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3 Grunge Makeup Looks

I get inspired of all those beautiful pictures on internet of stylish grunge hair styles, make ups and suburban apparel. And I got excited to create few make up looks. It is just a different variations of smoky eyes, so it`s kind easy to create these looks. I love such smoky look, because they shouldn't be perfectly made. It`s nice when smokey eyes look kind messy and dirty. I hope it will be useful for you!

make up tutorial pastel grunge smoky step by step

#1. Dark chocolate

 So the first look is a traditional smokey eyes with brown chocolate shade.

smokey eyes, grunge, black, brown smokey grunge gothic pastel

1. Start with your primer, put it all over your lids and blend it with fingers. Then line your eyes with black pencil. 

2. Go over your line with black eyes shadows. Bring your line more further out.

3. Fill your eye lids with the same black eye shadow.

4. Put a chocolate brown eyeshadows on your crease and blend it out. Transition between colors 

should be well blended. High light your brow bone with white shadows.

5. Finish with mascara and line your upper and lower water line.

#2. Purple wing

This is grunge make up with accent on the lower lid. 

purple,smokey, bottom lid trend makeup

1. Underline your eyes and create a little wing.

2. Blend the pencil with the brush

3. Put purple eyeshadows and perfectly blend it with black

4. Apply white eye pencil on the inner corner of your eye

5. Blend it together with a white eye shadow

6. Line your water line with white pencil and add mascara

You can add more eyeshadows to make your eyes look more dramatic. I also lined my upper water line with black pencil

#3. Avril Lavigne Smile

three grunge makeup looks

Everyone remembers that messy rebel make up, which Avril has in her video. It looks very grungy and dramatic, but it also easy to create.

grunge smoky eyes tutorial

1. Draw a thick line with black pencil and create a wing.

2. Put lemon green shimmering eyeshadow on a center of your lid.

3. Start to blend pencil with the brush, it should be king messy and blurry.

4. Line your upper and lower waterline and put black mascara.

Lots of love,
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My Favorite Mascaras | Maybelline Volum` Express & Max Factor

I have a very bad lashes. They are not dense and totally straight. So it is kind hard for me to choose mascara - even a very good one will look poor on my lashes. But I have discovered few nice mascaras, which work very good with my lashes.

top best black mascaras for long volume lashes blogger review

The most interesting thing about this mascara is that mascara is waterproof and washable at the same time. So it doesn't get messy and doesn't melt during the day. Mascara  was ophthalmologically tested, so it is suitable for sensitive eyes and to wear with contact lenses.

top best black mascaras for long volume lashes blogger review

I really like the brush, it is very comfortable in usage, has a middle size and gives a beautiful curve. Maybelline Turbo Boost is well pigmented, doesn't smell bad. It stays on lashes all day long and doesn't fall off. For this price is a perfect choice. I strongly recommend you to try it!

top best black mascaras for long volume lashes blogger review

The brush is perfect for separation of lashes. It also makes them look longer, but it will not make them look more full or curly. This mascara is good to use as the first layer of the dramatic make up. You can put few layers of different mascara on this and create an effect of false lashes.

top best black mascaras for long volume lashes blogger review
top best black mascaras for long volume lashes blogger review

I think this mascara s my favorite. The only strange thing about this mascara is the smell. It s really strange, but, sure, it doesn't effect the results. The brush is very fluffy. I bet on good lashes this mascara will look absolutely wonderful and will give an awesome volume. I recommend you to try out Maybelline Colossal Mascara.

top best black mascaras for long volume lashes blogger review
top best black mascaras for long volume lashes blogger review

Lots of love,
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Fighting Blackheads With Garnier Pure Active Oil Control | Review

how to fight blackheads face wash by garnier review resenha
how to fight blackheads face wash by garnier review resenha

I can`t say that my skin is condition is bad. I never had acne on my face and my skin is not oily. My biggest skin problems are black heads. It`s really hard to remove them, even pore strips do not help much. This Garnier facial cleanser is a savior for me. It removed almost all black heads from my nose and chin after the first wash. I think, if I use it regularly, results will be awesome. Pure Active contains salicylic acid, which is perfect to clean off extra oil from the pores.

So there are 150 ml of the product in the bottle. Cover has few little holes to keep the brush dry, it is very hygienically. The brush is rubber and it is very soft, and at the same time, it cleans face very good. Skin after the wash doesn't get dry. The only thing I don`t like about this Garnier Cleanser is cucumber smell. But I really like it fights with my blackheads and recommend Garnier Pure Active it for everyone, who fights against those annoying blackheads on the face. By the way, I have few useful DIY homemade recipes, that will help you to improve you skin condition, check them out here.

Lots of love,
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How To Substitute Brow Gel? | Alternative Products

breygel blogger beauty angel Substitute Brow Gel  alternatives for eyebrow gel brows

Did you run out of your favorite eyebrow gel and forgotten to buy a new one? No need to panic, there are lots of cheap alternative products that you can use instead of a regular eyebrow gel to set your stubborn eyebrow hairs. These products will work just as good as a regular eyebrow gel or even better in some cases and everyone has these products at home.

• Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline also known as petroleum jelly is probably the most famous product in a beauty industry, it has been used for more than a century as the most effective means used in a beauty industry, we are using it on our skin to make it smooth and nourished, on our hair to help the growth and regeneration and even as a teeth whitening remedy. Use a small quantity of a vaseline and a spooly to apply it on your eyebrows, it will set the hairs and will soften them.

• Stationery Glue (PVA)

A non toxic stationery glue or PVA is widely used by a professional makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts as an eyebrow gel alternative, they also use it to cover up natural eyebrow hairs. Try using a glue stick to set your eyebrows, comb through your hairs and let it fully dry. To remove the glue use a micellar water or a makeup remover, if you feel a mild discomfort while removing PVA glue of your eye brows rinse them with warm water and the glue will easily go off the hairs.

• Hair Spray, Gel or Mousse

There is no better product to hold on the naughty hairs on their place than an actual hair products, of course it is a little bit more trickier to use than a regular brow gel, but easy as well. Spray a hair spray or pump mousse on the back of your hand and use a clean mascara wand or spooly to apply it on your eyebrows. You are going to need just a small amount of the product to tame your brows, otherwise the product could flake or leave the hair feeling brittle, sticky, or crunchy. You can use a makeup setting spray in the same way to set your eye brows at place.

• Clear Lip Gloss

Just a very small amount of a clear lip gloss will be enough to substitute an eyebrow gel. Try to use a creamy and non - sticky lip gloss for your eyebrows, scoop out a little amount of the product and use a spooly to brush it through your brows in the direction of growth.

• Clear Mascara or Eye Lash Serum

A clear eye lash mascara or an eye lash serum are basically the same thing as an eyebrow gel, you don`t need to spend money on the expensive products to have a famous `eyebrows on fleek`. Another con of a clear mascara as an eyebrow gel alternative is the a special wand - applicator that goes together with a packaging.

• Nourishing Facial Cream or Facial Primer

The nourishing cream or facial primer are the least effective products in my list, but they will work as well, try using them the same way as a vaseline. 

All of these products are cheap and safe, they were tested by me and you can used instead of an eyebrow gel without doubt, but stop using these products right away if you have allergic reactions, irritation or any discomfort. Don`t forget to check out my step by step eyebrow tutorial and learn how to get an `eyebrows on fleek` in a few easy steps.

Lots of love,
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Organic Shop Cream & Body Mousse | Review & Impressions

organic shop cosmeticsbody cream body mousse vanilla lichee
organic shop cosmeticsbody cream body mousse vanilla lichee
organic shop cosmeticsbody cream body mousse vanilla lichee

Hi everyone! I want to share something delicious with you today lovelies. I heard many good things about Organic Shop, so I decided to try some things from this company. Hope you'll find it useful. So the most important things about Organic Shop is that they make natural cosmetic products without GMO. You will not find parabens, silicones or SLS in these products also. Each month company donates 5 % of their profit for different organizations and projects (they buy food for abandoned babies, save forests). To tell the truth I would buy these products just because of this. You can find out more about Organic Shop on their oficial website here.

Organic Vanilla & Orchid Body Mousse

I don`t really think this smells like vanilla, but it smells really really good. It doesn't have a smell of synthetic flavor. It really smells like something natural. Body mousse absorbs very fast and leaves a very light aroma on the skin. Consistence is kind liquid and light.

Organic Lichee & Oils Body Cream

It consists of five different organic oils : tiare, avocado, cacao, lemon and geranium oils. Body cream smells also very nice, it has sweet fragrance. The consistence is very thick, so it is nice for people, with dry skin. But it also absorbs nice and moisturizes skin good. I like that the fragrance stays on skin for a long time.

I would definitely recommend you to try something from Organic Shop and make your contribution in saving our planet. You should also buy something delicious to pamper your skin.

Lots of love,

L'oreal Alliance Perfect Foundation & L'oreal Perfect Match Powder | Review & Swatches

L`oreal foundation powder swatches blogger

Hi ladies, I want to share my L`oreal makeup experience with you today. I've read many bad reviews and comments about these products and I think they don`t deserve this. I wanted to share my opinion about powder and foundation, hope you will like.

N4 - beige
SPF - 17
Made in France

I`m totally in love with this foundation. It is not oily and doesn't dry your skin. After application it soaks in your skin immediately. Layers transition are invisible. Foundation is well pigmented, it has a good structure and mattiffy the skin. L'oreal foundation doesn't look cakey and doesn't block facial pores.

foundation review and swatch

foundation swatch

9 ml
D5 - golden sand
Made in Italy

I like it very much also. It has a very light and creamy structure. Makes skin matte and stays on the your skin all day long, doesn't fall off and doesn't crease. The only weak point is the same as in other powders - very very bad sponge. It is impossible to use it. So the best variant is to apply it with powder brush. After regular usage skin become very smooth and soft.

Both product don`t have a strong smell, I don`t like when products smell stays on the skin. I would absolutely recommend to try this products. I bet everyone will enjoy the quality and price.

powder review liz breygel janaury girl

Lots of love,
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Homemade Recipes For Flawless Skin

There are lots of cheap and useful recipes for skin that you can do at home. It is easy to prepare them and everyone can find ingredients at home. I want to share some recipes which I learned from my mom and granny:) Hope it will be also useful for you.

Strawberry mask for oily skin

Everything you will need is fresh strawberry from supermarket. You just need to squeeze it and put it on your face for 10-15 mins. Make sure that you don`t have allergy. Natural strawberry juice will reduce oil and clean dirty pores.

Homemade Recipes For Flawless Skin  skin care routine at home, facial masks DIY liz breygel january girl

Chamomile ice

To reduce redness and calm down irritations and acne you can clean your face with chamomile ice. You can buy flowers of chamomile in the pharmacy. Firstly you need to mix boiled water with flowers and let this tea for 15-20 minutes. After just put it in ice cube mold and let it in the fridge. You can use it each morning, chamomile is hypoallergenic.

Homemade Recipes For Flawless Skin  skin care routine at home, facial masks DIY liz breygel january girl

Refreshing cucumber mask

This mask is good for all types of skin. It will take off extra oil and make skin more fresh. It also has whitening effect, can reduce freckles and tan. Everything you will need is to clean your face with a slice of fresh cucumber. If you skin is dry you can add some olive oil or sour cream in squeezed cucumbers and put this mask for 10-15 mins. It is better to wash it after with cool water.

Homemade Recipes For Flawless Skin  skin care routine at home, facial masks DIY liz breygel january girl

Gentle scrub for your lips

To make your lips soft and remove old skin use a sugar peeling. You will need to mix Vaseline (petroleum gel) and white sugar and rub it on your lips. After moisturize your lips with your favorite lip balm.
Homemade Recipes For Flawless Skin  skin care routine at home, facial masks DIY liz breygel january girl

Tea against dark circles

Strong tea will reduce dark circles under your eyes. You need to do a really strong black tea. Soak cotton pads in tea and put it for some time on your eyes. Would be better if you will use cold tea, it will also reduce redness from your eyes.

Homemade Recipes For Flawless Skin  skin care routine at home, facial masks DIY liz breygel january girl

All of this recipes I tried on my own skin and can say for sure that they helped me very much! I hope they will help your skin to look amazing too! Check out my previous post to learn more DIY natural skin care remedies, that you can prepare at home right away.

Lots of love,
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Step By Step Ombré Nails Tutorial | Strawberry & Blueberry Sherbet

pink nail polish
purple nail polish

Hi, ladies, it was very hard to create them and took much time and practice, but the result worth this labor:) Ombre nails look so amazing and accurate. This nails will complete any look you will choose.

You`ll need :

DIY ombre nails tutorial manicure step by step nail liz breygel january girl

1. Two or three nail polishes of similar colour 
(from light to dark);

2. Toothpicks or needles;

3. Plastic bag;

4. Cotton buds;

5. Clear nail polish;

6. Sponge Bob :)

Firstly cover your nails with basic nail polish and let it dry, then put shades of nail polishes on a bag and mix the colors to create an ombre transition. Dip the corner of  a sponge in polishes and press it carefully on your nail plate. Press it few times until it will cover up everything . If something will not work you can repeat it once again. After cover your nails with clear polish and clean the mess of your skin. And you`re done, enjoy the results:)

pink ombre manicure

Lots of love,

Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss | Review & Swatches

Essence makeup lipstick lip gloss beauty review
Essence makeup lipstick lip gloss beauty review
Essence makeup lipstick lip gloss beauty review

Hi my lovelies, how are you? I have an amazing little review for you! Today I`m going to talk about one of my favorite affordable lip glosses of all the time. Meet and greet three lovely gems by Essence:
All three lip glosses are perfect for the price. They are not sticky and don't dry out the gentle lips` skin. Essence XXXL Shine Lip Glosses have a wonderful creamy consistency and moisturizing formula. I can`t say that I`m a big fan of a shimmering textures, but these babes shine like a diamonds on the lips, providing a gorgeous reflecting effect, especially on a sunny day. Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss lasts for a few hours on the lips and has a very sweet, but mild scent. These lip glosses currently retail for $ 2,63 and you can check out the range of the Essence product on the official website here. Thanks for reading my post, don`t forget to check out my recent review Essence XXXL Lip Glosses | Review & Swatches

Lots of love,
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