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Midsummer Fashion Trends: Tie Dye, Neons and Reflective Accents

Can you imagine that the first half of our favorite summertime is already in the past? All those sultry long-lasting days overfilled with sun radiance and unexpected vacation romances are going to be replaced by cooling tones of autumn season in a blink of an eye! In case you are tired of his season’s major fashion trends and seeking new ways to enrich the finishing summertime with something refreshing, I've  assembled together my favorite midsummer trends. Here you can find everything you need to reconsider your previous fashion choices and spice up your drawers and shelves with new fiery pieces: from blinding neon colors, camouflaging animal prints and tartan patterns to frisky ruffles and ready-to-wear two piece sets. Is there anything alerting I missed?

Summer Human Hair Wig Care | How to Choose, Wash & Style

long dreamy hair

Nowadays more and more women, who have busy schedule refer a quick weave hairstyles over complicated and time consuming hair manipulations. But, if wearing voluminous wig during the colder seasons of the year is pretty comfortable, because it protects your head and ears from wind and snow. Wearing a full human hair wig on a sunny summer day isn't as pleasant. Well, here is your summer human hair wig guide, which I put together with the support of Beauty Forever store, it will help you choose, style and care for your wig at summer.

How to Keep on Wearing Summer Athleisure Pieces in Fall

girl is wearing fall athleisure outfit

Fall may seem like a long way off while the temperatures are soaring, but everyone knows that the fashion industry likes to stay ahead, and so fall and winter clothes are already starting to debut in stores and online. If you've been enjoying rocking this summer's athleisure looks, the good news is that there is no sign of this trend going away once summer is gone, and by switching up your outfits a little, you can still make many of this summer's coolest pieces work when fall kicks in. Here are some ideas:

Enchanting Celestial Nail Look With Stamping

baby-blue and black nails with celestial designs on it

How do you fight the annoying midsummer sadness? One of the best ways to drive away bad thoughts is to give yourself a little makeover, in my case - at home makeover, because it always relaxes me and improves my mood. Besides, I always wanted to give my nails an enchanting celestial look! So, as you might've guessed already, the nail look I'm going to show you in my post today is this black and blue stamp-on manicure inspired by the infinite cosmos.

Learning From Your Blogging Mistakes | BBlogger's Confessions

blogger is typing on a typewriter

The time has come, and I have come to make an uneasy confession in my blogging mistakes. The reason why I  decided to look back and analyze my blogging path, is very obvious - you can't move forward without restoring the basics. Leastwise, that's how a successful blogging voyage works and evolves. To shield fresh bloggers from committing the same mistakes mistakes, I've put together a bunch of typical blogger mistakes, which are very common between new and experienced bloggers.

Three Best Summer Jewelry Trends: Shells, Bold Accents And Layers

woman in white jacket is wearing white necklace

Summer season is ideal time to demonstrate your fashion and jewelry taste in all its eccentric variety. In case you are wondering what jewelry will go well with your vacation-ready outfits and seaside swimwear, yet won't block off your natural appeal, I've prepared three sizzling hot ready-to-wear jewelry trends you'll want to incorporate in your breezy summer looks. With the invaluable support of www.getnamenecklace.com we are going to take a closer look at handmade shell jewelry, disproportionate oversized hoops and layers of infinite chains. Which one would you want to wear?

Craft Your Own Skin Care Line With MixEasy

mixeasy moisturizer, mask and cleanser are laying on fur

Loving your skin means taking good care of its well-being, health condition and appearance. Healthy lifestyle and broad-spectrum sunscreens are very important for glowing skin, yet carefully selected skin care products must be one of the most crucial steps in a skin care process. Everyone's skin is a unique organ, which demands individual treatment, therefore skin care products must include as much personalized ingredients as possible. What if I tell you, that you can craft your own skin care line, that ideally corresponds with the needs of your skin and matches your taste?

Soft Everyday Manicure With A Shimmering Twist

hands showing soft everyday manicure

As much as I love grungy nails, I can't wear them everyday and every night, for obvious reasons. On days when I want to rest from edgy makeup and nail look, I love wearing sophisticated nude nail polish, but for some nail junkies, nude nails look too  simple and even boring. Well, no more boring everyday manicures, ladies and gentlemen, today I want to show you this soft everyday nail look with a small shimmering twist on a ring finger. It is neutral enough to be worn on a daily basis, but shimmering accent dilutes the possible dullness.

How To Choose, Style & Wear A Midi Dress

girl in midi dress

If you’ve been toying with the idea of a midi dress for your next special event, you’ve come to the right place. A midi dress is a dress where the hem ends about halfway between the knees and ankles. Getting your midi dress to look just right, especially if you’re short, takes a little work. Below, we offer some top tips to help you pull off the look.

Summer 2019 Fashion Trends For Future Mommies

beautiful pregnant women at the sea

Getting dressed comfortable and beautiful is even harder, when you are expecting your little happiness, yet every lady wants to look and feel stylish during this special period of her life. But how to stay fashionable, when the only thing that comes to your mind is how to survive the summer's hot weather? Don't worry, ladies, I've got you covered, with the irreplaceable help of Cutieppies store, I gathered up few hot and comfy summer fashion trends for mommies to be. From sweet and feminine summer-ready prints, lightweight fabrics and flowing silhouettes to ethic motives and natural fabrics - these pieces will keep you and your bump stylish this summer.