close-up pciture of women's face with an e-girl makeup look
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You can spot them anywhere: from popular streaming platforms to social media apps. They are young, edgy, stylish, and good-looking. But, most importantly, they all wear the most beautiful and eye-catching makeup look. One does not simply take eyes off of it! Can you guess who they are? Yes, I'm talking about quirky e-girls and e-boys aka e-kids, whose content we all so gluttonously consume. 

As a low-key makeup lover, I can't stop admiring the crazy makeup skills these influencers possess. The e-girl style looks especially appealing to me, therefore here are some of my favorite aesthetically pleasing e-girl makeups that will surely brighten up your mood. For some, these makeup looks may be completely unwearable, while others can easily incorporate them into everyday life. Would you like to try them out?

a close-up selfie of a beautiful e-girl with pixel art style makeup look
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Top 10 Aesthetic E-girl Makeup Ideas to Brighten Up Your Mood

  • Pixel Art Aesthetics

The roots of pixel art style reach as far and long, as the internet itself. The aesthetic came from 8-bit and 16-bit video games and has taken all over the world. Join the team by wearing the pixel art-inspired makeup look. For the square-like hearts, contrasting colors, and grainy elements you'll need well-sharpened pencils and liquid eyeliner. 

a close-up selfie of a beautiful e-girl with bright makeup look and stickers on her face
  Photo: @froglady444

  • Sticky Stickers

Who said that stickers are only for paper? Makeup artists and lovers have worn stickers and little tattoos on their faces for decades! A set of cute little stickers and a bit of inspiration, together with a matching makeup look. Make sure to apply stickers on those areas of your face that are not covered in heavy makeup products, or they won't stick to the skin!

a close-up selfie of Billie Dawn with e-girl style makeup look and colored hair
Photo: @billiedawningle

  • Rhinestones & Glitter

Chunky glitter and colorful rhinestones are just as important in e-girl style makeup, as bright hair and an eccentric attitude.  Well, you can never have enough rhinestones in your makeup and nail stash, am I right? Do your brightest makeup look and give it an e-girl aesthetic feel with a few large rhinestones. Place them chaotically on your eyelids, above the lip, or eyebrows.

a close-up selfie of a beautiful e-girl with rainbow makeup look and glasses
Photo: @kidjess

  • Rainbow Tears

Do you still remember the rainbow tears makeup trend? It went viral somewhere between and 2016-2017 accompanied by dripping glitter. Thanks to vivid colors this makeup trend ideally fits into the whole e-girl aesthetic. This makeup looks even cuter when paired with oversized eyeglasses and pink lipstick.

a close-up selfie of a young beautiful e-girl with blushing makeup look and 90s hairstyle

  • Cutely Blushing

Here is a simple and super cute look for those e-girls who prefer a more natural approach to makeup. Perfectly applied, smooth foundation, defined eyebrows, highlighted corners of the eyes, and the raisin of the look – heavily blushed cheeks. Instead of classic powder blushers use an oil or cream-based blush for a youthful and minimalistic result. 

a close-up selfie of a young beautiful e-girl with rusty makeup look and 90s hairstyle
Photo: @kimmichappelle

  • Black'n'white Starfall

Twinkle, twinkle, little e-star with the next makeup look. I love the combination of the rusty fall colors on the eyes and contrasting black and white stars on the cheeks. For this e-girl-inspired makeup look, you'll need a liquid or gel eyeliner and a thin synthetic brush. Keep your stars precise and neat, or your makeup might end up looking messy.

a close-up selfie of a young beautiful e-girl with rainbow makeup look and cherry drawing on her cheek

  • Cherry On Top

Do you like faux freckles? I love how they make them look cute and innocent. Rainbow freckles, in particular, seem to be a very popular element among makeup lovers. Rainbow-colored eyes and long lashes also go well with this look. And if you want to make your look even sweeter, draw a tiny cherry or strawberry on your cheek.

a close-up selfie of a young beautiful e-girl with big anime eyes and skull drawing on her cheek
Photo: @ratskeleton

  • Creepy Cuteness

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of the Gothic Lolita style is a mixture of cute and creepy. I believe we can apply the same rule to e-girl makeup. These aesthetics go together like toast and marmalade! All you need is to do an eye-enlarging makeup look with the help of a white eye pencil, a highlighter, and a pair of circle lenses. 

It is best to keep the lips nude to balance your makeup. If you're going all in and getting a nose piercing to complete the look, make sure to pay attention to piercing aftercare while it's still healing.

a close-up selfie of a young beautiful e-girl with cloudy makeup look and a set of long, nude nails

  • Cloudy Mood

Clouds are cute and dreamy enough to be their own aesthetic! You can easily upgrade your blush makeup look by painting some light clouds on your cheeks. For the eyes, apply sky blue eyeshadow and draw an angel wing-shaped eyeliner. The lips can be neutral or covered with a coat of high-shine lipgloss. I love this look!

a close-up selfie of a young beautiful e-girl with pink hair and rhinestones on her face
Photo: @ _urbanunicorn

  • The Queen of Rhinestones

Let's wrap up today's compilation with the most adorable e-girl makeup look based on rhinestones. By the way, it is a great way to cover up dark circles! I'm joking of course, but the makeup is truly divine. The Barbie doll-inspired pink cut crease combines with a blinding yellow highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes and a pair of super-long false lashes. And, of course, crystal rhinestones on the cheeks and lower lash line. This e-girl makeup is both cute and bold!

Wrapping up...

That's all for today! Remember that e-girl look is all about expressing yourself and having fun. Who knows, you might even invent the next viral E-girl trend. Let your E-girl glow spread like wildfire, inspiring others to unleash their inner artist and find their unique way to shine. Happy experimenting!

Lots of love,