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Good morning, dears! Today I will do a review on another Garnier cleanser. I've tried Pure Active Oil Control by Garnier before and even did a review on this cleansing gel. As I was very satisfied with the result, I decided to test the pure cleanser also. One more thing, which attracted me to this cleanser is the ingredients. I think natural clay, salicylic acid, and zinc are really good for controlling skin oil, healing the irritations, and making the skin fresh and clean.

Garnier Pure Cleanser 3 in 1 review

  • Packaging and texture

Pure 3-in-1 comes in a standard cleanser tube with a comfortable firm cover and pretty design. The texture of the products reminds me of toothpaste with blue exfoliating grains. I think the texture would be kind of hard for people with sensitive skin, but I liked how it worked with my skin. Since you can use Skin Naturals Cleanser as a mask, it dries out on the skin very fast and absorbs extra oil from the skin, making your skin matte. 

ebelin brush for face skin

Final Verdict...

I don`t have acne-prone skin and don't suffer from extra oiliness, but I think this cleanser is very good for preventing such problems and simply making your skin clean and fresh. The only defect I found in the Pure 3 in 1 cleanser is its smell. I do not adore the smell of cucumber, and this definitely smells like cucumber to me. It is not bad at all, just not my favorite.

I'm using this cleanser just as a scrub with my facial massage brush by Ebelin. I like that this brush comes with a transparent firm cover, which protects bristles from dirt. The brush is not too soft, but it cleans my skin from blackheads and makes it feel smooth and exfoliated.

Girls, please tell me your opinion about Skin Naturals Pure Cleanser, if you tried. Did you like it? I heard it dries the skin, but I don`t feel any dryness. Are you? Thanks for being with me. See you later!

Lots of love,