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Flattering Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

It is almost that exciting time of year again, a time of long-lasting family meetings, breathtaking moments and everlasting feeling of love. And, of course, we all want to look our best this Christmas season. Today I gathered three cute and festive outfits that I think you might love to wear this Christmas Eve. All of these dazzling fashion finds are suitable for every type of Christmas parties, whether you are going to attend office corporate, family dinner or have a romantic Christmas date with you love. 
liz breygel january girl fashion blogger fashionmia dresses online
Polka Dot Retro Flared Midi Skirt | V-Neck Plain Batwing Sleeve Sweater | Plain Pu High Quality Crossbody Bag | Trendy Chic Hooded Overcoat | Metal Statement NecklaceDrop Pearl Earring |

• I love vintage looking classy outfits, especially if they are carefully considered and have a modern twist. It is so hard to resist an elegant glam of retro inspired clothing! Choose red polka dot skirt and style it with a neutral nude sweater, add some beautiful accessories and you are ready to party. 
liz breygel january girl fashion blogger fashionmia dresses online
Stylish Black Fringe Decoration Clutches | Spaghetti Strap Glitter Bodycon Dress | Lapel Designed Plain Woolen Wrap Coat | Hollow Out Rhinestone Drop Earrings | Simple Style Rhinestone Bracelet |

• Sparkling sequins and frisky glitter are going to be the major trend of the upcoming fashion season. You can never go wrong with a sequin mini dress and knee-high boots! But in case you want something more elegant, check the whole range of party dresses for women and find your perfect festive dress.
Green Plaid Round Neck Bodycon Dress | Vintage Tassels Squared Crystal Earring | Burgundy Messager Crossbody Bag | Black Single Button Blazer |

• Change your boring, but so cozy and cute Christmas sweater to a sexy green bodycon dress. Wearing such hot bodycon dress is definitely a statement of confidence, but to make your outfit  even more bold pair it with a burgundy high heels. Don't forget to add some graceful earrings or discreet necklace, but be careful with accessories.

But the main thing that will help you to look and feel great this Christmas is a festive mood. Seize the moment and enjoy yourself and pleasant company. Make sure to spend a quality time with your friends, relatives and your loved ones. Having a great time will help you to relax, enjoy and brighten up your mood for the new upcoming year. Searching for Christmas presents to surprise your girlfriends and colleagues? Don't forget to check out FashionMia store for the best women clothing online. Choose the hottest pieces for trendy fashionable women you love. Happy partying everyone!

Lots of love,

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Sweater Weather Trends | Winter Spring 2018

best sweaters under wishlist fashion must have gift present ideas christmas new year liz breygel january girlMaybe I'm late with a sweater weather post, but it is actually never too late for a cozy and trendy sweater, especially if it is a holiday present. Today we are going to talk about the latest winter/spring 2018 seasonal trends and according to the fashion reports I've gathered few cute sweaters with help of online store Shein. All these sweaters are incredibly beautiful and affordable, so let's get started!

Nail Design Ideas For Every Occasion

A pretty fancy manicure makes any lady more confident and more decisive. I mean, not only the external appearance of the nails but also nail art design. Every woman should realize how important it is to complete your lovely look with an appropriate nail design. Very often it happens that you have everything ready for some occasion except your nails.

Of course, at times like these, you start to panic and say “I`d rather stay at home!”. To make your life a little easier, I've collected the best nail art designs that will work perfectly for any special occasion in your life, such as prom night, birthday party, Christmas or New Year`s Eve. Pick the design carefully in order to make it appropriate for the day. The nail art ideas you'll see below help you make the right choice and look like a queen always and everywhere.

Party-Ready Christmas Nail Designs

French is a universal nail design that's why Christmas French is so popular in the winter holiday season. There are a great variety of holiday Christmas French designs, but they all can finish your festive look and lift your mood.

holiday party nail art design ideas how to festive manicure blogger pictures

Christmas French || Holiday Christmas French || Snowflake Nail Art Design || Black Christmas French Nail Design

Maroon nails are considered as classic Christmas nails. Commonly maroon or red polishes are usually well-combined with white and gold colors. Such cute Christmas nail designs always look cool, elegant and sexy.

holiday party nail art design ideas how to festive manicure blogger pictures

Sparkly Maroon Nails || Maroon Matte Christmas Nails || Candy Cane Nails || Maroon Gold Accent Nail Art Idea

Who says that black isn't a holiday color? The black Christmas mani is a good option for completing your stylish festive outfit.

holiday party nail art design ideas how to festive manicure blogger pictures

Black and White Christmas Nails || Christmas Gold Nails

When it comes to Christmas, snowflakes, snowmen, fir-trees and different golden-red ornaments are must-haves. Look pretty and chic!

holiday party nail art design ideas how to festive manicure blogger pictures

Frosty Snowman Nail Art || Winter Holiday Nails || Christmas Ornament Nail Art || Funny Christmas Nail Design || Festive Mani || Merry Christmas Nail Design

Stunning Birthday Nails

Birthday is an occasion which every girl wants to celebrate in a special way, no matter how old she gets. So nail art is an essential element that women include in their dressing up for this great event. To choose the most beautiful birthday nail design is so important and at the same time difficult task before the birthday party.

holiday party nail art design ideas how to festive manicure blogger pictures

Happy Birthday Nail Art Idea || Colorful Birthday Nail Art Design

To make your birthday a little more fun and joyful, add the birthday attributes to your mani design like a cupcake, candles, balloons, confetti etc.

holiday party nail art design ideas how to festive manicure blogger pictures

Cupcake and Confetti Nail Design || Bright Happy Birthday Nails || Birthday French Mani || Happy Nails

Of course, you can use crystals to create some of the most interesting and attractive nail designs on your birthday. Don`t be afraid to experiment with your nails!

holiday party nail art design ideas how to festive manicure blogger pictures

Pink and Silver Cupcake Design || Crystal Balloon Nail Design || Sugar Nails || Sweet Nail Art

Cute Nails For Prom

For prom night you can choose neutral nail designs as your nails don't necessarily need to match your prom outfit. Try something neutral with matte crystal-like art, some glitter or even French tips.

holiday party nail art design ideas how to festive manicure blogger pictures

Matte Crystal Accent Nails || Simple and Elegant Nail Idea || Neutral Pink Nail Art Design || Classy Neutral Design

Nail art designs that involve sparkles is already amazing and fit nicely for prom, especially when they involve white and pink shades or even metallic accents. By the way, the combination of pink and black colors looks simple, elegant and effortlessly stylish and can be a good choice for the prom party.

holiday party nail art design ideas how to festive manicure blogger pictures

Neutral and Black || White and Glitter || Light Pink, Glitter and Metallic

If you want to look bright at the prom party, you can pick either a bright color for your mani and add some girly details or combine neutral shades with gold sparkles and complete your design with rhinestones and crystals. 

holiday party nail art design ideas how to festive manicure blogger pictures

Lavender Nails With Silver Bow || Fancy Sparkling Nails

So girls, don`t forget that your nails are the part of your outfit. Try to think your nail designs for important events in advance to look gorgeous and stylish always and everywhere.

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What To Wear To A New Years Party? | 2018 Hot Festive Dress

You've been thinking about this evening since October, but still need some extra help to choose the best party dress for your New Year's corporate event? Here are some trendy evening dresses that will make all your colleagues secretly jealous of your gorgeous outfit. Whether you are trying to be loud and bold or go for a light and gentle romantic image, I have gathered the hottest dresses to suit your taste.

Tanzanite Makeup Tutorial | December Birthstone

january girl blue smokey eye makeup tutorial step by step pictures red lips

Hi guys and welcome to my December birthstone makeup tutorial! December is the last month of the year and it is the month of three different shade of blue and three different gemstones: tanzanite, zircon and turquoise. I've decided to choose Tanzanite and its indigo glow as an inspiration for my today's makeup tutorial. This stone was named by the place of its original and the only geographical part of the world where it can be found - Tanzania.

Trying German Sweets & Treats | Candy Haul

European candy sweets liz breygel try haul january girl blogger

My sweet sister lives in Germany and some time ago she pampered me with a huge package of the famous German sweets, chocolates, wafers and others delicious treats. I'm a huge sweet-tooth and can't live without glucose overload in my blood, so today's haul I want to dedicate to everyone, who has a great liking for sweets like me.

Desert Rose | Makeup Tutorial For Brown Eyes

easy makeup for brown green blue eyes tutorial with pictures beauty blogger

Have you ever heard about desert roses and their unique nature? Desert rose is a name of a rare crystal formation. It is a very beautiful sand rock, that 'grows' in desert regions. Today's makeup was inspired by the cold calm colors, sharp edges and mystery of this extraordinary sand phenomenon. You can learn how to create this easy makeup for brown eyes, just follow this step by step tutorial and give your eyes a lovely makeover. 

easy makeup for brown green blue eyes tutorial with pictures beauty blogger

1. Start your makeup with an eyeshadow primer, apply the product all over your eyelid and blend with a help of your ring finger. Eyeshadow primer will help eyeshadow to last all day long. Shape and fill in your eyebrows.

2. Highlight the brow bone and the inner corner of your eyes using a light rose gold eyeshadow with shimmer. Apply a very light brown matte eyeshadow on the crease.

3. Start to apply matte truffle color on the crease, blend it with a soft blending brush. 

4. Applydusty rose color on the eye lid. I've used matte eyeshadow, but you can use satin or shimmer finish for the lid. 

5. Tightline your eyes - apply a black eye kohl pencil on the top and bottom waterline. Draw a beautiful wing using liquid or gel eyeliner. 

6. Curl the lashes and apply a few coat of your favorite mascara. Add some false lashes to finish up this makeup for brown eyes and you're done!

You can even use this eye makeup as an everyday look, just don't make your eyeliner too dramatic. I like to pair this look with a nude lipstick and dewy skin finish. I hope you liked this makeup, I had so much fun creating it. Until next time!

Lots of love,

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How To Conceal A Sleepless Night | Makeup Tips & Tricks

dark under eye circles area how to remove conceal concealer color correction

Have you stayed up late working all night long? Or maybe you had an insomnia crisis? We`ve all experienced sleepless night and it`s effects. Puffy face, swollen eyes, dull skin with dark spots and under eye bags - these are the smallest issues caused by a lack of sleep. Today I`m going to show you few simple ways how to reduce and hide consequences of a bad night's sleep and survive through the day.

5 Best Eyeshadow Palettes For Winter Makeup Looks

urban decay morphe kat von d kylie jenner cosmetics winter dark smoky eyeshadow palette review

Winter is a perfect time to reconsider your wardrobe and makeup collection by adding some dark plum, burgundy and indigo shades in your look. Of course, matte beige, white and brown colors will still remain essential for makeup routine, while other colors such as electric green, yellow and pink you can bravely substitute with black, silver and sage green.

Citrine Makeup Tutorial | November Birthstone

liz breygel january girl makeup beauty blogger step by step with pictures

Hi guys! It is the beginning of November, the final and the coldest month of autumn and it is time for a new birthstone makeup tutorial inspired by Citrine gemstone. Citrine is incredible beautiful stone and thanks to its bright yellow color it is known as a gem of optimism and energy. Citrine is a variety of quartz and very close relative of Amethyst stone. Today I'm going to show you how to create this gorgeous yellow makeup look, inspired by juicy yellow color of Citrine birthstone. Follow these easy steps and give your eyes a warm sunny makeover.

Iridescent Nail Polish Collection By Born Pretty Store | Review & Swatches

january girl liz breygel manicure nail art blogger bps discount code
january girl liz breygel manicure nail art blogger bps discount code
january girl liz breygel manicure nail art blogger bps discount code
january girl liz breygel manicure nail art blogger bps discount code
january girl liz breygel manicure nail art blogger bps discount code

Hello lovelies! I don't know about you, but I slowly started to prepare myself for winter time, slowly changing my lipstick and nail polish colors. In the cold time of a year, during late autumn and winter I love to wear dark and cold colors. But few days ago I receive a package with Iridescent Nail Polish Collection*, kindly sent to me by Born Pretty Store. These colors aren't dark and gloomy, but very mystical and unique, they remind me of a newly-fallen snow and its mild iridescent glow. I thought that winter is a good time for such experiment and today I'm going to review this collection for you.

The Iridescent Nail Polish Collection features five unique colors: P001 'Moonstone' - beautiful and mysterious blue shade, that looks exactly like a famous moonstone gem, P002 'Lotus In Moonlight' - soft peachy pink shade with very fine glitter, P003 'Only You' - pinkish shade with magenta glow, P004 'Jade Sky' - lime green duochrome color and P005 'Moonsky Glow' - yellowish shade with champagne brilliance. All of these beautiful colors are truly unique, they are translucent and change their undertones and glow depending on lightning and the color of the base nail polish.

The application of the nail polish is awesome, the consistency is not runny or thick, so the nail polish glides on and perfectly covers the nail. The nail polish brush is more on the thicker side and it makes the application process even easy and fast, covering the whole nail in one swipe. The nail polish dries in no time and you can transform the finishing color by applying different bases. For example, to get deep and intense color with shiny, almost metallic finish apply this nail polishes over the black or very dark color. You can also apply them alone, but I suggest you to apply few thin coats for the best result.

In a nutshell, I love this nail polish and highly recommend checking out this collection by Born Pretty Store. Even though I'm more 'matte' girl and love to wear simple and plain colors on my nails I fell in love with all these shades. The price is very nice, one bottle of this gorgeous nail polish retails at $3.59 and you can choose your favorite color here. Use a a special code LIZH10 to receive 10 % discount off your purchase, you can click the banner below to check out the whole range of the nail products. Searching something exclusive for your nails this autumn? Check out my review on the amazing fall inspired Pumpkin Series nail polish collection. Until next time lovelies 

Lots of love,
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Spring 2018 Prom Dress Trends | Fashion Prediction

What to wear to the most important night of my life? This is the question every teenage girl asks herself every time they think about the upcoming promenade dance night. The choice can be very complicated, because what a girl wears this night will stay in her memory for the rest of the life. Carefully selected prom dress can reflect your personal style, individuality and capture advantageous sides of your figure. Even though prom season will not come soon, it is better to start thinking ahead and determine the forthcoming  prom trends. Today with a help of 27dress.com I gathered few stylish evening dresses that will definitely be trendy this spring, according to the latest Vogue fashion report.

City Color Be Matte Liquid Lipstick 'Homeslice' | Review & Swatches

matte dark purple lipstick how to january girl beauty makeup blogger
matte dark purple lipstick how to january girl beauty makeup blogger
matte dark purple lipstick how to january girl beauty makeup blogger
matte dark purple lipstick how to january girl beauty makeup blogger
matte dark purple lipstick how to january girl beauty makeup blogger

Hi lovelies! There is nothing better to me than a good dark bold lip, especially if it is matte and long-lasting. Recently I had a great opportunity to try out gorgeous liquid matte lipstick from Be Matte collection by City Color Cosmetics. The collection was released in eight beautiful shades ranging from light and innocent nudes to a dark reds and my favorite purple. Today I'm going to review mysterious shade called 'Homeslice' - bold and beautiful matte grape color, intensely pigmented and long-lasting.

The formula of Be Matte Liquid Lipstick is definitely incredible. The product easily glides on the lips and dries to matte finish almost in no time, but stays a little bit tacky. The texture is velvety, feels very lightweight and comfortable on the lips, though it can feel dry. The color payoff of 'Homeslice' is deep and intense, I like to apply a very generous amount of the product for a full coverage. But, of course, the brightest feature of Be Matte Lipstick is its longevity! This lippie lasts ages on the lips and you can eat, drink and even kiss without a fear of smudging your makeup. The formula is so long-lasting that you even need a special makeup remover for waterproof makeup to remove it later. 

And as always, few commendable words about the incredible scent of the lipstick. It has the most yummy smell of fresh baked pastry - a little bit of chocolate and vanilla. I know that people do not buy makeup products because of their sweet scent, but t is always nice to apply cosmetics that smell nice. I also want to mention a very unique hourglass shaped applicator, it is bendy and provides a perfect control over the application process and I find it very comfortable.

Wondering how to apply Be Matte Liquid Lipstick by City Color? First of all  recommend you to prepare your lips - exfoliate them with a soft scrub or toothbrush. Matte lipsticks tend to dry out the lips, so it is always nice to apply hydrating lip balm before you are going to apply matte lipstick. Don't forget to line your lips with a lip liner, especially if you color of choice is dark. To make your lip makeup neat and precised use a little bit of your foundation or concealer and clean up the edges of your lips. You can also apply a very fine layer of matte eyeshadow or translucent powder over the lipstick to set it and reduce the tacky feeling.

If you are on the hunt after a good matte lipstick with a long-lasting formula and a nice choice of colors, I'd definitely recommend checking out Be Matte collection. You can pick your favorite shade here at official City Color website. And I would like to say a big thanks to City Color and Brand Backer for allowing me to try out and make my own opinion about these lippies. Are you ready to stay matte?

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Lots of love,
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Essential Rules To Clean & Healthy Skin

how to get flawless clear clean healthy glowing skin care tips routine

Hi everyone, today I'm going to be talking about an essential skin care rules to clean, healthy and glowing skin. These simple and effective lessons helped me to drastically improve my skin condition and always help me to outlive bad skin days. Maybe some of these rules will be very familiar to you, but for the sake of healthy skin today we are going to repeat them once again.

Easy And Fast Halloween Makeup | Minimal Skull

liz breygel january girl halloween makeup idea last minute tutorial skull makeup

Hi everyone! It is time to think about the upcoming Halloween party. Do you know what costume and makeup you are going to choose this year? Today I'm going to show you how to create a very easy and simple skull makeup, using only few basic makeup products. If you need a Halloween costume but don't have too much time or money in your disposition try this minimal skull makeup look.

Becca Sunchaser Palette | Review & Swatches

liz breygel january girl makeup review tutorial step by step blogger
liz breygel january girl makeup review tutorial step by step blogger
liz breygel january girl makeup review tutorial step by step blogger
liz breygel january girl makeup review tutorial step by step blogger
liz breygel january girl makeup review tutorial step by step blogger

Do you love to have bronzed skin, but your hard-earned summer tan disappeared? Don't worry about that, because a well-chosen cheek palette will help you to return your beloved sun-kissed skin. Today I'm going to talk about Becca Sunchaser Palette: a beautiful trio of beach-inspired blush, highlighter and bronzer that will help you to recreate a healthy glow. This palette were nicely sent to me by Glam Express - one of my favorite platform for beauty enthusiasts. I have become a Spotlight Member of September and Glam Express community gave me this palette as a gift. So without further ado, let's proceed to the review.

The Sunchaser Palette features three gorgeous colors for your cheeks: 'Ipanema Sunset' -  a medium brown bronzer, 'Apricot Blossom' - peachy pink mineral blush and 'Opal' shimmering metallic pressed highlighter. The middle shade Apricot Blossom is marvelously decorated with Becca logo. I want to mention that all these three colors remind me very much of famous Naked Flushed contouring palette by Urban Decay. Even the weight of each shade from the palette is approximately the same. The fill weight of Naked Flushed Palette is 0,49 oz ( 14g) and the fill weight of Sunchaser Palette is 0,42 oz (12g).

All pigments are finely grounded and feel smooth and silky on the skin. They beautifully blend and give a desirable sun-kissed effect. Some people were complaining about bronzer, claiming that it was too harsh and dark. I have a very light complexion and can't complain about 'Ipanema Sunset', I just wish the shade was a little bit colder. 'Apricot Blossom' is absolutely gorgeous color and to be honest I'm tempted to try it out on my eyes, together with 'Opal'. The surface of the skin so polished after you finish to contour your cheeks.

How to use the Becca Cosmetics Sunchaser Palette? After you are done with your regular foundation routing and set it with translucent powder you can start to contour your cheeks. I prefer to start with 'Ipanema Sunset' and apply it under the cheekbones, gently blending it with a medium angled brush. Then I apply blush directly above the contouring and highlight the cheekbones to give my face a natural dimension.

Overall, I loved the Sunchaser Palette by Becca, the colors are pigmented and versatile. The design of the palette is amazing, you can take this trio with you on vacation or use it on a daily basis. At the moment Becca Sunchaser Palette retails at $58.00, but speaking frankly I don't think the price is justified. Of course the product is great and I liked it very much, but you can find a very similar and cheaper dupe. Until the next time ♥

Lots of love,
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Iridescent Opal Makeup Tutorial | October Birthstone

liz breygel makeup beauty blogger pastel gothic goth doll eye makeup

October, how long I have been waiting for this month! You know why? Because October is one of the most exciting months of all year. It is the month of leaf fall, pumpkin spice and Halloween. And, of course, October has one of the most peculiar and charming birthstones - Iridescent Opal. October born people are lucky to choose between two precious gemstones: Tourmaline and Opal. But Opal was my personal inspiration for today's makeup tutorial.

How To Colorful Eyebrows Makeup Tutorial

liz breygel beauty blogger eyebrow instagram step by step colored dye eyebrows

I love to experiment and try out exotic makeup looks. But not everyone likes dramatic changes in their appearance. Today I'm going to show you how to get those desirable colorful eyebrows, without bleaching and damaging them, even if your eyebrows are dark. All you need to make your eyebrows bright and colorful is few makeup products: eyebrow comb, bright eye pencil of your choice, pigmented eyeshadow and concealer. Few synthetic brushes will help you to get neat and precised eyebrow makeup.

How To Edit Pictures For Blog?

liz breygel beauty blogger tips picture image editing processing before after examples

Photography is one of the most important aspects in blogging. Whether you are beauty, fashion or lifestyle blogger you are going to take some pictures and insert them in your blog post. Every blogger has his or her own preferences and budget and we are not going to discuss equipment today. Today I'm going to share with you few little secrets how to make pictures on your blog look better even if you are using a phone camera and how to get maximum results from what you have.

Big Anime Eyes | How To Make Your Eye Appear Bigger

liz breygel circle lens anime doll big eyes eye makeup

Eyes are the mirror of our soul, they reflect our intentions and reveal our feelings. Women with large opened eyes are especially appealing and mysterious, that's why we devote such a big importance to eye makeup. Some of us were naturally gifted with big opened eyes and luxurious eye lashes. And others needs to work a little bit harder to get the desirable anime eye effect. Today I'm going to reveal few makeup secrets you have never heard before and teach you how to make your eyes look extra huge just like eyes of anime character.

Deep Purple Smoke Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes

purple violet dramatic smoky eye makeup how to brown eyes liz breygel

Hi everyone! The world's most common eye color is brown and therefore people always underestimate the beauty and charm of this shade. As an owner of dark brown eyes I feel obliged to open the whole potential of brown eyes and show you how to complement this eye color. Today I'm going to show you how to recreate this dramatic Violet Smoky Eye makeup look that will bring your beautiful brown eye color to perfection.

Lingerie Essentials: Top 10 Must-Have Undergarments for Ladies

underwear panties bra must have lingerie drawer closet liz breygel fashion

Hi everyone! Today we are going to continue our back to basics journey and clear out one of the most important spaces in women's closet - a lingerie drawer. It is time to get rid of all uncomfortable, aged and simply wrong lingerie you own and treat yourself and your wardrobe with some brand new lingerie basics every lady should own. Remember that comfortable and high-quality undergarments can make your day better!

All About Basic Closet Must-Haves

liz breygel basic fashion must haves wardrobe closet items

Few days ago me and my husband decided to buy a new bigger wardrobe, because we plan to do a little makeover in the bedroom. New wardrobe is perfect excuse to reconsider your current wardrobe and fashion style, especially if you want to improve it. I have complicated relationship with fashion, mostly because I don't think I have a good fashion taste.