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In the 1960s and 1970s, millions of people embraced the counterculture movement and rejected the conventional rules and fashions of the 1950s. A change toward relaxed clothing marked this period, which was all about personal freedom. The style was quickly dubbed "boho" because it was inspired by gypsy or bohemian styles. Suddenly, long, flowing dresses, peasant blouses, sandals, hats, and unique jewelry began replacing subdued clothing. One of the biggest and longest-lasting trends to come out of the era was the hippie skirt, a colorful, easy-to-wear garment. Today, hippie skirts are still popular because they are flattering and can be styled in dozens of ways.

1. The Heart of the Hippie Style

Bohemian style is marked by the use of light, soft feminine fabrics. Clothing is informal, and pieces often include unique colors and patterns. Hippie skirts are wardrobe staples for many women, who often own several in different lengths, colors, and styles. Trendy stores offer many options. For example, online shoppers looking for a variety of longer skirts, and can use them to build their own boho look.

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2. Hippie Skirts Are Essential for a Total Boho Look

Some women pair hippie skirts with more conventional clothing to create a personal look. However, many trendsetters enjoy an overall Bohemian style centered on one or more favorite skirts. Per style website Fashion Canons, essential elements of a chic boho look include:
  •  Practicality
  • Natural materials and fabrics
  •  Ethnic and Avant-garde details
  •  Layering everything from jackets and blouses to jewelry

3. Boho Is Ideal for the Plus-Sized

The soft, airy elements that make up bohemian clothing are perfect for plus-sized women. Flowing fabrics help to hide flaws and create a feminine look. Skirts are often loose and comfortable and look terrific paired with colorful, relaxed tops.

4. Tops Make all the Difference

While the original hippie style tended to be a head-to-toe look, today's women often wear a range of tops with their boho skirts to create various looks from just a few pieces. For example, a colorful paisley maxi skirt pairs well with a white or gray spaghetti-strap top. Writers for online publication Fashion Gum suggest wearing a dark peasant blouse with a long, white skirt for a boho mod appearance.

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5. Not all Hippie Skirts Are Long

The bohemian trend also has room for short skirts. It's easy to get the freestyle look by combining a just-above-the-knee, printed skirt with a solid-colored tank top. Just add a denim jacket, hat, and sandals for a style straight out of Haight-Ashbury. Accessorize with touches like a fabric bag, boots, and bead necklace.

6. Boho Is Perfect for Warm Weather

The hippie look never died because it makes ideal casual wear and is perfect for summer. Light cotton tops and skirts look wonderful with sandals, a straw hat, and oversized sunglasses. On a summer evening, wear an embroidered top in a neutral color with a gauzy, flowing patterned skirt with a thigh-high slit. Designers offer a wonderful choice of colors and styles that can be paired with camisole tops.

7. Accessories Complete the Look

The idea behind the bohemian look is personal freedom, so accessorizing is really a matter of preference. However, straw and leather hats, beaded jewelry, fringed handbags, and boots truly mark any ensemble as boho. Colorful hippie skirts with a variety of tops in neutral tones. There are endless opportunities for creativity, and both long and short skirts work. Accessories like fringed bags, hats, boots, and beaded jewelry complete the style.

In the 1960s, a counter-culture movement spawned the bohemian fashion look. Marked by its natural, light fabrics and flowing skirts, the style is still trendy. Getting the look is as easy as pairing short or long boho skirts with various tops and finishing the looks with accessories. Classic Bohemian accessories include fringed handbags, beaded jewelry, boots, and straw or leather hats.

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