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Buying gifts for men can often be a tall order, making gift-buying during festive periods and birthdays infinitely more torturous than it should be. You never know what to get to make him happy! Whether you are gift shopping for a partner, friend, son, or father, it is easy to draw a blank when it comes to buying something special. 

With the help of some infinite scrolling and online store gazing, I've summed up some of the best holiday gift ideas for the man in your life. This simple guide will help your thinking and get you one step closer to the perfect present for him.

• Gadgets and Tech

It is a well-worn stereotype that men are obsessed with gadgets, tech, and tinkering – but there is no smoke without fire! There is definitely a kernel of truth to the trope, as evidenced by the runaway popularity of new wearable tech in the form of fitness trackers, smartwatches, and more.

But ‘gadgets and tech’ is an extremely broad church, and what excites one person might not be quite so suitable for another. This is a blessing, though, as you can personalize your choice of gadget to the man in your life. If your son has expressed an interest in coding, an Arduino kit or Raspberry Pi could be a great and thoughtful gift. If your husband is one for tinkering on their car outside, a semi-practical gadget like an all-weather Bluetooth speaker or hi-tech drinking flask could go down a treat.

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• A Touch of Luxury

Another male stereotype that could in fact be useful to your gift shopping regards self-worth and pampering. Simply put, men are often deemed less likely to invest in themselves. This gift opportunity is a golden chance for you to redress that balance, by splashing out on something luxurious that well and truly reflects their worth – and elevates your image in the process.

Statement luxury items are defined by their brand. A quality Tag Heuer watch has cultural capital and pedigree and can be a great luxury gift for the man on the go. Alternatively, designer clothes such as Ralph Lauren polos or an Emporio Armani shirt could help them feel every bit of their worth.

• Something Personal

The giving of gifts is a personal thing in and of itself, with different tastes guiding different choices for people. You could take this to its logical conclusion and buy your giftee a completely personalized item, to show them exactly how much they mean to you.

This could take the form of a monogrammed item of clothing or an engraved item of jewelry like a pocket watch from Dalvey. You could even make a gift yourself, that takes into account their life or interests! You can DIY a fragrance or plan a traveling tour as a holiday gift for your man.

flatlay featuring men accessories, gadgets and notebooks
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• For the Man Who Has Everything

Of course, there are those for whom it is practically impossible to buy gifts – the men who have everything. For these people, the best gifts do not necessarily come in the form of things, but instead experiences. The driving enthusiast could get a track day with a supercar, while the adrenaline fan could get a skydive or a hot air balloon ride. Even when inspiration is low, the possibilities are near endless.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it's the thought and effort that goes into a gift that matters most. So, even if you're not sure if the man in your life will love the gift, don't stress too much and just try to choose something that you think he will appreciate. Consider unconventional or unexpected holiday gifts that may not be on his radar. A surprising party or warm tet-a-tet date will also be appreciated!

Lots of love,