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How To Substitute Brow Gel? | Alternative Products

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Did you run out of your favorite eyebrow gel and forgotten to buy a new one? No need to panic, there are lots of cheap alternative products that you can use instead of a regular eyebrow gel to set your stubborn eyebrow hairs. These products will work just as good as a regular eyebrow gel or even better in some cases and everyone has these products at home.

• Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline also known as petroleum jelly is probably the most famous product in a beauty industry, it has been used for more than a century as the most effective means used in a beauty industry, we are using it on our skin to make it smooth and nourished, on our hair to help the growth and regeneration and even as a teeth whitening remedy. Use a small quantity of a vaseline and a spooly to apply it on your eyebrows, it will set the hairs and will soften them.

• Stationery Glue (PVA)

A non toxic stationery glue or PVA is widely used by a professional makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts as an eyebrow gel alternative, they also use it to cover up natural eyebrow hairs. Try using a glue stick to set your eyebrows, comb through your hairs and let it fully dry. To remove the glue use a micellar water or a makeup remover, if you feel a mild discomfort while removing PVA glue of your eye brows rinse them with warm water and the glue will easily go off the hairs.

• Hair Spray, Gel or Mousse

There is no better product to hold on the naughty hairs on their place than an actual hair products, of course it is a little bit more trickier to use than a regular brow gel, but easy as well. Spray a hair spray or pump mousse on the back of your hand and use a clean mascara wand or spooly to apply it on your eyebrows. You are going to need just a small amount of the product to tame your brows, otherwise the product could flake or leave the hair feeling brittle, sticky, or crunchy. You can use a makeup setting spray in the same way to set your eye brows at place.

• Clear Lip Gloss

Just a very small amount of a clear lip gloss will be enough to substitute an eyebrow gel. Try to use a creamy and non - sticky lip gloss for your eyebrows, scoop out a little amount of the product and use a spooly to brush it through your brows in the direction of growth.

• Clear Mascara or Eye Lash Serum

A clear eye lash mascara or an eye lash serum are basically the same thing as an eyebrow gel, you don`t need to spend money on the expensive products to have a famous `eyebrows on fleek`. Another con of a clear mascara as an eyebrow gel alternative is the a special wand - applicator that goes together with a packaging.

• Nourishing Facial Cream or Facial Primer

The nourishing cream or facial primer are the least effective products in my list, but they will work as well, try using them the same way as a vaseline. 

All of these products are cheap and safe, they were tested by me and you can used instead of an eyebrow gel without doubt, but stop using these products right away if you have allergic reactions, irritation or any discomfort. Don`t forget to check out my step by step eyebrow tutorial and learn how to get an `eyebrows on fleek` in a few easy steps.

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