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More Zaful Swimsuits | Review

Hi lovely ladies!The summer season is ending, but we still plenty of hot days ahead, that`s why midsummer is a perfect time for some new changes. Few days ago I have received two more gorgeous bikinis in my mail, perfect timing! So I thought I would share my thought on this amazing swimsuit by one of my favorite online fashion store Zaful. You probably have heard about this store plenty of times and know that Zaful is a perfect place to find the hottest swimsuit at affordable price and high quality.

Midsummer Fashion Wishlist | Yoins

It has been such a long time since my last fashion wishlist! On my opinion midsummer is a perfect moment for some mild wardrobe changes, especially because last half of the summer is usually colder and the nights are getting longer. Midsummer is also a time to reconsider latest fashion trends and change all those annoying accessories and unsuitable prints, that were inflicted by sloppy designers.

Berrisom 'Oops!' Cheek Cushion | Review & Swatches

korean cosmetics makeup berrisom liz breygel blogger review swacthes
korean cosmetics makeup berrisom liz breygel blogger review swacthes
korean cosmetics makeup berrisom liz breygel blogger review swacthes
korean cosmetics makeup berrisom liz breygel blogger review swacthes

Hi everyone, it is time for a new review on my blog! Today I`m talking about 'Oops!' Tint Cheek Cushion* in beautiful summer shade '02 Cream Peach'. This is my second product by famous Korean makeup brand Berrisom and it was kindly sent to me by YesStyle store. I`ll be honest with you, I`m not a big fan of blushes, maybe it is because I have a very pale skin, so any blush looks too bright on it, but I love a hint of color on the cheeks.

First of all I want to say few words about the packaging. The design of the packaging is amazing, I love that pop art inspired polka dots and the color combo brand used for this blusher. Berrisom Cheek Cushion comes in a squeezable tube with a built in sponge applicator - a soft cushion for an extra smooth and pleasant application of the product. Maybe for some of you this sponge won`t be very comfortable, but I think it is super handy when you are on the go. 

The formula of 'Oops!' blush is very creamy and lightweight, it is easy to squeeze the product out of the tube and blend on the skin. This Berrisom Blush is available in two cute shades: 01 Sugar Peach - a soft baby pink color, very natural and almost transparent and the color I have 02 Cream Peach - a beautiful orange color, it is more intense than Sugar Peach but looks very natural as well. It is super easy to work with both of these colors, apply it directly on foundation and blend with a help of your fingers for a very fresh and natural finish. Thought, try to work fast, because once applied on the skin 'Ooop!' stains the skin.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the long lasting formula and very beautiful versatile shade of Berrisom 'Oops!' Cheek Cushion. It has a very sweet fruity scent and the color is simply divine, I think it will look beautiful on every complexion. The only thing I don`t really like about this blush is the sponge. Unfortunately, the most characteristic feature of this product, it`s soft cushion gets dirty very fast and I don`t think it is very hygienic to use it again without cleaning. That`s all for today guys, please don`t forget to check out my YesStyle Korean Beauty Box unboxing to find out what products are waiting for you under the cover. Thanks for reading my post, I`ll talk to you again very soon!

Lots of love,
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What Will Fashion Look Like In The Future ?

#designingforfuture designingforfuture blogger liz breygel contest
Photo by 俊逸 余
History repeats itself, so does fashion trends, they come and go and return to our wardrobes again. It is an eternal fashion cycle and every trend comes back into style eventually. Each time an old fashion design reappears in fashion, it brings a brand new ideas and fresh concepts. According this point of view, future fashion may repeat the hottest trends of early 2000`s, so don`t hurry to throw out your beloved hipster glasses and skinny jeans, you may want to wear them once again in the nearest future.

Ruby Makeup Tutorial | July Birthstone

makeup for dark brown amber black eyes liz breygel makeup tutorial

Hi everyone, July is the seventh month of the year and a time for a new step by step makeup tutorial, inspired by Ruby - birthstone of July. Rubies stones are considered the king of gems and represent love, health and wisdom. The rich ruby color looks especially beautiful on dark brown, black and green eyes. Inspired by raw ruby gemstones, I've created a mysterious, sultry and wearable Ruby Makeup Tutorial and you can recreate this beautiful makeup look without any difficulties following these easy steps.