mixeasy moisturizer, mask and cleanser are laying on fur

Loving your skin means taking good care of its well-being, health condition, and appearance. A healthy lifestyle and broad-spectrum sunscreens are very important for glowing skin, yet carefully selected skincare products must be one of the most crucial steps in the skincare process. Everyone's skin is a unique organ, which demands individual treatment, therefore skincare products must include as many personalized ingredients as possible. What if I tell you, that you can craft your own skincare line, that ideally corresponds with the needs of your skin and matches your taste?

This statement sounds fantastic, almost unbelievable! Nevertheless, with the help of a professional team of chemists and engineers (which I kindly call magicians) from the MixEasy beauty lab, creating your own personalized skincare line is absolutely possible. MixEasy has an incredibly wide selection of natural ingredients, which will be carefully mixed together in one unique formula for the benefit of your skin and hair.

mixeasy moisturizer, mask and cleanser are laying on fur

How to Create Your Own Skincare Line with MixEasy?

When entering the MixEasy beauty lab, you'll need to pick a base for your formula, which is suitable for your skin types: oily, normal/combination, and dry. After this, you'll be given the exclusive power to choose up to five natural ingredients, which will be included in your distinctive formula. There are 28 natural ingredients (they vary depending on the product) provided for your personal selection. All of these ingredients have a brief description of their origin and properties, so you can choose useful components based on your preferences and skin goals. 

Thanks to the Fashion Potluck, I was able to craft three skincare products with my very own, unique formulas: dry skin face cream called Primrose Elixir; Floral Nectar Potion face cleanser for normal skin, and, my favorite, Dragon's Blood Brew mask for dry skin. These remarkable names were given to my formulas based on my favorite ingredients in the skincare mixture.

mixeasy face cleanser

Let me start with the Floral Nectar Potion*, regularly known as a mild face cleanser for normal and combination skin types with the natural Atlantic salt packed with magnesium, calcium, and potassium for healthy-looking skin and sweet almond oil, that improves skin elasticity. The following key ingredients in the potion were thoroughly picked by me: Propolis extract for nourished and soft skin, Linden tree extract that makes the skin appear brighter and more radiant, Sea buckthorn extract that protects the skin from free radicals, Rosehip extract that boosts skin renewal and anti-aging Floral nectar for youthful skin appearance.

mixeasy face cleanser review

MixEasy face cleanser has a honey-like texture, it quickly creates lightweight foam on the skin, deeply cleansing the pores and refreshing the complexion. I like to use it at night and massage it on my face with an exfoliating sponge. The most important aspect of the formula - it doesn't dry or irritate the skin, but makes it look smooth and feel soft. The cleanser comes in a big plastic bottle (250 ml/ 8.45 oz) with a convenient lockable pump.

mixeasy face mask review

Next is the Dragon's Blood Brew* otherwise known as a face mask for dry skin type. There are a few basic ingredients for the formula: natural cocoa, jojoba, Sacha inchi, and Macadamia oils for intense skin moisturizing, vitamin E that heals and repairs damaged skin cells, and Hyaluronic Acid. 

To enhance the Dragon's Blood Brew, I added Echinacea extract to minimize my large pores, another round of Marshmallow extract and Dragon's blood extract to bind moisturizer and face mask with identical ingredients, Borage extract for improved elasticity, and antibacterial Burdock extract to reduce redness and irritations, which frequently occur on dry skin.

mixeasy face mask review

The face mask goes right after the refreshing cleanser, I like to apply it on the driest areas of my face - forehead and the sides of my cheeks. The texture reminds me of sour cream - it is thick and buttery with nice egg-shell color. Ten short minutes and you won't recognize your thirsty and flaky skin, because now it feels silky and nourished. Because of its rich formula and moisturizing abilities, the Dragon's Blood Brew by MixEasy is an ideal face mask for the cold winter season.

mixeasy face cream review

And the third product I want to talk about is the Primrose Elixir* or face cream, also for dry skin type. The base ingredients for this moisturizing face cream are very similar to a face mask — Macadamia, avocado, babassu, and jojoba oils that quickly and deeply absorb into the skin and special plant extracts like HyaCare® 50, HYACARE® FILLER CL, and Gatuline® Expression, which relieves skin flakiness and irritation. 

Five key ingredients for face cream are Marshmallow extract that helps to repair the natural skin barrier, Hyaluronic acid for a plump and smooth skin appearance, Dragon's blood extract that boosts antioxidants, Evening Primrose, and Kiwi extracts — they protect, hydrate, and even out skin tone. 

mixeasy face cream review

MixEasy face cream comes in a tube-like plastic bottle with a pump for hygienic product extraction. The cream texture is very similar to a face mask, yet it is not as rich and thick and absorbed into the skin, unlike the face mask. Primrose Elixir is your ideal remedy for dry and flaky skin, even though it takes some time to soak, the final result is fantastic. It makes my skin smooth, calm, and baby-like, preparing the perfect canvas for makeup application.

Apart from choosing personalized ingredients, that will complete your unique skincare formula, you have an opportunity to choose the fragrance for the product. There are four fragrances available: Sunlight Dance  energizing scent of citrus, Bamboo & Cucumber  the refreshing aroma of young cucumber and green bamboo leaves, Honey & Milk — the soothing smell of sweet honey and milk, and Blackcurrant a calming bouquet of freshly-picked wild berries. You can opt for fragrance-free products if you aren't a fan of scented skincare products.

mixeasy personalized skin care line review

For my Primrose Elixir moisturizer and Dragon's Blood mask, I picked a blackcurrant fragrance, it is sweet and sour and reminds me of my granny's garden full of juicy berries. The scent is very pleasant, it stays on the skin for quite some time and has calming and soothing properties. For my Floral Nectar Potion aka Face Cleanser, I settled on Honey & Milk fragrance, which is super sweet (just like floral nectar would be) and enveloping, it reminds me of dulcet vanilla dessert with chantilly cream. People, who love sweet-tasting desserts will love the Honey & Cream fragrance.

The Takeaway

The whole idea of a personalized skin care line sounds captivating to me. I've heard about skincare products based on your blood type, but I would rather have them personalized according to my own current skin needs. I loved all three products, they perfectly complement each other, creating a wholesome skin care bundle. Rich formulas, developed for super-dry and flaky skin, deeply moisturize and soothe skin, returning its natural radiance and softness. 

If you struggle with the uncomfortably dry feeling I strongly recommend you check these products. I also wanted to express my gratitude to the Fashion Potluck platform, thank you for providing me with these incredible products. I'm so happy I had an opportunity to customize my own skincare formulas and test them out. And what do you think, ladies and gentlemen, would you like to mix your personal products?

Lots of love,