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Three Grunge Makeup Looks: Brown Smokey, Under Eye Accent & Avril Lavigne's Smile Tutorial

a close up of brown grunge smokey eye makeup

I draw a lot of my makeup inspiration from various corners of the Internet, fashion iconic and music videos. Particularly, I'm inspired by one of the most iconic fashion movements - grunge. All of those soiled smokey eye looks, messy hair and suburban apparel bring up the best memories in my mind. In this post, I would like to share with you my love and excitement for grungy makeup looks and create three pretty simple, yet so appealing smokey eye tutorial. One is a classic brown smokey eye look, second has a dramatic under eye accent and the third was inspired by Avril Lavigne's music video Smile.

My Favorite Mascaras | Maybelline Volum` Express & Max Factor

top best black mascaras for long volume lashes blogger review

Lovelies, I have a very bad lashes. They are not dense or voluminous and they are totally straight. So it is kind of hard for me to choose the right mascara - even a very good one will give a poor impression on my short lashes. But I have discovered a few decent mascaras, which work very well with my lashes, or at least, I think they do.

Fighting Blackheads With Garnier Pure Active Oil Control | Review

how to fight blackheads face wash by garnier review resenha

I can't say that my current skin condition is bad, it is proper. I never had acne on my face and my skin is not oily. My biggest skin problems are black heads. It's really hard to remove them, even pore strips do not help much. This Garnier facial cleanser is a savior for me. It removed almost all black heads from my nose and chin after the first wash. I think, if I use it regularly, results will be awesome. Pure Active contains salicylic acid, which is perfect to clean off extra oil from the pores.

How To Substitute Brow Gel? | Alternative Products

Substitute Brow Gel  alternatives for eyebrow gel brows

Have you run out of your favorite eyebrow gel and had forgotten to buy a new one? No need to panic, there are lots of cheap alternative products that you can use instead of a regular eyebrow gel to set your stubborn eyebrow hairs. These products will work just as good as a regular eyebrow gel, or even better in some cases, and everyone has these products at home.

Organic Shop Cream & Body Mousse | Review

organic shop cosmeticsbody cream body mousse vanilla lichee

Hi, everyone! I want to share something delicious with you today lovelies. I heard many good things about Organic Shop, so I decided to try some things from this company. Hope you'll find it useful. So the most important things about Organic Shop is that they make natural cosmetic products without GMO. You will not find parabens, silicones, or SLS in these products also. Each month company donates 5 % of their profit for different organizations and projects (they buy food for abandoned babies, save forests). To tell the truth I would buy these products just because of this. You can find out more about Organic Shop on their official website here.

Step By Step Ombré Nails Tutorial | Strawberry & Blueberry Sherbet

pink nail polish
purple nail polish

Hi, ladies, it was very hard to create them and took much time and practice, but the result worth this labor:) Ombre nails look so amazing and accurate. This nails will complete any look you will choose.

You`ll need :

DIY ombre nails tutorial manicure step by step nail liz breygel january girl

1. Two or three nail polishes of similar colour 
(from light to dark);

2. Toothpicks or needles;

3. Plastic bag;

4. Cotton buds;

5. Clear nail polish;

6. Sponge Bob :)

Firstly cover your nails with basic nail polish and let it dry, then put shades of nail polishes on a bag and mix the colors to create an ombre transition. Dip the corner of  a sponge in polishes and press it carefully on your nail plate. Press it few times until it will cover up everything . If something will not work you can repeat it once again. After cover your nails with clear polish and clean the mess of your skin. And you`re done, enjoy the results:)

pink ombre manicure

Lots of love,

Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss | Review & Swatches

Essence makeup lipstick lip gloss beauty review
Essence makeup lipstick lip gloss beauty review
Essence makeup lipstick lip gloss beauty review

Hi my lovelies, how are you? I have an amazing little review for you! Today I`m going to talk about one of my favorite affordable lip glosses of all the time. Meet and greet three lovely gems by Essence:
All three lip glosses are perfect for the price. They are not sticky and don't dry out the gentle lips` skin. Essence XXXL Shine Lip Glosses have a wonderful creamy consistency and moisturizing formula. I can`t say that I`m a big fan of a shimmering textures, but these babes shine like a diamonds on the lips, providing a gorgeous reflecting effect, especially on a sunny day. Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss lasts for a few hours on the lips and has a very sweet, but mild scent. These lip glosses currently retail for $ 2,63 and you can check out the range of the Essence product on the official website here. Thanks for reading my post, don`t forget to check out my recent review Essence XXXL Lip Glosses | Review & Swatches

Lots of love,
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