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12 Months Birthstone Makeup Tutorial Roundup

how to diy tutorial eyeliner smoky bright bold makeup for brown eyes blog beauty

Hi guys, today I have gathered all 12 birthstone makeup tutorials I was posting throughout the whole 2017 year. It is the best way to sum up the outgoing year, click the links to check the step by step tutorial and detailed instructions on your favorite birthstone makeup. I wish you all the best in this new coming year, may all the troubles and negativity bypass you. More beautiful and creative makeup is waiting for you in the next year. Love you guys!

Flattering Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Picture by Element5 Digital

It is almost that exciting time of year again, a time of long-lasting family meetings, breathtaking moments and everlasting feeling of love. And, of course, we all want to look our best this Christmas season. Today I gathered three cute and festive outfits that I think you might love to wear this Christmas Eve. All of these dazzling fashion finds are suitable for every type of Christmas parties, whether you are going to attend office corporate, family dinner or have a romantic Christmas date with you love.

Sweater Weather Trends | Winter/ Spring 2018

best sweaters under wishlist fashion must have gift present ideas christmas new year liz breygel january girl
Maybe I'm late with a sweater weather post, but it is actually never too late for a cozy and trendy sweater, especially if it is a holiday present. Today we are going to talk about the latest winter/spring 2018 seasonal trends and according to fashion reports I've gathered few cute sweaters. All of them sweaters are incredibly cute and stylish, yet affordable, so let's get started!

Nail Design Ideas For Every Occasion: Birthday, Holidays & Prom

holiday party nail art design ideas

A pretty fancy manicure makes any lady more confident and more decisive. I mean, not only the external appearance of the nails but also nail art design. Every woman should realize how important it is to complete your lovely look with an appropriate nail design. Very often it happens that you have everything ready for some occasion except your nails.

Cozy Cashmere Mood | Pink Gray Sweater OOTD

how to style simple sweater autumn winter outfit pictures look

Sweater is everyone's favorite cold weather item of clothing. What can be better than a cute knit sweater paired with your favorite skinny jeans? Especially when it is a Pink Gray Sweater* by Zaful and it is soft like a kitten and looks like a sweet marshmallow. It is always easy to style an outfit around simple sweater and make it look polished and stylish.

What To Wear To A New Years Party? | 2018 Hot Festive Dress

girl in glitter dress

You've been thinking about this evening since October, but still need some extra help to choose the best party dress for your New Year's corporate event? Here are some trendy evening dresses that will make all your colleagues secretly jealous of your gorgeous outfit. Whether you are trying to be loud and bold or go for a light and gentle romantic image, I have gathered the hottest dresses to suit your taste.

Tanzanite Step By Step Makeup Tutorial | December Birthstone

january girl blue smokey eye makeup tutorial step by step pictures red lips

Hi, my lovelies, and welcome to my December birthstone makeup tutorial! December is the last month of the year and it is the month of three different shade of blue and three different gemstones: tanzanite, zircon and turquoise. I've decided to choose Tanzanite and its indigo glow as an inspiration for my today's makeup tutorial. This stone was named by the place of its original and the only geographical part of the world where it can be found - Tanzania. Tanzanite is the best stone that can represent month December and the holiday mood of this time of year. Follow these easy steps to recreate this charming indigo smokey eye.

Desert Rose Step By Step Makeup Tutorial For Brown Eyes

easy makeup for brown green blue eyes tutorial with pictures beauty blogger

Have you ever heard about desert roses and their unique nature? Desert rose is a name of a rare crystal formation. It is a very beautiful sand rock, that 'grows' in desert regions. Today's makeup was inspired by the cold calm colors, sharp edges and mystery of this extraordinary sand phenomenon. You can learn how to create this easy makeup for brown eyes, just follow this step by step tutorial and give your eyes a lovely makeover.

How To Conceal A Sleepless Night | Makeup Tips & Tricks

dark under eye circles area how to remove conceal concealer color correction

Have you stayed up late working all night long? Or maybe you had an insomnia crisis? We've all experienced sleepless nights and its effects. Puffy face, swollen eyes, dull skin with dark spots and under eye bags - these are the smallest issues caused by a lack of sleep. Today I’m going to show you a few simple ways to reduce and hide the consequences of a bad night's sleep and survive through the day.

5 Best Eyeshadow Palettes For Winter Makeup Looks

urban decay morphe kat von d kylie jenner cosmetics winter dark smoky eyeshadow palette review

Winter is a perfect time to reconsider your wardrobe and makeup collection by adding some dark plum, burgundy and indigo shades in your look. Of course, matte beige, white and brown colors will still remain essential for makeup routine, while other colors such as electric green, yellow and pink you can bravely substitute with black, silver and sage green. Christmas and New Year eves are the best excuse to treat yourself with a new eyeshadow palette full of cold and saturated winter colors. In today's blog post I picked five gorgeous eyeshadow palette that will help you to create the most beautiful and mysterious makeup looks for late fall and winter time.

Citrine Step By Step Makeup Tutorial | November Birthstone

liz breygel january girl makeup beauty blogger step by step with pictures

Hi guys! It is the beginning of November, the final and the coldest month of autumn and it is time for a new birthstone makeup tutorial inspired by Citrine gemstone. Citrine is incredible beautiful stone and thanks to its bright yellow color it is known as a gem of optimism and energy. Citrine is a variety of quartz and very close relative of Amethyst stone. Today I'm going to show you how to create this gorgeous yellow makeup look, inspired by juicy yellow color of Citrine birthstone. Follow these easy steps and give your eyes a warm sunny makeover.

Iridescent Nail Polish Collection By Born Pretty Store | Review & Swatches

january girl liz breygel manicure nail art blogger bps discount code

Hello, my lovelies! I don't know about you, but I slowly started to prepare myself for the winter time, slowly changing my lipstick and nail polish colors. In the cold time of the year, during late autumn and winter I love to wear dark and cold colors. But few days ago I receive a package with Iridescent Nail Polish Collection*, kindly sent to me by Born Pretty Store. These colors aren't dark and gloomy, but very mystical and unique, they remind me of a newly-fallen snow and its mild iridescent glow. I thought that winter is a good time for such an experiment and today I'm going to review this collection for you.

Spring 2018 Prom Dress Trends | Fashion Prediction

What to wear to the most important night of my life? This is the question every teenage girl asks herself every time they think about the upcoming promenade dance night. The choice can be very complicated, because what a girl wears this night will stay in her memory for the rest of the life. Carefully selected prom dress can reflect your personal style, individuality and capture advantageous sides of your figure. Even though prom season will not come soon, it is better to start thinking ahead and determine the forthcoming  prom trends. Today with the help of 27dress.com I gathered few stylish evening dresses that will definitely be trendy this spring, according to the latest Vogue fashion report.

City Color Be Matte Liquid Lipstick 'Homeslice' | Review & Swatches

matte dark purple lipstick how to january girl beauty makeup blogger

Hi, my lovelies! There is nothing better to me than a good dark bold lip, especially if it is matte and long-lasting. Recently I had a great opportunity to try out gorgeous liquid matte lipstick from Be Matte collection by City Color Cosmetics. The collection was released in eight beautiful shades ranging from light and innocent nudes to a dark reds and my favorite purple. Today I'm going to review mysterious shade called 'Homeslice' - bold and beautiful matte grape color, intensely pigmented and long-lasting.

Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint 'Virgin Red' | Review & Swatches

beauty blogger korean makeup lip stain tint review how to apply before after

Do you remember an epic peel-off lip tint obsession? Every blogger and makeup junkie was buying and trying out a unique two in one lip product - a cleansing peel-off lip mask and a cute lip tint. Probably the most popular over all the lip tints on the market was Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint. I was lucky to receive this popular lip tint in my YesStyle Korean Beauty Box and today I have finally prepared detailed review with swatches for all of you.

Easy And Fast Halloween Makeup | Minimal Skull

liz breygel january girl halloween makeup idea last minute tutorial skull makeup

Hey, everyone! It is time to think about the upcoming Halloween party. Do you know what costume and makeup you are going to choose this year? Today I'm going to show you how to create a very easy and simple skull makeup, using only few basic makeup products. If you need a Halloween costume but don't have too much time or money in your disposition try this minimal skull makeup look.

Becca Sunchaser Palette | Review & Swatches

liz breygel january girl makeup review tutorial step by step blogger

Do you love to have bronzed skin, but your hard-earned summer tan disappeared? Don't worry about that, because a well-chosen cheek palette will help you to return your beloved sun-kissed skin. Today I'm going to talk about Becca Sunchaser Palette: a beautiful trio of beach-inspired blush, highlighter and bronzer that will help you to recreate a healthy glow. This palette was nicely sent to me by Glam Express - one of my favorite platform for beauty enthusiasts. I have become a Spotlight Member of September and Glam Express community gave me this palette as a gift. So without further ado, let's proceed to the review.

Iridescent Opal Makeup Tutorial | October Birthstone

liz breygel makeup beauty blogger pastel gothic goth doll eye makeup

October, how long I have been waiting for this month! You know why? Because October is one of the most exciting months of all year. It is the month of leaf fall, pumpkin spice and Halloween. And, of course, October has one of the most peculiar and charming birthstones - Iridescent Opal. October born people are lucky to choose between two precious gemstones: Tourmaline and Opal. But Opal was my personal inspiration for today's makeup tutorial.

How To Colorful Eyebrows Makeup Tutorial

liz breygel beauty blogger eyebrow instagram step by step colored dye eyebrows

I love to experiment and try out exotic makeup looks. But not everyone likes dramatic changes in their appearance. Today I'm going to show you how to get those desirable colorful eyebrows, without bleaching and damaging them, even if your eyebrows are dark. All you need to make your eyebrows bright and colorful is few makeup products: eyebrow comb, bright eye pencil of your choice, pigmented eyeshadow and concealer. Few synthetic brushes will help you to get neat and precised eyebrow makeup.

How To Edit Pictures For Blog?

liz breygel beauty blogger tips picture image editing processing before after examples

Photography is one of the most important aspects in blogging. Whether you are beauty, fashion or lifestyle blogger you are going to take some pictures and insert them in your blog post. Every blogger has his or her own preferences and budget and we are not going to discuss equipment today. Today I'm going to share with you few little secrets how to make pictures on your blog look better even if you are using a phone camera and how to get maximum results from what you have.

Big Anime Eyes | How To Make Your Eye Appear Bigger

liz breygel circle lens anime doll big eyes eye makeup

Eyes are the mirror of our soul, they reflect our intentions and reveal our feelings. Women with large opened eyes are especially appealing and mysterious, that's why we devote such a big importance to eye makeup. Some of us were naturally gifted with big opened eyes and luxurious eye lashes. And others needs to work a little bit harder to get the desirable anime eye effect. Today I'm going to reveal few makeup secrets you have never heard before and teach you how to make your eyes look extra huge just like eyes of anime character.

Deep Purple Smoke Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes

purple violet dramatic smoky eye makeup how to brown eyes liz breygel

Hi, makeup lovers! The world's most common eye color is brown and therefore people always underestimate the beauty and charm of this shade. As an owner of dark brown eyes I feel obliged to open the whole potential of brown eyes and show you how to complement this eye color. Today I'm going to show you how to recreate this dramatic violet smokey eye makeup look that will bring your beautiful brown eye color to perfection.

Lingerie Essentials: Ten Must-Have Undergarments for Ladies

Today we are going to continue our back to basics journey and clear out one of the most important spaces in women's closet - a lingerie drawer. It is time to get rid of all uncomfortable, aged and simply wrong lingerie you own and treat yourself and your wardrobe with some brand new lingerie basics every lady should own. Remember that comfortable and high-quality undergarments can make your day better!

Cute Back To School Outfit Ideas

two school girls

New school year demands a great first impression. Comfortable and stylish outfit can easily cope with this task, especially if you follow the rule - true genius lies in simplicity. Today I have prepared three different back to school outfits, styled around my all time favorite sneakers. All three looks are inspired by gorgeous Korean lookbook pictures, so stay tuned in case you need some fresh back to school ideas!

Squiggly Eyebrows Easy Step By Step Makeup Tutorial

liz breygel makeup tutorial trend Squiggly Eyebrows wavy brows gothic makeup

Squiggly eyebrows makeup trend captivated my Instagram and Facebook timeline. Every makeup junkie making their brows into weird waves, curls and frizzles. Of course I could not pass by this trend and tried it squiggly eyebrows myself. Love it, or hate it, but here are a few easy steps that will help you get your very own wavy eyebrow. 

Sapphire Step By Step Makeup Tutorial | September Birthstone

makeup tutorial look for blue brown eyes step by step liz breygel blogger

Hi everyone! Let's greet September and autumn with a step by step makeup tutorial inspired by one of the most precious and unbelievably beautiful gemstones Sapphire. In the Middle Ages people believed that Sapphire represents loyalty and trust and it can protect the people you love. The rich blue Sapphire color looks especially beautiful on dark blue, gray and green eyes. Follow these easy steps to recreate this makeup look yourself.

Makeup Brush Anatomy & How It's Made | Makeup Theory

makeup theory lesson all about makeup brush how produce brush liz bregel mua professional blogger makeup artist

As a makeup lover I always wanted to capitally learn the makeup theory. The knowledge of the basic makeup techniques and current trends was never enough to me. I wanted to learn the full makeup history and behind the scenes of the cosmetic industry. That's why some time ago I’ve decided to dedicate a few interesting posts and gather them under one rubric of makeup theory. Today I’m going to talk about basic makeup brush anatomy and tell you a little bit about the manufacturing process of our favorite makeup tools. I hope my lessons will be informative for makeup professionals and passionate makeup lovers.

Unicorn Nail Art Brush Set | Review

nail art professional manicure blogger liz breygel review unicorn makeup

Working with nails demands a very special attention and tools. I was always fascinated how nail artist can work so focused and neat on the tiny nail plates. And as a makeup junkie, and a person who like to do her own manicure I know it takes a lot of time and patience to make the nails look professionally done, but there are some useful tools and brushes that can help you to reach this effect even at home. That's why today I wanted to share a review on Unicorn Nail Art Brush Set*, sent to me by Born Pretty Store. I have never tried using the special nail brushes while doing my nails but always wanted to try them myself, so let's take a look!

The Mummy Ahmanet Step By Step Makeup Tutorial | Egyptian Eyeliner Look

halloween the mummy movie makeup tutorial how to step by step tutorial liz breygel blogger pictures

Few days ago I finally watched Tom Cruise's new movie The Mummy. Growing up as a huge action adventure fan I loved The Mummy franchise with all my heart, so I was absolutely thrilled to watch the new version of a good old classic movie. And even though I have mixed feelings about the new Mummy I'm absolutely in love with the stunning Egyptian makeup of Ahmanet. 

'Pumpkin Series' Fall Nail Polish Collection | Review & Swatches

blogger liz breygel nails notd manicure autumn fall long short nails mani

Hello, lovelies, how do you feel about the upcoming autumn season? As the summer goes by and the cold weather approaches, I started to embrace those autumn vibes. Autumn is my favorite season of the year. Fallen leaves, knit blankets and rainy days always feel so cozy to me. And of course, how could I forget about pumpkin spice latte?

Back To School Must Haves & Wishlist with Uncommon Goods

back to uni back to school gifts supplies ideas must have wishlist blogger liz breygel

Can you believe that back to school mode is only a few weeks away? Shopping for brand new stationery, gadgets and other school supplies are always the most exciting part of the back to school season. But for many prep period is a very stressful time of year and it is better to be prepared in the best way possible. August is the best month to start preparing for the upcoming school year in advance. But how to choose the best stationery without wasting a lot of money on unnecessary stuff?

My Favorite BB Creams | Review & Swatches

beauty balm etude house macely essence bb korean asian cream foundation blogger review liz breygel skin care

My makeup obsession have started around five years ago and one of the first thing I have discovered in a beauty world is a magical power of BB cream. BB Cream is a perfect choice for a day to day usage, especially if you can`t stand a heavy full coverage foundations or have an exhausted dry skin. The first BB cream I have ever tried was a tube of Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector and it was not good. This cream was too dark for my skin, it had alcohol in the formula and overall was very awful, the only positive thing about this product was an SPF 15. 

Rainbow Unicorn Highlighter | Review & Swatches

liz breygel makeup blogger beauty step by step tutorial born pretty store review

During the hot summer days, I prefer to highlight my cheekbones using powder highlighters. Dry illuminators, shimmers and highlighters are not greasy, therefore they are the best option for everyone with an oily skin type, especially during the summer. I personally have a dry skin type, but even my skin starts to melt in the summer's heat and I can't imagine using an oil-based highlighters for my cheekbones. Pastel rainbow highlighter is such a huge trend at the moment and as always I'm the last person on this planet to try it out myself. That's why today I'm going to review a Rainbow Highlighter Powder* by a famous Born Pretty Store: an online makeup, fashion and jewelry retailer for beauty junkies.

Peridot Step By Step Makeup Tutorial | August Birthstone

green smokey smoky eye makeup tutorial for brown amber green eyes liz breygel

August last summer month and we all can feel the fresh breath of the forthcoming autumn. But luckily for everyone who was born in August this month has probably the most beautiful birthstone - the mysterious and peculiar Peridot gemstone. Peridot, also known as 'the Evening Emerald', is one of the few gemstones that occur in only one color: an olive - green. The intensity of the green color can vary from a very light lime green to a deep forest green shade and if you look closely on a raw Peridot gemstone you will catch all shades of yellow - green color. 

Makeup Mixing Palette & How To Use It? | Makeup Theory

makeup artist blogger liz breygel beauty basics

Do you love to create creative makeup look, but tired of makeup mess? Maybe you are a professional makeup artist or beauty blogger and need to invent a brand new lipstick shade or mix some foundation? Take your makeup passion on another level and stop using the back of your hand to mix your makeup products. Today we are talking about a stainless steel mixing paw palettes and how to use them.

Double Horn Crescent Velvet Choker | Review

liz breygel choker trend necklace jewelry accessories review blogger

Do you love choker necklaces as much as I do? Luckily, I wasn't the only one who refused to believe in a swift death of choker trend. The recent Harper's Bazaar article assured that choker trend won't go away in a short time. Despite all the dark rumors and haters, chokers will remain in our fashion life and even transform into new futuristic stage full of cold metals, elegant chains and long layers. So don't rush to throw out your favorite necklaces and instead start to plan the expansion of your choker collection.

Mother Of Dragons | Ear Cuff

fashion beauty blogger liz breygel gothic makeup fashion style

Hi, everyone! You probably already know that I'm a huge fan of all those dramatic Gothic accessories, punk ring sets, and all other alternative fashion items. And to celebrate the beginning of a new season of Game of Thrones, today I'm going to review this Dragon Shape Ear Cuff* the very first accessory that will help you unleash your inner dragon. I'll be honest with you. I desired to have this ear cuff since forever and was super excited to receive it in my mail, and I hope you will like my review.

Midsummer Fashion Wishlist | Stripes, Ruffles & Tribal Vibes

cute girl in summer outfit

It has been such a long time since my last fashion wishlist! On my opinion midsummer is a perfect moment for some mild wardrobe changes, especially because last half of the summer is usually colder and the nights are getting longer. Midsummer is also a time to reconsider latest fashion trends and change all those annoying accessories and unsuitable prints, that were inflicted by sloppy designers.

Berrisom 'Oops!' Cheek Cushion | Review & Swatches

korean cosmetics makeup berrisom liz breygel blogger review swacthes

Hi everyone, it is time for a new review on my blog! Today I`m talking about 'Oops!' Tint Cheek Cushion* in beautiful summer shade '02 Cream Peach'. This is my second product by famous Korean makeup brand Berrisom and it was kindly sent to me by YesStyle store. I’ll be honest with you, I’m not a big fan of blushes, maybe it is because I have a very pale skin, so any blush looks too bright on it, but I love a hint of color on the cheeks.

Life By Esprit Summer Edition Perfume | Review

beauty blogger lifestyle summer liz breygel fragrance perfume review

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, today on my blog I’m going to talk about my favorite summer scent, sweetly called Life’ and created by perfumers Nicolas Beaulieu and Veronique Nyberg for a well-known fashion brand Esprit. This fragrance is a relaunch of a famous 'Life' perfume duo developed in 2003, the composition and perfumers are the same, but designers decided to change the packaging and gave it a fresh appeal.

Professional Makeup Brush Set 29pcs | Review

full professional makeup brush set faux leather case beauty blogger review liz breygel

No matter how many makeup brushes I own, when I work on my makeup tutorials for this blog I always need one extra clean makeup brush to finish my look. Get ready for a massive brush review, because today I'm going to tell you all about MSQ Professional Makeup Brush Set* by my favorite online fashion and beauty store Rosegal. I haven't written a review on brushes I usually use for my work, but some of them are getting pretty old, so I was waiting for this brush set to arrive with a huge excitement.

Ruby Step By Step Makeup Tutorial | July Birthstone

makeup for dark brown amber black eyes liz breygel makeup tutorial

Hi everyone, July is the seventh month of the year and a time for a new step by step makeup tutorial, inspired by Ruby - birthstone of July month. Rubies stones are considered the king of gems and represent love, health and wisdom. The rich ruby color looks especially beautiful on dark brown, black and green eyes. Inspired by raw ruby gemstones, I've created a mysterious, sultry and wearable Ruby Makeup Tutorial and you can recreate this beautiful makeup look without any difficulties following these easy steps.

How To Apply And Wear Matte Lipstick?

red coral matte lipstick lips makeup tutorial liz breygel

Matte lipsticks are my favorite, they always look posh and elegant on the lips, but it can be complicated and tricky to maintain matte lip look. Matte lips tend to get dry and chapped and the application of matte lip product demands special attention. Matte finishes are the best for everyday and night occasions and today I'm going to show you how to wear matte lipstick and always look flawless and trendy.

Alexandrite Step By Step Makeup Tutorial | June Birthstone

step by step makeup tutorial pictorial

Hi everyone, it is time for a new step by step makeup tutorial inspired by mysterious birthstone of month June. When I was small I owned a very simple, but beautiful ring with a small Alexandrite gemstone. This stone is often described as “emerald by day, ruby by night”, because of it`s rare ability to change color - from a light, almost transparent sky blue shade under the sun lights, to a rich grape purple under the artificial light. This unique color looks especially breathtaking on brown, amber and tile green eyes. Inspired by this exclusivity, I've created a very simple and wearable Alexandrite Makeup Tutorial and you can easily recreate this makeup look following these easy steps.

Essence Camouflage 2 in 1 Make-up & Concealer | Review & Swatches

full coverage foundation essence budget makeup cosmetics review blogger liz breygel

Essence is one of my favorite budget friendly makeup brands, I'm obsessed with their selection of inexpensive cosmetics, so when I run out of my Palma Christie Ultra BB Cream, I've decided to try out Essence Camouflage 2 in 1 Make-up & Concealer - a very special product that combines foundation and concealer in one cute tube. Essence claims to offer a long-lasting, high coverage effect, hide all skin imperfections and provides a flawless finish – without a mask-like effect. So let's take a closer look at this magic potion!

EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm `Coconut Milk` | Review

dry skin treatment remedies liz breygel blogger recipe eos lip products lip balm

Who doesn't love to have smooth, moisturized and beautiful lips? Life seems better and brighter when the lips` skin feels comfortable, even lipstick glides on like a charm. My lips tend to get very dry in summer, so a rich moisturizing lip balm is a must have product to me. Some time ago I decided to try out a famous `Visibly Soft` lip balm by EOS brand and today I'm going to share my thoughts with you. EOS stands for ‘Evolution of Smooth’ and the main mission of this brand is to produce natural lip balms and skin care products rich in vitamins, antioxidants and nourishing oils. These products are paraben and petrolatum free, they are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested (but cruelty free) and absolutely safe for every type of skin.

Studded PU Leather Backpack by Zaful | Review & GIVEAWAY [Closed]

liz breygel bag review blogger fashion grunge rock gothic backpack

I'm a huge fan of backpacks and rucksacks and love to wear them on an everyday basis. Maybe some of you might think that adult backpacks look immature, but I'm fond of the idea to place my belongings in one huge bag and having both of my hands free. Recently I had an awesome opportunity to pick a stylish and practical backpack at Zaful. This year is very special for this store and its team and all the customers, because Zaful celebrates its 3rd anniversary! To celebrate this special event Zaful hosts a huge giveaway and I’m going to talk about it in the end of my post. And now let's take a close look at this gorgeous backpack.

Lime Crime Velvetines | Review & Swatches

vegan cruely free liz breygel beauty makeup blogger lime crime matte lipsticks brand review

Hi sweetheart! How are you today? I’m not a big fan of glossy and glittery lipsticks and lip glosses. I prefer to use matte finishes on a daily basis, even though matte lipstick is complicated to maintain. That's why in my first summer blog post I’m going to review and talk about two gorgeous matte liquid lipsticks Velvetines by Lime Crime. I've stumbled across these lippies while purchasing ‘Opals’ - a highlighting palette made for unicorns and decided to try them out and share my thoughts with you.

Emerald Step By Step Makeup Tutorial | May Birthstone

Emerald Step By Step Makeup Tutorial | May Birthstone on January Girl blog by Liz Breygel.

Hi guys, I’m back with a new step by step makeup tutorial and this time I was inspired by beautiful Emerald, a birthstone of month May. Emerald is a symbol of rebirth and love, this stone is very rare therefore precious. The color of emerald stone is breathtaking, it reminds me of an ancient green forest - deep, mysterious and noble. If you look closely at a raw emerald stone you see all the shades of green, from light pistachio to a dark basil. This color is perfect for the end of spring - warm and bright May. Emerald makeup will look especially beautiful on blue, green and gray eyes.