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Celebrity Skin Collagen Retinol Moisturizer | Review

celebrity skin cosmetics review pictures

Hi, my lovelies, and happy Thursday! Recently I had an amazing opportunity to try out Celebrity Skin Collagen Retinol Moisturizer* and now I want to share with you my thoughts on this product. I already tried Skin Polish by Celebrity Skin and I was impressed with the ingredients and results that I received. Let's look in details.

Beauty UK Posh Pout Lip Crayon | Review & Swatches

Beauty UK Posh Pout Lip Crayon would I lilac to you

Hi, my lovelies! Did you know that one of my favorite colors ever is lilac. I love this fresh pastel shade, but I never was courage enough to try this color on my lips. Recently I had an opportunity to try out Beauty UK Posh Pout Lip Crayon*, exactly in my favorite pastel shade, which is called `Would I lilac to you`. Stay with me if you are interested to know my opinion about it.

Madison Street Beauty Mineral Eye Shadows | Review & Swatches

Madison Street Beauty cosmetics review Madison Street Beauty Mineral EyeShadows Review Swatches liz breygel january girl

Hello, my lovelies, today I'm going to share with you my thoughts on gorgeous mineral eye shadows by Madison Street Beauty*. This company offers all natural and environmentally friendly products for a very affordable price. And the main idea of their philosophy is to show people that they don't need to pay a huge price for high quality cosmetics, which don't hurt the environment. So let's take a detailed look on Madison Street Eye Shadows.

Beauty UK Define - FX Mascara | Review

beauty uk mascara review Beauty UK Define - FX Mascara / Review liz breygel january girl
beauty uk cosmetics review swatches Beauty UK Define - FX Mascara / Review liz breygel january girl
beauty uk mascara review  Beauty UK Define - FX Mascara / Review liz breygel january girl

Hello ladies! Today I want to perform you another beauty treat by Beauty UK. This little pink cutie is a Beauty UK Define - FX Mascara* which will provide an awesome separation and lengthening effect to your lashes. Anyways, let's talk in details.

Define - FX Mascara comes in a bright pink packaging with a glossy silver letters. It is so cute :) It has a rubber wand with short bristles - they perfectly separate and free your lashes from clumps. You know that my lashes are a disaster, they are super short and super straight. But as you can see from the picture Define -  FX did a pretty good work and my lashes look great.

As for me Beauty UK Define - FX mascara has a unique formula, I never tried mascaras which dry out on your lashes so fast. It helps to build it up layer by layer without making pauses between process. And even after few coats of this mascara your lashes will not look like spider legs, they will still be without clumps and feel very light. And one more great benefit of Define - FX is it's scent. For me it smells like concentrated orange juice! I don't know what ingredient gives mascara this fragrance, but I wish all mascaras smell like this.

Overall I really like Define - FX, I think it is just perfect for everyday makeup. You can buy it on Beauty UK official website for £2.99, they have an international delivery so it won't be a problem to receive their products. Thanks everyone for reading my post, I wish you an awesome day! Bye, bye Xxx

Lots of love,

My Eyebrow Routine

how to fill in your eyebrows step by step tutorial  liz breygel january girl blogger

Hi ladies! Today I'm going to do a little update for my eyebrow routine. In last few months I have changed products I was using to fill in my eyebrows and also I've slightly changed the way I was filling them. If you are interested girls I invite you to take a look at this eyebrow tutorial I made for you.

Beauty UK Blush & Brush | Review & Swatches

Beauty UK blush brush cosmetics makeup review

Hi, everyone! I hope you are all feeling great today! Today I want to share with you my thoughts about Beauty UK Blush & Brush* in a pretty summer shade called 'Isla Rose'. I was not a fan of bright shades, but recently I discovered that pale skin tends to look gray on pictures. So bright shades are actually a good way to make you light skin look prettier and even healthier.

Plump & Long - Lasting Lips Tutorial

Plump & Long - Lasting Lips Tutorial Fuller lips tutorial

Good morning my ladies and happy, how do you feel today? I have a very cool and I hope very useful tutorial for you. All girls want their lips to look full and attractive, but there is a way to make them last long also. Especially I would recommend this method for girls who chose a bright red or pink lipstick, because we don't want color to fade soon. Here is a very easy step by step pictorial which will teach you how to make your lips plump and your lipstick long-lasting.