close-up flatlay of a minimal desk set-up with a cup of cofee, notebook from recycled materials, air pods and a pen
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Once upon a time, Richard Branson literally blew up the Internet with his speech, talking about the fact that schoolchildren and students are just machines for moving their heads from home to school or college and back. He talked about how everyone cares only about how much we know and how we learn, but very little about our emotional intelligence and our health. 

To prosper and lead a more balanced life for nations or individuals, we need to focus much more seriously on the personal interests of people and on healthy lifestyle activities. These activities should start early enough, in high schools or at least college. In this article, we will talk about what healthy lifestyle activities can help balance our studies and the rest of our well-being.

• Stop Following Diets, Use Common Sense

It's strange even to talk about it, but diets are still very popular among both high school students and college students, both girls and boys. Different types of diets suggest that if you radically change your eating habits for a short period, and start eating only certain foods, your body will become more beautiful, healthier, and more energetic. Unfortunately, most diets are designed for shorter-term weight loss, followed inevitably by a plateau, followed by a new round of weight gain. In order to get a healthy and beautiful body in the long run, you need to focus not on diet, but on common sense in nutrition.

Now there is so much useful information about what food is good for you and what is harmful, that most likely, without reading any new diets, you perfectly understand what to eat and what not to eat, when, and in what quantity. Do not chase new discoveries, but just listen to your common sense when choosing what to eat tonight. This will help you stay not only slim and confident but also energetic for daily tasks.

Common sense is also imperative when it comes to regulating your work-life balance. Students around the world struggle with writing papers and other tasks, as the writing load grows, while we still have only 24 hours in one day. If you see that the overwhelming load takes a toll on your physical or mental health, address a professional essay writing service, such as SmartWritingService for help. Here, you will find essay experts online who know how to handle wellness and other similar orders and will do it on time and at an affordable price. Plan for the best, but prepare for the worst — you always need a Plan to be when it comes to academic writing.

close-up flatlay of a minimal desk set-up with a cup of cofee, notebook from recycled materials, air pods and a pen

• Don’t Aspire for Sports, stick to Activity Routines

Many make a promise to themselves to take up sports starting in the New Year. This is one of the most common New Year resolutions people give themselves these days. In fact, very few people are truly into sports and can engage in serious sports activities for a long time, allocating enough time for them, adjusting their studies, meals, meetings with friends, and so on. 

Most likely, if you have never played sports, and now put yourself on the schedule of five active workouts per week, you will not last more than a month. So focus not on some new trendy variety, but on what small physical activities you can build into every day so that you don’t miss them. It is much better to do three sets of active dances for 10 minutes, taking breaks from study or work, than to schedule an hour-and-a-half workout that you will put off for several months.

• Do Wellness Stuff that Comes and Feels Naturally to You

Along with healthy lifestyle activities, there are a huge number of wellness activities that can make your life better, more active, and healthier. It can be meditation and drinking enough water a day, a gratitude journal, daily walking, doing sports and yoga, and much more. Try to start not with the most fashionable activities, and not with those that your friends do, but with those that are most easy for you.

It may seem like an easy way out, but in fact, once you have fixed one or two routines that came easy to you, it will be much easier for you to move on to more complex tasks and add activities that are more difficult for you. Building confidence is very important in order to form more complex habits. Don't be too strict with yourself, think about what will be the easiest for you and that you can continue for a long time, and start from there.

close-up flatlay of a minimal desk set-up with a cup of cofee, notebook from recycled materials, air pods and a pen

• No Matter What, Get Enough Sleep

Of course, there are situations in life when it is almost impossible to get enough sleep every night. The period of sessions, the period when you are just starting a new job, the period when you need to combine work on several papers and side jobs, but you should focus on making sure to have fewer such periods, and during such periods you get enough sleep. 

If you have a session now, then on those days when you are not preparing for the next exam, try not to devote much time to the Internet, computer games, or parties, but try to go to bed as early as possible, and sleep as long as possible. There is nothing more restorative for our brain than sleep. And try to always focus on getting enough sleep.

• Be Socially Active, Live Longer

They say that socially active people who have many horizontal ties in society live longer and happier lives. Of course, it may seem that the time of college is not exactly the right time to think about life span, but in fact, we need to build these horizontal connections now. You will be surprised, but even the most introverts sometimes need to communicate in a social group, because every person is a social being. We validate our opinion and our emotions through society, and without this, it is much more difficult for us to feel happy. Of course, we are not saying that you need to see a new group of friends every week, but at least a few times a month make sure to be social.

Final Thoughts

Forming a solid student routine that includes enough time for studies, personal life and sleep is a tough challenge. Balancing all of these seems like a joggling contest at times! Hopefully, some of the above lifestyle activities that we talked about in this article will help you form a plan for useful and custom routines that are right for your character, lifestyle, and your goals.

Lots of love,