Ив Роше продукция отзывы

Hi, ladies! I've read a lot of good review and heard many nice opinions about Yves Rocher products. But, unfortunately, everything I tried before I never liked. So, today, I want to do a little review for these two products, that I really liked and enjoyed using.

Ив Роше отзывы

Mattifying Toner Sebo Specific

5.0 fl.oz. Bottle / 150 ml

I'm using this toner as a makeup remover. It could be used as an everyday toner to refresh your skin in the morning or to clean it after a long day. Consistency is watery, very light. It doesn't dry the skin and perfectly remove make up and clean pores. The only thing I don't like about these products is the smell. It smells like a cucumber, not bad, just not my preference. It will work good on combined or oily skin (has alcohol inside).

Ив Роше отзывы

Thé Vert Eau de Cologne (Green Tea)
125 ml

The second product is a fragrance The Vert, which is more like a refreshing body spray. It has a smell of green tea and citrus, it is so fresh and breezy. This fragrance is uni sexual, so it will be good for men and women. Lemon aromas are perfect for summer time to use them during the day. I can't say that smell stays long on the skin and clothes for a long time. But the fragrance is very light, so it will not bother you but will smell very natural on the skin.

The Vert aroma is very similar to famous Green Tea Scent by Elizabeth Arden, but the second one is more expensive and more strong.

Lots of love,