a bill, which is going to ban the sale of products tested on animals. I believe this bill marks a brand new future for the entire beauty industry all over the world.

The Takeaway

I can use a few phrases, to sum up, the ten years challenge for the makeup industry: fresh packaging redesigns, recyclable materials, vegan formulations, crazy colors, and competitive race. The past ten years have been one of the hottest years for both indie and huge makeup companies. While smaller brands stunned makeup professionals with a brand-new approach to beauty, well-known makeup brands have finally started to sense the wind of change. Well, let us see what the next decade will bring on its unpredictable wings! And what do you think, ladies? What should we expect in the nearest makeup future?

Lots of love,