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Life By Esprit Summer Edition Perfume | Review

beauty blogger lifestyle summer liz breygel fragrance perfume review

beauty blogger lifestyle summer liz breygel fragrance perfume review
beauty blogger lifestyle summer liz breygel fragrance perfume review

Hi guys! Today I`m going to talk about my favorite summer scent `Life`, created by perfumers Nicolas Beaulieu and Veronique Nyberg for a well-known fashion brand Esprit. This fragrance is a relaunch of a famous`Life` perfume duo developed in 2003, the composition and perfumers are the same, but designers decided to change the packaging and gave it a fresh appeal. 

A brand new flacon features beautiful violet flower and designed with red, orange and white marine stripes.A lightweight sweet aroma opens with fruity notes of grapefruit, tangerine and black currant. Fruit notes are followed by gently scent of bergamot, freesia and violet flowers. The heart of `Life` composition is made of peach fragrance and the very last accents of Esprit perfume are sandalwood and patchouli. Even though `Life` By Esprit is woody and musky fragrance I think it perfectly resembles an active life of modern lady. 

`Life` By Esprit Summer Edition Perfume is available in two different versions For Her and For Him. Fragrance for men was developed by perfumer Jean-Christophe Herault and this fragrance is composed of passion fruit, apple and kumquat, followed by aroma of sage and nutmeg. The fragrance is closed with amber and musk notes. The women`s version is available in 15 ml (0,5 oz) size, while men`s version is available in 30 ml flacon. 

To sum up I think that `Life` By Esprit Summer Edition Perfume is perfect summer fragrance for young woman. Maybe for someone `Life` may be too sweet and woody, but it is my favorite fragrance at the moment. This perfume stays on for 5 - 7 hours, but you can easily refresh the scent during the day, thanks to tiny size of the flacon. The fragrance is very warm and sunny, it reminds me of an isolated tropical island somewhere in the Pacific ocean. If you need a bright, optimistic aroma to accentuate your femininity you definitely need to try this fragrance, especially for bargain price - no more than $10. And what is your favorite summer fragrance?

Lots of love,
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