a portrait of a beauiful smiling woman with long black hair who looks into the camera
All photos: John Diez

Confidence is something that can cause considerable grief when it’s possessed in the wrong amount. If you’re overconfident, you can approach tasks that are well beyond your capabilities, suffering as a result. On the other hand, if you are not confident enough, even the smallest task can seem like a struggle. I surely find myself not confident enough. This lack of confidence negatively affects my life every day. 

Depending on your disposition, you might move along a spectrum between these two extremes. If you find that you lack confidence on a chronic basis, then you might want to know a few little tricks that will boost your level of confidence. Most of these little tricks must be cultivated into habits.

In most cases, it's always a good idea to start by 'imitating' the behavior of a confident person. It is somewhat similar to the 'method acting' technique. Over time, the theory goes, but old habits stay. You'll become more comfortable in your role, realizing its impact on your personal and professional life. When you'll find yourself more successful, you'll naturally become more confident.

So, what are these little behavior changes that will help you to boost your confidence?

• Straight posture is the key

When you lack confidence, it’s easy to shrink into yourself physically. Nonetheless, correct posture might be the key to your self-awareness. Keep your shoulders aligned, spine naturally curved and neck straight. Standing tall will make you feel more confident and much taller.

• Look people in the eye

One common tell among people who lack confidence is a lack of eye contact. When speaking to a person, look straight into their eyes. Don't be shy, but try opening yourself up. This little trick will help you to create a connection with the person.

a portrait of a beauiful smiling woman with long black hair who looks into the camera

• A smile can go a long way

Smiling is the best demonstration of the two-way connection between our muscles and our brain. We smile involuntarily when we feel happy – and we think a little bit happier when we’re smiling. Get into the habit of cracking a smile, in other words, and you’ll feel more confident, naturally. Don’t expect a miraculous transformation, and don’t put pressure on yourself to smile – just be aware of the psychology and get it to work in your favor.

•  Dress for success

If you look great, and you know you look great, then the chances of feeling great are doubled, if not tripled. This doesn't automatically mean you have to dress fancy. However, it means dressing comfortably and stylishly in the office, or it might mean wearing sexy red lingerie in the bedroom. If you feel better and receive admiration from the people you meet, then this little trick works.

•  Exercise

There’s a solid link between physical activity and mood. Find a form of exercise you enjoy, and make sure that you indulge in it as often as possible. If there’s a social or competitive element to your chosen activity, then so much the better. Set yourself realistic goals and challenges: when you meet them, your confidence will naturally increase. Plus, your posture will improve as well!

The Takeaway

I believe there are numerous people among my readers, who struggle with the amount of confidence they find in themselves. In most cases, this is not about the way we look or the things we own. Self-confidence is an elusive thing that comes from the deep of our souls. Hopefully, this post will help you to find your way through the uncertainty. Or at least inspire you to start practicing some of the confidence-boosting behaviors.

Lots of love,