pregnant woman in a denim shirt
Photo: Camylla Battani

Getting dressed comfortably and beautiful is even harder when you are expecting your little happiness, yet every lady wants to look and feel stylish during this special period of her life. But how to stay fashionable, when the only thing that comes to your mind is how to survive the summer's hot weather? Don't worry, ladies, I've got you covered, I gathered up a few hot and comfy summer fashion trends for mommies to be. From sweet and feminine summer-ready prints, lightweight fabrics and flowing silhouettes to ethic motives and natural fabrics — these pieces will keep you and your bump stylish this summer.

pregnant woman in a long, tulle dress is sitting on a bench

Never-ending Florals

When you are expecting, your body is changing and growing, therefore you need a convenient summer dress, that will be not only super comfortable but flatters your baby bump. The feminine floral print is an ever-lasting summer tend, that comes back every new summer season. Floral maternity dresses look incredibly delicate and, despite their motley appearance, very easy to style.

pregnant woman in red tankini swimwear

Striking Tankini

It is impossible to imagine the summer wardrobe without at least one striking swimsuit. And if your pregnancy coincides with the summer vacation, then you definitely need brand-new swimwear. A tankini is an incredible option for expecting mommies. The only important moment here - pick a bump-friendly tankini made with a flexible material.

young pregnant woman wearing gray top with pregnant af print

Cotton T-Shirts & Tops

Cute maternity tops should be your best friends throughout the whole summer period. Spacious cotton t-shirts and tops styled with stretchy pants or flowing hippie skirts make a great summer outfit for an expecting mom. Want to add even more raising into your maternity outfit? An abundant amount of ethnic accessories like feathered necklaces and beaded earrings will turn a regular everyday outfit into a stylish fashion statement.

pregnant lady in khaki jumpsuit

Jumpsuits Instead Of Pants

Is there anything more comfortable, than a roomy jumpsuit? Pants and jeans can't be even roughly compared with the coziness of the simplest jumpsuit. To stay stylish this summer, opt for an ankle-length khaki jumpsuit and wear it with a gray t-shirt and nude sandals.

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