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Cold Winter Night Makeup Look

smoky eye step by step tutorial

Goo day, ladies! Winter is one of the most beautiful times of a year. As I have moved in a place where winter doesn't exist I started to miss cold weather and snow. So I decided to create a beautiful winter makeup look, but I walked away from usual winter colors - silver and blue. I got my inspiration from the colors of winter sky. So here are some steps I followed to create this look:

smoky eye step by step tutorial

1. Prime your eyes with face powder. To create this winter makeup we will need to blend a lot. Put some white eye pencil on the inner corner of the eye, blend with your finger.

2. Put a very light tea green color on the top;

3. On the middle of the eye lid put violet - purple color;

4. After goes the darkest shade - black. Put it on the outer corner of your eye, creating a beautiful wing shape. Line the outer half of the bottom lash line;

5. Next step is blending. Using fluffy blending brush mix the transitions between colors. Line your eyes with black eye pencil and put black eyeshadows on the top, to make the look more smokey. Don't forget about the water line.

6. Use the same tea green color for highlights. Put the inner corner of the bottom lash line put some light purple eye pencil with glitter. Finish with mascara.

That's all for my winter makeup look. I hope you liked :) If you are interested in more makeup tutorials for winter don't be shy leave a comment for me. I will definitely create winter makeups for you. Thanks to be with me girls. I'll talk to you soon, bye bye!

Lots of love,
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New Year`s Eve Makeup

christmas makeup tutorial 2014

Hi, dears! To tell the truth I spent so many time creating a makeup look for New Year. I did more than three different makeup tutorials for you, girls, but any of them was good enough for New Year`s eve. I decided to take a look on google and discovered that a New 2014 Year will be a year of blue or green horse. So a new idea for a makeup tutorial easily arrived in my mind. For these makeup I used very light but so glamorous silver and emerald shades. I hope you will like this tutorial and maybe someone from you will even use my idea for New Year`s Eve.

christmas makeup tutorial 2014

1. Prime your eyes and put white eye pencil and blend it with your finger. It will be a base for our silver eye shadow ;

2. Dab silver eye shadow on the top of our pencil ;

3. Put emerald green eye shadow on the crease and blend out ;

4. Next step is to line the eyes and high light the brow bone with light shimmering eye shadow ;

5. On the bottom lash line and water put a darker green eye shadows. Then add some white pencil on the water line and inner corner of your eye. Don`t forget about mascara or maybe false lashes.

So that`s all, cuties. Please let me know in commentaries if you likes this makeup look. Is it suitable for New Year? Thanks to be with me. See you very soon!

Lots of love,
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They`re Real Mascara by Benefit | Review

benefit mascara swatches They`re Real Mascara by Benefit Review swatches liz breygel january girl
benefit mascara  They`re Real Mascara by Benefit Review swatches liz breygel january girl
benefit mascara brush They`re Real Mascara by Benefit Review swatches liz breygel january girl
benefit mascara They`re Real Mascara by Benefit Review swatches liz breygel january girl

Good morning, girls! I've read many different reviews about They`re Real by Benefit. Some say it is their all time favorite mascara and some people complain. I always wanted to try how it actually works, to create my own opinion.

They`re Real mascara comes in a very cute glossy tube stylized under the sixties. As I understand almost all Benefit`s cosmetics comes in a very stylish vintage packaging. Firstly when I saw the brush I was not sure that it can create volume on my lashes, but I was wrong. This brush not just perfectly separates my lashes but also gives them length and volume. On the tip of the wand Benefit`s mascara has a magic spiked bomb, which was created to work with the tiny lashes on the inner corner of the eyes.

Process of application was kind messy, but I`m sure that it is because mascara is too fresh yet. As it was mentioned on the packaging They`re Real mascara is buildable - you can apply as many layers as you want. I applied about three layers and my lashes were still beautiful and well separated. One more very important feature of They`re Real is that this mascara really holds the curve. I have a very bad lashes and usually even good mascaras don`t look nice on them. So I was very impressed how this mascara worked on my poor lashes.

They`re Real Mascara lasts eternity! It really does. I know that it`s very bad for my skin and lashes but I fell asleep and haven`t removed mascara. When I woke my lashes were exactly the same as when I applied They`re Real. Serious, no joke. Any fall outs, any mess just a perfectly separated fresh lashes with beautiful curve.

So what can I say. They`re Real Mascara by Benefit is the best variant for those, who likes a natural looking lashes. When Benefit gave a name for this mascara they meant that your lashes will look real and natural. I`m very glad that I purchased it. I don`t regret at all. For all of you, who are not sure that They`re Real will work Benefit has a travel size. See you soon, ladies. Let me know if you tried it also.

Lots of love,
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Holiday Glam 2013 Collaboration

Christmas makeup tutorial

Hi, cuties. Today`s post will be my first collaboration with few other amazing beauties. Christmas for me is a holiday with lots of glitter, lights and tinsels, so I decided to try a very bright burgundy - goldish makeup with lightly smoky effect. But, as usual, you can change the shades and variate colour as you prefer. So let`s start.

christmas makeup tutorial, golden makeup

As usual, we start from priming our eyes to make our makeup last forever and look amazing.

1. Then we will lightly apply black eye pencil on the outer half of the lid. It will intensify the color of the burgundy eye shadows;

2. Smudge the pencil with the brush;

3. Start to put burgundy eyeshadow on the top of the smudged pencil;

4. On the inner half of the lid apply wet golden pigments;

5. To blend colors on the crease orange shimmer and mix every transition;

6. And the last few steps. Highlight your brow bone with peachy eye shadow, create a beautiful dramatic line with liquid eye liner, line your water line and finish with mascara. To add more drama you can use false lashes.

christmas makeup tutorial, golden makeup

List of the products I used to create this Christmas makeup look:

For eyes:

• Pro palette 120 colors #3

• Pigment by Essence in 'smell the caramel'

• NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone

• Color Trend liquid eyeliner

• Volum' Express The Colossal Smoky Eyes mascara

• Eye Kohl eye pencil in 'Smolder' by Mac

• Avon Perfect Eyebrow Pencil

For face:

• Ever Lasting Foundation by Oriflame

• Luminys Baked Face Powder by Pupa

• Camouflage Creame Concealer Palette by Fräulein3°8

• Essence XXXL Shine lip gloss in 'Big Night Out'

• Sun Club shimmer bronzing powder by Essence in 'sunkissed'

• Color Trend Blush in 'Cheeky'

I hope you liked my tutorial and some of you will try this makeup on Christmas Eve. Please take a time and check makeups of other beauties from Holiday Glam Collaboration. Girls were trying hard to create interesting posts for you: 

Jackie from Five Two Certified
Shalunya from Shalunya and Boyet
Lily from Beauty with Lily
Lizzie from My Pretty Obsession
Betti from Makeup`Asulym
Britnee Kao from A Beauty Product A Day
Maary Austin from My Beauty Rules

Lots of love,
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Monthly Favorites | November

beauty haul, beauty products
beauty haul beauty products November Favorites, Monthly Favorites, Monthly Favourites / November, beauty products, beauty haul liz breygel january girl
beauty haul, beauty products November Favorites, Monthly Favorites, Monthly Favourites / November, beauty products, beauty haul liz breygel january girl
beauty haul, beauty products November Favorites, Monthly Favorites, Monthly Favourites / November, beauty products, beauty haul liz breygel january girl

Hi, my dears! Do you believe that November is finished already? It was not the most amazing time of my year and I`m actually ready that it has pass. But it is always pleasant to think that you can start everything from the beginning in the new month. And here are a small among of products that I was loving during the past month. For some of them I did a review already so you can follow the links to learn more about these products. So here are my November favorites.

Body Mousse Organic Vanilla & Orchid by Organic Shop 

The first products I`ve been loving this October is Body Mousse by Organic Shop. I have bought this mousse few months ago and even did a review, but started to use it just now. Girls, you need to feel how pleasant is the scent of this product! It is sooo tasty. I want to put it on my skin again and again. Mousse has a very light formula so it absorbs immediately. It is my must have for the cold time of year.

Maybelline Color Sensational in # 836 Sweet Pearl

I didn't really like this lipstick at first. Especially because of the pearly glitter it makes my lips dry. But after I found a solution - moisturizing my lips with balm before wear lipstick - I can`t stop using it. I really like how it looks on my lips and really like the shade. These little milled pearls not just makes your lips shiny but helps lipstick to last longer, almost forever :) Follow the link to see my review and swatch.

Beauty Wonder Oil Swedish Spa by Oriflame

I purchased this oil some months ago and finally decided to include it in my November favorites post. And the reason why I decided to do this is, because for many of you this time of a year is very cold. We all know how it`s important to keep out skin moisturized during the cold seasons. I`m a huge fan of tasty smells, that`s why I picked body and hair oil from Swedish Spa line by Oriflame. Girls, you definitely need to try it! It is a miracle in a bottle.This oil has a smell of ginger and spices - best smell for winter time. Actually for me it smells like a Christmas :) Smell stays in the skin for a long time and skin feels so soft and moisturized after. I didn't try this oil for my hair yet, but if I do I`ll write a more detail post later.

Eye to Eye Sugar Scrub for lips by Faberlic

One more products in my favorites which I didn't like at first:) But after few tries this Eye to Eye Sugar Scrub became a part of my skin care routine. I love it so much and I`m almost sure that it was made totally from natural ingredients. It is very gentle. I even think it should be more rough for me. But this sugar scrub is the best variant for sensitive skin. Stay with me for a detail review :3

Eye to Eye Eye Pencil by Faberlic

And finally the last product from my November Favorites list is an eye pencil by Oriflame. Very simple purple shade with lots of glitter - nothing can be better for holidays :) It goes in a regular pencil package which is the pest option for me. I like to keep my pencils sharp. I already used it to create my Clear Amethyst makeup and I`m going to use it for my New Year look also.

That was all my November favorites, I hope you found my post interesting. Please let me know if you liked in comments. I wish you to spend your holidays amazingly with your closest friends and relatives. What have you been loving past month?

Lots of love,
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BB Cream by Beauty Angel | Review & Swatches

korean cosmetics review
korean cosmetics review
korean cosmetics review

Hi, cuties! I never tried Korean cosmetics before, but heard a lot of different information about. Some people liked it and said very good commentaries about it. Other people don`t like Korean makeup products. I decide to create my own opinion and some time ago purchased this BB cream by Beauty Angel. I was using it for some time so now I`m ready to tell you my honest opinion. 

Beauty Angel`s BB cream goes in  a standard tube for creams and three shades - light beige, natural beige and deep beige. Mine is 01 - light beige. As any other BB creams Beauty Angel`s has a light coverage and moisturizing formula, which gives a very natural finish look. One of the benefits of this cream is the whitening effect. I really like to have a light skin and not a fan of tanning. So BB cream by Beauty Angel not just protect my skin from harmful sun light, but makes my skin tone lighter.

I`m a big fan of cute packed and good smelling products. I know it is not the most important thing, but all girls will agree that it`s pleasant to use cosmetics which is pleasant in all ways. Don`t understand me wrong this BB cream my Beauty Angel don`t smell bad, but the scent is too regular. I wish it had a more interesting scent.

Overall, I really liked this cream. And, sure, I recommend it for all of you girls. I`m looking forward to buy more Korean makeup products and cosmetics. Check out my Favorite BB Creams blog post here and follow my blog for more reviews and makeup tutorials. Kisses!

Lots of love,
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Clear Amethyst Makeup for Everyday

makeup for brown eyes, step by step makeup tutorial

Hi girls, today I`m going to show you one more variant of my everyday makeup. It is not just simple neutral look, but a makeup which will emphasize your personality. For this look I used a very light purple and pearly rosy shades.

makeup for brown eyes, step by step makeup tutorial

1. The first step is to apply eye shadow base and white eye pencil on the whole eye lid. Don`t forget to smudge with your finger;

2. Start to shape your eye putting brown eye pencil on your crease. It will intensify purple eye shadows and will make it last longer. Smudge it with brush;

3. Put pearly eye shadow on the lid;

4. Put violet eye shadow on the top of the pencil. Don`t close your eye while you do this;

5. Draw a line with liquid eye liner;

6. Finish your makeup by putting some light lilac eye pencil under your eye and don`t forget about mascara.

makeup for brown eyes, step by step makeup tutorial

That`s all for now, ladies. Let me know in the comments down below if you liked this makeup. And don`t forget to follow my blog for more interesting tutorials and reviews.  I`ll talk to you very soon, bye bye!

Lots of love,
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My Everyday Makeup Step by Step Tutorial

light makeup, easy makeup tutorial everyday makeup tutorial, neutral makeup tutorial, daily makeup, light makeup liz breygel january girl

Good morning, cuties! How is your day going on? Today I`m going to show you how I do my everyday makeup. It is a very easy and beautiful neutral look which you can wear everyday to school or work. Usually I`m choosing a very pale neutral shades for my everyday makeup. To make my daily makeup more dramatic for evening time I just intensify the color of eye shadows.

Rich Color Nail Lacquer by Golden Rose | Review & Swatches

nail polish manicure cute nails Golden Rose nail polish, nail lacquer review swatches liz breygel january girl
Rich Color Nail Lacquer by Golden Rose
Rich Color Nail Lacquer by Golden Rose
nude nails, manicure,
manicure, nude nails
One coat of Rich Color Lacquer by Golden Rose
Hello, sweeties and happy Monday! Today I have for you a review of Nail Lacquer by Golden Rose. I already owned one beautiful shade from Rich Color line and even put it in my September Favourites list. So I decided to don`t wait for too long and buy another lacquer from the same line. Sure, I love bright nails, but my favorite shades are nude, they make the nails look so classy and elegant. I`m always searching for a perfect nudes for my nails.  And this time I picked color # 05 which is beautiful coffee with milk shade. There are 51 available colors in Rich Color collection - from very pale milky to a very bright acid shades and everyone will find their favorite color.

The formula of this lacquer is really outstanding. I never thought that nail polish can provide full coverage just in one coat before I tried Rich Color by Golden Rose. Once you apply the first coat you will receive already finished and shiny manicure. But it is not the only advantage. Golden Rose lacquer is equipped with maxi brush which gives a one - stroke application without ugly stripes. It dries out very fast and also lasts for a couple of days without any color changes, cracks or chopping.

This nail lacquer by Golden Rose have become my all time favorite shade. I can`t stop using it:) And I very recommend it for all my beauties. That was all for now, I hope you enjoyed :) Don`t forget to follow me. Stay happy and I`ll see you soon, kisses!

Lots of love,
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Classic Smoky Eyes Step by Step Makeup Tutorial

classic smoky eyes step by step makeup tutorial Classic smoky eyes makeup tutorial, smokey eyes step by step liz breygel january girl

Hi cuties! I think that smoky eyes is my favorite makeup. Even though it is not a makeup for every day, I was using it all the time in my rebel youth:) There are so many different tutorials for smoky makeup on internet but today I decided to share my own variation of classic smoky eyes look. Everything you will need to create this makeup is a simple black eye pencil, black eye shadow, white eye shadow, neutral matte eye shadows (skin color or grey) and few basic brushes. I like my smoky eyes to be dramatic, but you can play with the intensity and change colors as you wish. Let`s begin! 

There are some important rules about the perfect smoky look:

1. Even skin tone without any imperfections;

2. Perfect eye brows;

3. Neutral colors for your lips;

4. Foundation goes after eye make up;

smoky eyes step by step makeup tutorial, black eye shadows

I don`t use eye shadow base for smoky eyes. This look is all about blending and base will make this process hard. So I primed my lids with facial powder.

1. The first step is to line your upper and lower lash line. The line should be thick and don`t worry if it be messy;

2. Smudge the pencil. Take a time to fill the spaces between your lashes;

3. Start to put black eye shadow dabbing it on your eye  lid;

4. Take a blending brush and put some grey matte eye shadows to blend the black out;

5. High light your brow bone. After go back to the blending brush and work out the transition again;

6. Finishing steps - put a generous coat of mascara and line the water line with black eye pencil. Don`t forget about the brows:)

That`s all for my smoky eyes, I hope this tutorial was useful for you. Please follow my blog and leave your opinion  about this make up in the comments. I will talk to you very good, cuties, bye bye!

Lots of love,
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Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick | Review & Swatch

maybelline lipstick review
maybelline lipstick sweet pearl Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick review swatches, Maybelline Color Sensational Pearl, Maybelline lipstick review liz breygel january girl
Maybelline lipstick reviewMaybelline Color Sensational lipstick review swatches, Maybelline Color Sensational Pearl, Maybelline lipstick review liz breygel january girl

Hi lovelies! Today I`m going to do a really exciting review of my Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in shade `836 Sweet Pearl`. This lipstick is from Color Sensational Pearls line. All lippies from the Pearls line are extremely shine and long lasting.

Maybelline Color Sensational Pearls comes in more than 10 glorious shades so you may find a perfect color on your taste. The shade I owned  is `Sweet Pearl`. It is a very beautiful peachy color with a soap orange undertones and lots of shimmering parts inside, which are micro pearls. Formula contains honey nectar which is good for nourishing lips` skin.

The pigmentation of Maybelline Color Sensational is very good and gives a full coverage to the lips. I like it when products are smelling good, everyone does:) And , fortunately, Color Sensational has a very pleasant smell.

The only downside is that after some time, when lipstick absorbs to skin, it makes my lips a little bit dry. It is because there aro so many shimmer in Color Sensational Pear line, must be every lipstick from this collection makes the lips` skin dry. But it is very easy to solve this problem by putting moisturizing lip balm before you will put the lipstick.

Lots of love,
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Monthly Favourites | October

beauty haul, products love
beauty haul, products love
beauty haul, products loveOctober Favourites, October Favorites, Monthly Favorites liz breygel january girl blogger

Good day, pretties! The time is passing so fast, October, month of big changes, is finished already. It was a very special but hard time for me. But, finally, I started to get used to my new life. For the past month I didn't try a lot of new stuff . But here are few things that I`ve been stuck with during the past month. Let`s start!

Actually it`s more than just an October favorite products. I repurchase this Ever Lasting Foundation again and again. By it`s texture foundation reminds BB cream - very moisturizing and caring. It does wonders with my skin! Since I've started to use Ever Lasting foundation my skin became so soft and smooth. I think I never had such a good facial skin, even when I was a kid. Also it perfectly fits my very fair skin, as any other base products (porcelain). But for girls with oily skin it will not work so well.

Color Arts Pigment by Essence

Color I've been loving lately is # 02 'smell the caramel' and I really can`t stop using it! This shade looks so beautiful on brown eyes. I already did detail review with swatches so you can look it here. I`m not sure if I`m using pigment correctly but I really love it so much.

Rich Color Nail Lacquer by Golden Rose

Next obsession is a nail lacquer by Golden Rose. It is so hard to describe how much I like this lacquer. It literally have become my all times favorite nail product. I wore shade #5 all the time this month and will definitely repurchase it again. I`m going to do a detail review with swatches and my opinion very soon so don`t miss it.

Now the top favorite products of October month. Even looking on the picture of this products makes me sad. Not because Benefit blush is so bad, but because I`m so clumsy! In few days after I receive my sweetness I crushed it! Sure, I fixed it already, using well known recipe, but it will never be so beautiful and pure as at first. But I`m loving my little Dandelion. It looks perfect on my fair skin and plays a role of a highlighter and blush at the same time. Please tell me in comments if you want to see review and swatches of not so perfect on look, but still amazing Benefit blush :)

Tender Care Balm Vanilla by Oriflame

And the last, but for sure not the least product in my October favorites list is a caring balm by Oriflame. This month I was using vanilla scent. I use it not just on my lips but for by eyelashes and brows before sleep, to make them grow longer and more dense. Plus during the cold days not just my lips need nourishing but hands and other parts. 

That was my October favorites, I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. I have so many interesting posts for you this month, girls. Stay with me if I made you curious:) I wish everyone an amazing week! And what have you been loving recently?

Lots of love,
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Manhattan Lip Gloss And Blush | Review & Swatches

lip gloss blush review Manhattan lip gloss, Manhattan blush review and swatch liz breygel january girl
blush review Manhattan lip gloss, Manhattan blush review and swatch liz breygel january girl
review swatch Manhattan lip gloss, Manhattan blush review and swatch liz breygel january girl

Hi, girls! Summer is already over, but I so want to keep some warm memories about those hot days. So I decided, that will use just bright cosmetics in warm shades and shimmering texture. Few days ago I owned High Shine lip gloss and Powder Rouge Tender Touch blush both products by Manhattan Cosmetics

Powder Rouge Tender Touch
3,50 € 

So the first product I bought was Powder Rouge Tender Touch. It comes in transparent case and with a little brush to apply this blush. Sure, I will not use the brush to apply it, but it has very good quality - soft and dense. I think that brush, was made from natural hair. Powder Rouge is available in four different colors - from warm pinkish to light chocolate shade. My color is 53 N 'fresh peach', which includes many glitter and have pleasant texture. Powder Rouge is not matte, but very shiny. It lasts on my face almost all day long, but, sure, it also depends on the foundation. By the way, this blush includes vitamin E, which is nourishing your skin during the whole day.

review blush

High Shine lip gloss
5,95 € / 5 ml

The second product, which attracted my eye was High Shine lip gloss. To tell the truth, I`m not a big fan of this lip gloss. It has very watery consistency and almost totally transparent. There are 13 shades in High Shine collection, hope other colors are more nice.  But as a moisturizer this lip gloss works very good.

review swatch Manhattan lip gloss, Manhattan blush review and swatch liz breygel january girl

Thank you, girls, for taking time to read my blog. If you liked it, stay with me for more interesting posts. See you later ;)

Lots of love,
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Essence Colour Arts Pigments | Review & Swatches

review swatchesEssence Colour Arts Pigments review and swatches, Pigments by Essence liz breygel january girl
strawberry smoothie cotton candy smell the caramel
strawberry smoothie cotton candy smell the caramel

Bonsoir, dear girls! First time a saw this Pigments by Essence in a little review about on youtube and I became obsessed by it. I wanted to try them sooo much! On this week I finally bought three colors to try.

So, I have three shades : 02 - smell the caramel, 11 - cotton candy and 14 - strawberry smoothie. They are very pigmented and includes so many glitter - very bright and beautiful. I want to do a tutorial, using these gorgeous pigments later. Each bottle has a silicone flap under the plastic cover, to save pigments from spilling (just cotton candy doesn't have, there was a sticker inside.) Covers are very tight, so you can be sure that other cosmetics in your make up bag will stay clean. 

Essence Pigments are available in 23 pretty colors. The main idea of Color Arts pigments is the variations of usage. You can mix the shades together and create your new shades. You can use pigments as high lighter or bronzer. Or you can even mix them with clear nail polish and create exclusive nail lacquer! Just use your imagination:)

Colors are very beautiful and bright, but they demands an eyeshadow base or any other base as pencil, to make them look even more bright and last longer. For example, texture of cotton candy consist almost just from glitter, so to set it on the skin you need a very good base or it will have many fall outs.

essence pigments swatches

I liked these pigments by Essence so much, that I even decided to use them for my wedding make up. It is hard to don`t like these cute bottles :) Thanks, to read my post, I hope you like it. Talk to you very soon, girls.

Lots of love,
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