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Every beauty enthusiast knows the eternal and unchangeable skincare mantra — cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Skincare brands build their cosmetic lines around this simple three-step rule and even dermatologists insist on following these essential steps. To be completely fair with you, I do not follow this skin mantra thoroughly, often skipping the toner part. 

But, this year I've decided to take in-depth care of my facial skin, dedicating more time to an everyday skincare routine and nourishing treatments. Filling in my toner gap, today I want to talk about refreshing skin toner by Brazilian professional makeup brand Catharine Hill.

About the Catharine Hill Skin Freshener

Catharine Hill Skin Freshener comes in a light plastic bottle with a fine dispenser. The bottle contains 150 ml. ≈ 5 oz. of toner and this amount of product will last a long time. The product itself has a very alluring shade of strawberry and a mildly sweet scent. The Skin Freshener is good for both normal and dry skin types and can be used throughout the whole year.

a studio picture of a facial toner by catharine hill on a pink background

  • Ingredients

One of the main ingredients of Catharine Hill skin toner is Hamamelis Virginiana also known as witch-hazel herb. It is a natural skin conditioner and anti-inflammatory remedy, that contains tannin and is found against bacterial infections. The next ingredient that caught my attention is Citric Acid - a natural and very common ingredient in the cosmetic industry. 

Citric Acid adjusts the acidity of the product, helps the skin to peel off dead skin cells, and promotes cell regeneration. It also helps to soften the skin, making it more compliant to further treatments. Sadly, there is one ingredient, which I'm not particularly happy about and it is Alcohol. It won't damage the skin, but it could strip the skin of natural lipids.

a studio picture of a facial toner by catharine hill on a pink background

  • How to Use It?

How to use Catharine Hill skin freshener? It is very easy, just spray a necessary amount of toner on the cotton disk and softly rub it on the skin. Though, I prefer to spray the toner directly on my face, letting the toner dry on my face and neck. I like using Catharine Hill toner on freshly cleansed skin, primarily dried with a soft and clean towel. The skin immediately feels refreshed and soothed after the scrupulous cleansing.

Final Verdict...

Toning is a very important step in your everyday skincare routine. Hopefully, I won't skip this essential step in the future and continue my skin-toning practice. Actually, the feeling of refreshing, calming toner on the skin is very pleasing, especially during the hot summer days. Sometimes I even put the Catharine Hill toner in the refrigerator for a few minutes before usage, for an extra dose of chilly coolness. 

Do you always tone your skin after washing? If so, what is your favorite skin-hydrating toner? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Until next time, lovelies!

Lots of love,