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Peel-Off Lip & Cheek Tints | Review & Swatches

peel off lip mask tint gloss lipstick korean blogger review picture swatches liz breygel

Lip and cheek long lasting tints took such a huge place in our makeup life, they gained great popularity amount beauty junkies and it is hard to find a person who never heard or used a colorful tint to brighten up a day. Beauty tint is a multi-functional makeup product, which you can use either for your lips, cheeks or any other area of your face you want. It is basically a super-pigmented 'ink' that stains your skin, and that's what makes it long - lasting and waterproof. The Color Sunny Peel - Off Tint* is a product I want to talk about to you today. It has a special formula that helps to achieve two kinds of finish on your skin, using only one tint. Sounds intriguing, right?

Stemology Cell Rescue Active Gel Toner | Review

stemology skin care products haul review blogger liz breygel buy online natural eco cosmetics skin care toner cleanser moisturizer

Fighting the breakouts, black heads and other troubles on the skin could be tricky at times, especially when you are an owner of sensitive and dry skin types. It is so easy to irritate sensitive skin, so it needs special treatment and good skin care products, which will gently clean, refresh and calm down the irritations. Never underestimate the power of three step skin care routine - cleaning, toning and moisturizing is what our gentle facial skin needs regardless of the skin type. I need to confess, that I always forget the second step of this important procedure. I used toners from time to time, but I just never understood, why do we need to tone our skin? But I was so wrong, toner removes the remains of the cleanser on the face and helps the skin to receive all the beneficial ingredients from the moisturizer.

Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette | Review & Swatches

too faced eye shadow palette review swatches beauty blogger makeup how to guide liz breygel neautral warm soft eye shadow palette buy online

Hi, lovelies, today I`m going to review the most legendary and naughty, in my opinion, eye shadow palette ever - The Too Faced Boudoir Eyes from their Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow collection. I couldn't resist not to try it myself, the temptation was stronger than me! Especially because 5 of the eye shadow colors were brand new for Too Faced and are exclusively available in this palette, and so wanted to try them out.

Neon Green Eye Makeup Step by Step Tutorial

liz breygel blogger makeup bright matte green step by step tutorial cat eyeliner pictures

Hi, everyone! I know that bright neon colors are considered a bit inappropriate for the cold seasons, but I couldn't deprive myself such a huge pleasure not to create this gorgeous cut crease makeup with an acid green eye shadow on a crease. The advantage of such makeups is that they will always look super neat and professional, you don`t need huge amount of products to recreate this makeup look and you can easily change the color range. It is beginner friendly, all you need is to follow these easy steps :

Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler | Review & Test Drive

Irresistible Me flat iron review blogger hair flat iron before after pictures liz breygel buy online

My hair is straight naturally. It is very long and at times it is so hard to keep it untangled, so I prefer to braid it before sleep. Braiding makes my life easier, but the hair gets curly and naughty in the morning, so I need to straighten it to tame my locks again. But as much as I love to play around with my hair my biggest consternation is to overheat it and make it even more dry than it is already. When the hair is long and the structure of the hair is thin, it is very easy to damage it with hair styling tools. That's why I love using the Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler* it is so easy to straighten and curl hair locks using this tool, so let me tell you more about this magic wand!

Nature Secrets Body Cream Nourishing Wheat & Coconut | Review

oriflame Nature Secrets Body Cream Nourishing Wheat Coconut body lotion butter review pictures natural liz breygel moisturizer

Winter days become colder and longer, and it means that our skin is getting more and more sensitive to the temperature changes: it is chilly outside but so warm and cozy at home! Because of the drastic temperature differences in our skin can suffer from dryness, irritation, or even fine cracks. That`s why I always hunt for the perfect body moisturizer that will keep my skin healthy, nourished, and prevent it from peeling, when the weather outside is harsh. And this year I entrust this mission to the Nature Secrets Body Cream with an extract of the Nourishing Wheat and Coconut oil. I can't express how much I love using this product, let me tell you why.

Syoss Repair Therapy Conditioner | Review

Syoss Repair Therapy Hair Care Product Conditioner Mask Shampoo Review liz breygel

Usually I write on my blog about the products I loved to use and the product which worked well for me. But today I decided to share with you my opinion on the Syoss Repair Therapy Conditioner, that became my disappointment. The formula of this product was just not doing great for my hair, even though it was developed for my dry and damaged hair condition, so let me explain why I didn't like to use it. 

My Favorite BB Creams | Review & Swatches

bb cream holika holika 3 concept eyes maycheer beauty angel review swatches liz breygel blogger pictures

I'm not a big fan of heavy foundations and full-coverage makeup bases, I have a decent skin condition at the moment and the only thing that bothers me from time to time is dryness. That is why I prefer to use BB creams on a daily basis - they work great on my skin all year round! BB Cream was invented in the 1960's by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek and it was meant to protect her patients' skin after facial treatments and surgeries. 

Black & Gold Gothic Lips Step by Step Makeup Tutorial

liz breygel beauty lip makeup tutorial gothic glitter black pastel goth makeup lips tutorial how to

Hi, lovelies, today I'm going to show you how to create this super-quick and very easy black and gold lip makeup. You can use absolutely any product you have in your makeup kit, I didn't have a black lipstick, so I used a cream eyeliner as a base for the pigment. You can also take a black, creamy eye kohl to line and fill in your lips, and if you don't have any glitter or pigment - use any shimmer eye shadow you have at the moment. So here are these little steps, which will help you achieve the Black and Gold Gothic lip look.

My Favorite Winter Lipsticks: Vampy Purple, Ripe Plum & Cool Magenta

lipstick winter autumn colors shades collection haul liz breygel swatches bold bright lipsticks

Probably every girl, who is obsessed with makeup has her favorite seasonal shades. If in summer we can easily go for a bright floral hue, intense and dark colors generally considered more appropriate for winter. So today I decided to share with you my top five lipsticks, which I prefer to use during the cold winter time.

Christmas Glam Makeup Step By Step Tutorial

liz breygel makeup christmas new year tutorial step by step glam glamorous look

Holidays are coming! I have a feeling that 2015 passed so fast, and even though in some moments this year was not the best for me, but I still have a bunch of warm memories. I really hope that the next year will be so much better for everyone of us.I decided to start my Christmas preparations from a makeup tutorial for all of you guys. This festive makeup I'm going to wear when the Christmas Eve will come, I wanted this look to be glam and bright, so I decided to mix up four eye shadow colors - two shimmer (gold and champagne) and two matte (dark cranberry and black), but you can use any colors you want. So let's get started!

Stemology Cell Renew Hydro - Plus Overnight Moisturizer | Review

Stemology Cell Renew Hydro - Plus Overnight Moisturizer stemology skin care products review blogger liz breygel anti aging face cream gel

Recently Stemology brand launched a new product - the Cell Renew Hydro-Plus Overnight Moisturizer* with a StemCore - 3 technology that provides a combination of skin and collagen growth boosters. This moisturizer was developed for dry and sensitive skin types, it helps to restore skin’s vital hydration and plump it’s appearance. Stemology claims that you can see and feel the first results right upon waking, so let's take a look at the product.

Waterproof Eyeliner by Born Pretty Store | Review & Swatches

eyeliner tip close up

I’m such a massive eyeliner wearer, it is hard to imagine the day when I don't use a liquid eyeliner to complete my makeup look. Depending on the occasion and my mood I like to play around with the style and thickness of the wing, it could be more or less dramatic and has a shorter or longer tail, but I love to wear it so much. Recently I receive this Miracle Romance Waterproof Eyeliner Pen by Lomeou* for a test drive and it became my everyday obsession.

18 Color Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette | Review & Swatches

born pretty store products buy review beauty blogger liz breygel

Hi, lovelies, oh how I missed to review the eyeshadow palettes! It is just so much pleasure to describe each color shade for you, my dear. I feel like I'm talking about the book I've read recently. Few days ago I received a package with this beautiful 18 Color Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette* and since then I was so excited to show it to you guys. So let's get started!

Duochrome Night Makeup For Brown And Green Eyes Step By Step Tutorial

liz breygel beauty angel blogger eye shadow duochrome easy night makeup step by step tutorial for brown green eyes

Are you ready for a new makeup tutorial? This time I'm going to show you how to give your favorite duochrome eye shadows a new life. The secret to it is super easy - use a creamy dark eye kohl as a base for your duochromes. The black canvas will help them to stand out brighter and demonstrate all the beautiful undertones they hide. For my today's look I used turquoise duochrome eyeshadow with a light touch of glitter on the top. And for the bottom lash line I used a grayish blue matte shadows. Here is a step by step instructions to this dramatic night look.

Konjac Facial Sponge with French Pink Clay | Review & Demo

konjac konjak sponge original blogger review pictures wet dry konjac co profucts organic

I love to try out natural makeup and beauty products in my daily routine, but when you have an opportunity to use beauty tool, that was entirely made of natural material it is even more beneficial for the skin! Recently I got this Konjac Facial Puff Sponge with French Pink Clay* that was developed for those people, who have the most sensitive skin types and who need a special gentle treatment for the damaged and problematic areas of their facial skin. I was very interested to try out this product, because I heard many nice reviews about the konjac sponges before.

Stemology Skin Care Haul & First Impressions

stemology skin care products blogger review swatches natural skin care haul liz breygel

The weather is getting colder and drier, so I think we all need a special winter treatment for our tender facial skin. It is important to choose the right products, that will gently clean, moisturize, and at the same time will provide a natural nourishment to the skin. So I decided that today's post I'll dedicate to this important topic and tell you a little bit about the all - natural products by Stemology - very first skin care brand, that brought together both human and plant stem cell technologies. All of their products are meant to prevent the declining production of epidermal, collagen and elastin cells, which are the number one reasons of skin aging. Stemology uses only natural ingredients for their products, they are all GMO, Paraben and cruelty free. This sounds amazing!

TelomErase Serum by Reviv Serums | Review & GIVEAWAY! [Closed]

TelomErase Serum by Reviv Serums / Review

Investing in good skin care products is a vital aspect for any beauty routine. If you want your skin to be healthy, glowing and beautiful you need to make sure that you are using the right product, with the maximum amount of natural ingredients. I was very happy when I got an opportunity to try out TelomErase Triple Telomere Targeting Serum* - the first product of its kind with three proven age-erasing telomere targeters. 

Dark Navy Makeup Look Step By Step Tutorial

steps to a perfect smoky smokey eyes makeup look tutorial gothic dark dramatic night out makeup contact lens big anime eyes makeup tutorial liz breygel beauty blogger

You all probably know how much I love dramatic eye makeup looks, I say this almost in all my posts where I show you how I create my makeups. But sometimes dramatic eyes can look a bit cheap and messy, so we need to follow few simple steps to avoid this. Today I'll show you how to do a beautiful navy Gothic eye makeup, using only few products and simple technique, so everyone even beginners can create this look without complications. Let's start!

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner | Review

aussie hair products review liz breygel beauty blogger hair care hair deep conditioning treatment for dry hair

After I colored my hair I needed to find some moisturizing conditioner, so I can do a deep conditioning treatment for them once a week. I know that it is possible to use the regular conditioner for this procedure, but I wanted to try a product with some serious reviving powers. That’s why I ended up picking up the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, because I heard so many overwhelming reviews about it.

My New Hair Colour | Maxton Hair Dye Review

liz breygel hair color dark brown black before after hair dye experience beauty blogger

Good day, everyone! Some changes took place in my life recently, so I've decided to emphasize them even more and change my appearance a little bit and decided to share my little experience with you guys. I'm very conservative about everything that includes my hair, I don't like to change my hair care products or do different hairstyles. I just let them in peace, my hair grows as it wants.

How To Make Your Enlarged Pores Vanish In No Time

liz breygel porefassional celebrity skin pore silky balm sweet cotton bb cream holika holika

Large pores are my biggest skin concern, they are not cute at all and nobody wants their skin to have those prominent moon 'craters'. I have always been trying to reach that baby doll skin and to make my pores look smaller. Fortunately, there are many skin care treatments and magic makeup products nowadays, that make our life easier. And today I want to share with you some of my favorite beauty finds, that help to camouflage the appearance of those pores. 

Maple Holistics Vitamin C Serum for Face | Review

liz breygel blogger review vitamin c anti aging skin serum maple holistics

Recently I was given an awesome chance to try out Vitamin C Serum for Face* by Maple Holistics. This is an anti - aging serum and it was developed to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, discolorations and other skin problems, which occur with age. I was very excited to see this serum in action, especially after I saw the list of its ingredients, just check it out girls: water, Vitamin C, vegetable glycerin, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Vitamin E Acetate and many others natural acids and extracts. Sound like a magic 'Eternal Youth Potion' in a little glass bottle!

VIICODE Oxygen Eye Mask | Review & Demo

liz breygel review blogger eye mask oxygen for all night VIICODE

We all need a good rest and beauty rest to look fresh and healthy, especially after long 8 hours of hard work. Living in a huge, polluted city also doesn't help our tender facial skin to look better. But, unfortunately, modern women don't have that much time to stop and take care just about their beauty - visit spa, professional cosmetologist or simply have a beauty sleep! But I found a very simple solution, that will change your life forever and I’m so excited to share my review with you!

Step By Step Halloween Makeup Tutorial | Red & Black Harley Quinn

red and black makeup tutorial red eyebrown harley quinn arlequin makeup tutorial blogger pictures joker makeup liz breygel

Hi, my angels, have you decided what costume and makeup you will wear this year on Halloween? I propose you try out and recreate Harley Quinn makeup look. She is the girlfriend and partner in crime of a famous Joker and a best friend of Poison Ivy, who appear on Batman Animated Series. In August this year was released a movie 'Suicide Squad', where Haley Quinn re-appeared again, in her new sexy outfit and a little bit different makeup. But I love the classic black and red makeup look more, so here is my interpretation.

15 Colors Matt Eye Shadow Palette by BPS | Review & Swatches

liz breygel eye shadow palette matte neutral natural brown swatches pictures

Hi, beauties, does anyone loves eyeshadow palettes as much as I do? It is so convenient, when all your favorite shades and textures you want to use for your eye makeup at the moment are in one place! Recently I had an awesome opportunity to try out 15 Colors Matt Eye Shadow Palette* by Born Pretty Store, so today I want to share with you my opinion about this product. 

liz breygel eye shadow palette matte neutral natural brown swatches pictures

15 Colors Matt Eye Shadow Palette comes in a glance, black case. There is a very good mirror inside, which is big enough to see the whole face at once. You will also receive one little sponge applicator inside of the case. There are 15 neutral eyeshadow, all of them have a matte finish and a smooth texture. Some of the light shades are a bit chalky, so make sure that you are using a good eye shadow base. I wish the shades had names but I'll try to describe them to you as best as I can:

liz breygel eye shadow palette matte neutral natural brown swatches pictures

  First Row:

- Pure White (matte)
- Pastel Orange (matte)
- Light Brown (matte)
- Light Bronze (matte)
- Light Coffee with Milk, purple undertone (matte)

liz breygel eye shadow palette matte neutral natural brown swatches pictures

  Second Row:

- Medium Coffee with Milk, purple undertone (matte)
- Beige Brown (matte)
- Red Brown (matte)
- Medium Nut Brown (matte)
- Pastel Peach (matte)

liz breygel eye shadow palette matte neutral natural brown swatches pictures

  Third Row:

- Dark Beige (matte)
- Dark Dusty Brown, purple undertone (matte)
- Rusty Pumpkin (matte)
- Dark Chocolate (matte)
- Off Black (matte)

liz breygel eye shadow palette matte neutral natural brown swatches pictures

Overall, I loved this palette, it has every shade you need for the everyday, festive and evening makeups. It is beginner-friendly product, because it is very easy to work with the shades and the texture. All the colors are easy to blend, they are absolutely matte, without any shimmer to them. The only thing I wish was better - the pigmentation. You need a good eye shadow primer, to make the colors stand out brighter and last longer. But for the price, it is an awesome choice. Don't forget to use a special code LIZH10, to receive a 10 % discount. Hope you liked my review girls, I'll talk to you later!

Lots of love,

Maple Holistics Natural Ancient Clay Mask | Review & Demo

french green clay mask bentonite clay mask fuller`s earth mask natural maple holistics mask review liz breygel

Hi, my angels! I'm such a big fan of all natural skin care products, but my all time favorite is a clay mask. I just love the texture and calming effect natural clay has on my skin. And today I'm glad to introduce you to the Maple Holistics Natural Ancient Clay Mask*, which were made of three different clays, each with its own therapeutic benefits for any skin type.

Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse | Review & Before After

liz breygel beauty angel self mousse tan review cocoa brown marissa carter

The summer has passed, and the sun doesn't shine so bright anymore. It is getting harder and harder to keep our sun-kissed summer glow and the skin is getting dull. Tanning was always a big problem for me. When I was a teenager I spent all my summer holidays at granny's house, which was situated on the countryside, right next to the lake. My skin always looked bronze after few hours on the beach. But when I got older my skin stopped tanning, now it burns in the sun. For all of you, who have the same problems as me or for those who wants to make their summer glow to last longer I introduce you Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse* by Marissa Carter. 

Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Cover BB Cream | Review & Swatches

bb cream holika holika review blogger swatches liz breygel january girl korean makeup w2beauty store pore covering pore erazer

Hi, my beauties! I missed you so much, sorry for being absent for such a long time. But I`m back with an awesome review on the Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Cover BB Cream*. This product was kindly sent to me by W2Beauty Store for the review and I need to admit that I don't imagine my makeup routine without this BB Cream anymore. So let's begin!

Keep Calm & Wear PINK | My Fav Pink Lippies

revlon lip butter bubu # 9 beauty uk lipstick jack wills lip gloss blogger liz breygel review swatches

Hi everyone, how are you? I can't say that I'm a huge fan of lipsticks and lip glosses at all, I simply forget to put them on my lips all the time. Usually, I wear nourishing lip balm on a daily basis, but sometimes I opt for something unexpected, just to spice up the things a bit. Anyways, today I want to talk about my top five pink lip products picks, which I own at the moment and love wearing time to time. Some of them have a very vivid, almost screaming colors, while others' colors are more calm, bu in any case, all these lippies have gorgeous summer appropriate shades and fit absolutely any skin complexion! 

3 Concept Eyes Pore Silky Balm | Review & Demo

3ce makeup review blogger bb cream pore silky balm before after pictures

One of the biggest problems of my skin are large pores, they are very noticeable and definitely need a serious coverage. But hopefully today there are so many products, that were created to hide up large, blackheads and acne scars. Recently I've tested a 3 Concept Eyes Pore Silky Balm and today I'm going to share with you my impressions. 

3 Concept Eyes Pleiotropic BB Cream | Review & Swatches

liz breygel beauty angel blogger bb cream 3ce brand review buy pictures

Do you know how much I love BB and CC creams? I prefer them over any other foundation for a daily usage, and it is not only because of their light formula. BB and CC creams are multi - functional and offer SPF, anti - aging and moisturizing effects to our skin along with a good coverage. And today I'm going to talk about 3 Concept Eyes Pleiotropic BB cream. I woke up with some crazy red spots on the skin, but I decided that I won't get sad! Because these bad days are actually the best for BB cream review. Why not? Today I have a perfect opportunity to show you the real power of this product and its downsides.

Color Trend Blush in Cheeky| Review & Swatches

dupe alert blush peach pumpkin orange blushers for pale skin

Good day, lovelies! Today on my blog I'm going to talk about one of the oldest, but absolutely adored blush in my makeup collection. I purchased Color Trend Blush in a pretty peachy color named ‘Cheeky’ probably a few years ago, but I still can’t stop using it, that's how much I love it! Unfortunately I haven't found exactly the same blush in the Avon store, they've totally changed the design of the Color Trend line and their blushes became matte. But I thought you might be interested to know that ‘Cheeky’ is a perfect dupe for Mac `Peachykeen` or ‘Springsheen’ and Nars ‘Orgasm’ blush.

Natural Eye Shadow Palette by Born Pretty | Review & Swatches

liz breygel blogger eye shadow palette bps review

Today’s post I dedicate to all fans of neutral eye shadows and to all dupe lovers. Meet and greet Natural Eye Shadow Palette* by Born Pretty Store - one of the most loved and most purchased items on the store. This palette contains a perfect mix of neutral color, which are perfect for every day or night usage. So let's take a detailed look at this beauty!

Purple Lip Paint by Born Pretty Store | Review & Swatches

dark vampire gothic halloween lips review pictures tutorial purple violet lip paint

As a continuation to my previous post, today I`m going to share my opinion on the Deep Purple Lip Paint* by Born Pretty Store. This is actually my second lip paint in my collection and I was very excited to try it out. If you are up to some crazy lippie color you can choose a desirable shade from the range - bright yellow, blue or even green!

Liphop Perfect Love Lipstick | Review & Swatches

born pretty store makeup review lips bold lipstick lip hop korean makeup buy liz breygel

I know that for most of my beauties long and dull winter days are over, along with the bold lips and dramatic eye makeup. As much as I adore gorgeous deep colors, I am always afraid to wear them. But when I saw this Liphop Perfect Love Lipstick* on the Born Pretty Store website I immediately fell in love, so I decided to test it out and share my opinion with all of you.

3 Concept Eyes | Little Beauty Haul

3 Concept Eyes Beauty Haul reviews pictures swatches stylenanda makeup liz breygel 3ce cosmetics

As a huge fan of Korean beauty and makeup products I was always excited to try out some products by 3 Concept Eyes brands, especially because I've heard lots of positive reviews about their makeup products. 3 Concept Eyes is a professional cosmetic brand developed by a very popular Korean fashion company Stylenanda and launched in January 2009. Currently 3CE has a huge range of different beauty products and today I'm incredibly excited to tell you my first impressions and show you what I've finally purchased .

Easy Purple & Red Makeup Step By StepTutorial

easy step by step dramatic eye makeup cat eye liner purple and red burgundy liz breygel blogger

Good day, lovelies I wanted to share this look for such a long time, but always forgot to process the pictures and create a step by step guide for you. But finally, it is done! One of the most attractive and easy at the same time eye makeups I ever did. As always you can vary the eye shadow colors and texture as you wish. I chose a loose purple pigment for the eye lid and a muted burgundy eye shadow for the crease. And here is detailed step by step tutorial.