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Can you believe that back-to-school mode is only a few weeks away? Shopping for brand new stationery, gadgets and other school supplies is always the most exciting part of the back-to-school season. But for many prep period is a very stressful time of year and it is better to be prepared in the best way possible. August is the best month to start preparing for the upcoming school year in advance. But how to choose the best stationery without wasting a lot of money on unnecessary stuff?

Today's blog post I dedicate to everyone who is getting ready for school and want to know what supplies are the best to buy. I gathered a few back-to-school must-haves with a help of UncommonGoods — a Brooklyn-based store with the best handmade and environmentally friendly goodies. Starting in 1999 as an unusual idea, UncommonGoods has become more than just an online store, it is a special marketplace that connects unique creations with customers.

Start your back-to-school shopping with a large and comfortable school bag that can hold all your copybooks and stationery. A Custom Tote Bag is made from soft and sturdy cotton fabrics and you can easily clean it in the washing machine. Send your favorite picture of your beloved cat or dog and they will always be next to you. Custom stationery and other stuff were always my favorites, it is nice to own an item with a personal touch. Check out the whole range of personalized goodies here. Am I the only one who always loses my favorite pencils and pens? The solution is simple: a cute pencil case and you won't lose them again!

collage with the back-to-school wishlist featuring beautiful stationery by the uncommon goods

1. Picture Your Pet Custom Tote Bag - incredibly roomy tote bag with your lovely pet friend;

2. Woof Dog Watches - keep an eye on the time while doing homework;

3. Inspirational Pencil Set - these cute pencils will be your daily inspiration;

4. Hatch Ideas Notebook - use this notebook to plan your time and write down the craziest ideas;

5. Travel Journal - write down your travel impressions and use your experience for new projects;

6. Meteorite Pen - a regular pen features an authentic fragment of a meteorite;

7. Llamarama Large Zipper Pouch - keep your writing utensils in place in this cute case.

Do not let your school work and projects make you feel stressed and tired. There is a time for studies and there must always be a place for leisure! During a nice after-school rest, your brain rebuilds itself and renews 'software'. As a result, the brain works better, so it is very important to organize your spare time. A couple of cozy pillows will keep you well-rested and a mug of aromatic tea refreshed. By the way, a mug and a tea set is the best gift for your dormitory roommates and a nice excuse to make friends. And the last, but not the least thing that will help you to survive through the school season is a tiny portable speaker. I know I`m not the only person out there who can not live without music. Gather your close friends, set a dorm room dance party and tiredness will vanish right away.

collage with the back-to-school wishlist featuring beautiful stationery by the uncommon goods

1. Recipe Mug Set - a very handy mug set for those who need some cooking help;

2. Chromosome Pillows - take a short nap on these playful chromosome pillows;

3. Novel Teas - tea is the best alternative if you are tired of drinking coffee;

4. Great Civilizations - Set of 5 - stimulate your intellect with a help of these puzzles while resting;

5. Homesick Candles - burn a homesick candle if you missed your home state;

6. Pocket Tin Speaker - music always makes me feel happy and relaxed.

Happy back-to-school season guys, I hope this post will help you to organize your ideas. Don’t forget to check out the UncommonGoods website. They offer the most creative and unusual assortment of designer gifts, business, and home supplies for every taste and budget range. Trying to find the most interesting anniversary and graduation gifts out there? UncommonGoods will help you to choose gifts for your family and friends they will never forget. Have you started your back-to-school shopping yet? 

Lots of love,