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Cold Winter Night Makeup Look

smoky eye step by step tutorial

Goo day, ladies! Winter is one of the most beautiful times of a year. As I have moved in a place where winter doesn't exist I started to miss cold weather and snow. So I decided to create a beautiful winter makeup look, but I walked away from usual winter colors - silver and blue. I got my inspiration from the colors of winter sky. So here are some steps I followed to create this look:

smoky eye step by step tutorial

1. Prime your eyes with face powder. To create this winter makeup we will need to blend a lot. Put some white eye pencil on the inner corner of the eye, blend with your finger.

2. Put a very light tea green color on the top;

3. On the middle of the eye lid put violet - purple color;

4. After goes the darkest shade - black. Put it on the outer corner of your eye, creating a beautiful wing shape. Line the outer half of the bottom lash line;

5. Next step is blending. Using fluffy blending brush mix the transitions between colors. Line your eyes with black eye pencil and put black eyeshadows on the top, to make the look more smokey. Don't forget about the water line.

6. Use the same tea green color for highlights. Put the inner corner of the bottom lash line put some light purple eye pencil with glitter. Finish with mascara.

That's all for my winter makeup look. I hope you liked :) If you are interested in more makeup tutorials for winter don't be shy leave a comment for me. I will definitely create winter makeups for you. Thanks to be with me girls. I'll talk to you soon, bye bye!

Lots of love,

New Year's Eve Step By Step Makeup Tutorial

christmas makeup tutorial 2014

Hi, dears! To tell the truth I spent so much time creating a makeup look for New Year. I did more than three different makeup tutorials for you, girls, but none of them was good enough for New Year's Eve. I decided to take a look on google and discovered that a New 2014 Year will be a year of blue or green horse. So a new idea for a makeup tutorial easily arrived in my mind. For these makeup I used very light but so glamorous silver and emerald shades. I hope you will like this tutorial and maybe someone from you will even use my idea for New Year's Eve.

BB Cream by Beauty Angel | Review & Swatches

korean cosmetics review

Hi, cuties! I never tried Korean cosmetics before, but heard a lot of different information about. Some people liked it and said very good commentaries about it. Other people don't like Korean makeup products. I decided to create my own opinion and some time ago purchased this BB cream by Beauty Angel. I was using it for some time, so now I'm ready to tell you my honest opinion. 

My Everyday Makeup Step by Step Tutorial

light makeup, easy makeup tutorial everyday makeup tutorial, neutral makeup tutorial, daily makeup, light makeup liz breygel january girl

Good morning, cuties! How is your day going on? Today I'm going to show you how I do my everyday makeup. It is a very easy and beautiful neutral look which you can wear everyday to school or work. Usually I`m choosing a very pale neutral shades for my everyday makeup. To make my daily makeup more dramatic for evening time I just intensify the color of eye shadows.

Rich Color Nail Lacquer by Golden Rose | Review & Swatches

nail polish manicure cute nails Golden Rose nail polish, nail lacquer review swatches liz breygel january girl

Hello, sweeties and happy Monday! Today I have for you a review of Nail Lacquer by Golden Rose. I already owned one beautiful shade from Rich Color line and even put it in my September favorites list. So I decided to don’t wait for too long and buy another lacquer from the same line. Sure, I love bright nails, but my favorite shades are nude, they make the nails look so classy and elegant.

Classic Smoky Eyes Step by Step Makeup Tutorial

classic smoky eyes step by step makeup tutorial Classic smoky eyes makeup tutorial, smokey eyes step by step liz breygel january girl

Hi cuties! I think that smoky eyes is my favorite makeup. Even though it is not a makeup for every day, I was using it all the time in my rebel youth. There are so many different tutorials for smokey makeup on internet but today I decided to share my own variation of classic smoky eyes look. Everything you will need to create this makeup is a simple black eye pencil, black eye shadow, white eyeshadow, neutral matte eye shadows (skin color or grey) and few basic brushes. I like my smoky eyes to be dramatic, but you can play with the intensity and change colors as you wish. Let’s begin! 

Pro Palette 120 Colors # 3 | Review & Swatches

review swatches

Hey, lovelies I know that must be everyone who are in love with makeup and beauty stuff already purchased this pro palette, but I love it so much and want to share my thoughts with you. This palette is a replica of the famous BH 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 3rd Edition, it is totally the same, but costs a little less.I hope someone will find this post useful and interesting.

Gothic Red & Black Eyes | Halloween Makeup Tutorial

red make up, eagle make up, gothic make up

Have you decided what look you are going to do for Halloween party? There are so many variants and good makeup tutorials for Halloween, so it was kind of hard to create something original and fresh. But I tried hard and created this gorgeous Gothic makeup tutorial for you my beauties. Hope someone of you will use my idea for Halloween eve, enjoy!

Isabelle Dupont Nail Polishes | Review & Demo

color me up swatch

Hi, my dear ladies! How did you spend your week? I hope you had a good time. So many things have changed in my life at this week. I moved to Brazil and started to live with my fiance. And today I will finally do a review for these gorgeous nail polishes by Isabelle Dupont. I already used them for some time and now can give you my honest opinion.

Pupa Silk Touch Compact Powder in Gold | Review & Swatches


Hey, beauties. Just a few days ago I was in my closest drugstore and trapped on something super cute and adorable. I couldn't pass through this Pupa powder, it was in amazing golden packaging, and that's why we love our products, isn't it? I already owned baked powder by Pupa, and I love it so I decided to try a regular one, especially that it was not expensive, around $12.

Porcelain Doll Lips | Ombré Lips Step By Step Makeup Tutorial

Doll lips tutorial step by step tutorial blogger

Good morning, girls. How are things? I saw so many beautiful pictures of baby doll's lips on Pinterest and other sites. This trend is a beauty tip by our Chinese and Japanese beauties. I couldn't hold myself to try recreate this beautiful ombré lips. Ombré effect makes them look so cute and neat, like a real doll`s lips. I hope you will like my tutorial.

Drugstore Haul: Isabelle Dupont, Syoss, Nivea

drugstore beauty haul, shopping Drugstore Haul, beauty haul, drugstore products liz breygel january girl

Hey, beauties! Few days ago I went to the closest drugstore to buy some goodies for my hair. But the temptation to buy more things was too strong (it is so hard to be a girl). So, as a result, today I’m going to do my first drugstore haul. For some of these products I will do a detailed review, so don't miss them if you are interested. Let's begin.

Makeup Tutorial For Brown Eyes | Deep Swamp

Makeup tutorial for brown eyes, green makeup tutorial, brown makeup tutorial liz breygel january girl

Hi, my dear ladies. Today I want to show you my first variant of a makeup for brown eyes. I was asked by beautiful Liz Outh to create a tutorial and I got very excited about this idea. Both makeups I did using pencil technique. So, dear brown eyes owners, I hope you will find these tutorials useful and will definitely try them someday.

Little Beauty Haul | Oriflame

oriflame eyeliner swatch, fat lash mascara, oriflame lipstick swatches

Good morning, how are you today? I hope you are well girls. Today I have another Oriflame haul for you all. There are some nice products and some disappointing, as well. But, anyway, I think it will be interesting to know about these products and I was very excited to tell you about them.

Pastel Candy Step By Step Makeup Tutorial

Pastel makeup, mint makeup, pastel goth makeup liz breygel january girl

Good day, dear ladies. I know that pastel-goth style is very popular nowadays. So I decided to try to create my own pastel makeup. I hope someone will find it interesting and will use my idea to complete their pastel look. You can use any other pastel colors that you like, the only condition is that colors should be very pale and delicate.

Faberlic Young Face Care: Toner & Cream Review

Faberlic Young Delicate Face Tonic, Faberlic Young Moisturazing Face Cream

Good day, my lovelies! How are your autumn days going? Last weekend I finally finished a bottle of my old face toner and moisturizer, which I was using regularly. But this time I've decided to try something new. The Faberlic Young Face Care serie includes three skin care products for three steps - cleanser, toner and face cream. As I still have my favorite facial cleanser by Garnier, I bought just two last steps - toner and cream. Both products come in very beautiful bottles and deep violet color. They contain mineral complex, that gently restores and nourishes the skin. 

Warm Autumn Makeup | Step By Step Tutorial

fall autumn makeup tutorial

Hello, my lovelies. As the time is passing and weather in here turns colder and romantic, I decided to create for you a very beautiful autumn makeup, using warm colors. I got this inspiration from color variations of autumn palette - cold yellow, orange, coral, and honey-brown colors. You can vary the shades and change undertones as you wish.

Oriflame Very Me Beauty Haul | Review & Swatches

lip gloss lipstick blush by oriflame review

Hello, my Beautiful! I already tried products by Oriflame, so today I will tell you about their Very Me line, for younger girls. I never tried Very me before, so I just chose products in cute packaging. I bought two lip glosses 'Heartbreaker', neon lipstick and gorgeous pink blush. Everything comes in very cute tubes and attractive pink colors.

Garnier Pure Cleanser 3 in 1 + Face Brush by Ebelin

Ebelin Massage facial brush review garnier pure cleanse 3 in 1 review pictures

Good morning, dears! Today I will do a review on another Garnier cleanser. I've tried Pure Active Oil Control by Garnier before and even did a review on this cleanser. As I was very satisfied with the result, I decided to test the pure cleanser also. One more thing, which attracted me in this cleanser are ingredients. I think natural clay, salicylic acid and zinc are really good to control skin oil, heal the irritations, and make the skin fresh and clean.

Alverde Naturkosmetik | Review

fluid toner review dm alverde cosmetics

Hello, lovelies! My sister lives in Germany but on her last vacation she came to me and brought me some cosmetics and skin care products from there. Today I want to tell you about bad skin treatment toner and fluid by Alverde Naturkosmetik. Both products have a natural clay, so it is better to shake them well before the usage.

Winged Eyeliner Styles

liquid black eyeliner styles alternatives variations

Hi, lovelies! I just wanted to do a small post and show you my favorite styles of eyeliner. Sure, most of them I don`t use everyday, just showing you how the style of eyeliner can change the shape of your eyes. And which one is your favorite eyeliner style?

Lots of love,

Three Grunge Makeup Looks: Brown Smokey, Under Eye Accent & Avril Lavigne's Smile Tutorial

a close up of brown grunge smokey eye makeup

I draw a lot of my makeup inspiration from various corners of the Internet, fashion iconic and music videos. Particularly, I'm inspired by one of the most iconic fashion movements - grunge. All of those soiled smokey eye looks, messy hair and suburban apparel bring up the best memories in my mind. In this post, I would like to share with you my love and excitement for grungy makeup looks and create three pretty simple, yet so appealing smokey eye tutorial. One is a classic brown smokey eye look, second has a dramatic under eye accent and the third was inspired by Avril Lavigne's music video Smile.

My Favorite Mascaras | Maybelline Volum` Express & Max Factor

top best black mascaras for long volume lashes blogger review

Lovelies, I have a very bad lashes. They are not dense or voluminous and they are totally straight. So it is kind of hard for me to choose the right mascara - even a very good one will give a poor impression on my short lashes. But I have discovered a few decent mascaras, which work very well with my lashes, or at least, I think they do.

Fighting Blackheads With Garnier Pure Active Oil Control | Review

how to fight blackheads face wash by garnier review resenha

I can't say that my current skin condition is bad, it is proper. I never had acne on my face and my skin is not oily. My biggest skin problems are black heads. It's really hard to remove them, even pore strips do not help much. This Garnier facial cleanser is a savior for me. It removed almost all black heads from my nose and chin after the first wash. I think, if I use it regularly, results will be awesome. Pure Active contains salicylic acid, which is perfect to clean off extra oil from the pores.

How To Substitute Brow Gel? | Alternative Products

Substitute Brow Gel  alternatives for eyebrow gel brows

Have you run out of your favorite eyebrow gel and had forgotten to buy a new one? No need to panic, there are lots of cheap alternative products that you can use instead of a regular eyebrow gel to set your stubborn eyebrow hairs. These products will work just as good as a regular eyebrow gel, or even better in some cases, and everyone has these products at home.

Organic Shop Cream & Body Mousse | Review

organic shop cosmeticsbody cream body mousse vanilla lichee

Hi, everyone! I want to share something delicious with you today lovelies. I heard many good things about Organic Shop, so I decided to try some things from this company. Hope you'll find it useful. So the most important things about Organic Shop is that they make natural cosmetic products without GMO. You will not find parabens, silicones, or SLS in these products also. Each month company donates 5 % of their profit for different organizations and projects (they buy food for abandoned babies, save forests). To tell the truth I would buy these products just because of this. You can find out more about Organic Shop on their official website here.

Step By Step Ombré Nails Tutorial | Strawberry & Blueberry Sherbet

pink nail polish
purple nail polish

Hi, ladies, it was very hard to create them and took much time and practice, but the result worth this labor:) Ombre nails look so amazing and accurate. This nails will complete any look you will choose.

You`ll need :

DIY ombre nails tutorial manicure step by step nail liz breygel january girl

1. Two or three nail polishes of similar colour 
(from light to dark);

2. Toothpicks or needles;

3. Plastic bag;

4. Cotton buds;

5. Clear nail polish;

6. Sponge Bob :)

Firstly cover your nails with basic nail polish and let it dry, then put shades of nail polishes on a bag and mix the colors to create an ombre transition. Dip the corner of  a sponge in polishes and press it carefully on your nail plate. Press it few times until it will cover up everything . If something will not work you can repeat it once again. After cover your nails with clear polish and clean the mess of your skin. And you`re done, enjoy the results:)

pink ombre manicure

Lots of love,