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Neon Green Eye Makeup Step by Step Tutorial

liz breygel blogger makeup bright matte green step by step tutorial cat eyeliner pictures

Hi, everyone! I know that bright neon colors are considered a bit inappropriate for the cold seasons, but I couldn't deprive myself such a huge pleasure not to create this gorgeous cut crease makeup with an acid green eye shadow on a crease. The advantage of such makeups is that they will always look super neat and professional, you don`t need huge amount of products to recreate this makeup look and you can easily change the color range. It is beginner friendly, all you need is to follow these easy steps :

liz breygel blogger makeup bright matte green step by step tutorial cat eyeliner pictures

1. The first thing you need to do is to create a `new` crease, if yo have a small eye lids or hooded eyes you can draw this crease above your natural one. Use a sharp pencil for a better precision.

2. Blend the crease with a synthetic brush and set it with the matte brown eye shadow. 

3. Now you need to apply eye shadow primer over your eye lid. You can use a regular primer or a creamy white eye pencil for this step. If you don`t have these products apply a little bit of concealer, cleaning up the edge of the crease.

4. The next step is to apply the eye shadow - choose the craziest color you like! Apply it with the help of flat brush lightly dabbing it all over the eye lid.

5. Clean out the messy areas, highlight the brow bone and blend out the crease. Line your lash line, draw a dramatic cat eye. 

6. Finish up by adding some false lashes and mascara. Your gorgeous neon green makeup is done ;)

That`s all girls! As for lips, I suggest you some nude orange or beige shades, these colors always look the best with the bright green and blue eye shadows. Have an awesome day everyone, I hope my little makeup tutorial was useful.

Lots of love,