a close up picture of dark, gothic eye makeup look

Hello, everyone, how are you doing? Today I want to show you how to create a beautiful and dramatic makeup look. The more sparkles and glitter you will add, the more attractive your eyes will be.

All you will need is just your favorite drugstore or any other products :

1. Black, white and gray eyeshadows with subtle shimmer, and black liquid eyeliner;

2. Black and white eyeliner;

3. Brow gel or some alternative variants, and brow pencil or eyeshadows;

4. Black mascara and a pair of false lashes (this is optional).

gothic dark smokey eyes Halloween makeup look ideas witch vampire goth

1. Prime your eyelids and start to fill your lids with black pencil - inner, outer corners, and crease, leaving the middle untouched. It will be a base for our shadows;

2. Set pencil with black eyeshadows and start to blend it out;

3. Put a white eyeliner in the middle of your lid;

4. Set the white pencil with white shadows and blend it with the black one, highlight your brow bone;

5. Line your eyes with liquid eyeliner and wing the line out. Do the same on the lower lid, creating a double liner. Fill the spaces between lines with the white pencil;

6. Curl your lashes, put on mascara, and line your waterline with a black pencil. Set and fill in your brows. You`re done :)

gothic dark smokey eyes Halloween makeup look ideas witch vampire goth

If your eyeshadows spoil your eyeliner, you can easily put a second layer over the spoiled one. And if, for example, your finished look is not dramatic enough, you can put more eye shadows and blend them out again, until it will look perfect! Hope you liked this look. Stay with my blog for more tutorials and beauty reviews in the future!

Lots of love,