woman in summer outfit is posing in the field

Can you imagine that the first half of our favorite summertime is already in the past? All those sultry long-lasting days overfilled with sun radiance and unexpected vacation romances are going to be replaced by cool tones of the autumn season in a blink of an eye! In case you are tired of his season’s major fashion trends and seeking new ways to enrich the finishing summertime with something refreshing, I've assembled together my favorite midsummer trends

Here you can find everything you need to reconsider your previous fashion choices and spice up your drawers and shelves with new fiery pieces: from blinding neon colors, camouflaging animal prints, and tartan patterns to frisky ruffles and ready-to-wear two-piece sets. Is there anything alerting I missed?

girl in a sexy tie dye dress

Rainbow Swirl

Ladies and gentlemen, I must start with a little fashion confession - I don't have any tie-dye thing in my wardrobe at the moment. Even though I'm a huge lover of all things black, my heart melts when I see cute pieces like this dress. Luckily for every tie-dye addict, this '90s trend is going to stay hot till the very end of the summer. 

Wear a tie-dye t-shirt with your favorite jeans, an abundant amount of plastic hair accessories, and ugly sneakers for an easy-going athleisure summer look. Planning a pool party? Then tie-dye beach dress and jumbo hat are going to accomplish your party ensemble.

girl is wearing leopard print swimsuit

Spirit Animal

The midsummer period is the ideal time of year when you can finally try wearing something experimental for a short moment. So, if you were afraid of mottled animal print, but always wanted to taste it, then you simply have to incorporate all of those dreamy spots and stripes in your looks. If the combination of yellow, hot orange, and black is a bit too harsh for you then go for flesh-toned colors with a touch of dark brown or dusty gray. I love how soft, still catchy this combo appears.

girl is wearing neon fashion trend

Neon Demon

Regardless of all of the negative foreboding, screaming neons are still going to stay on trend till the very last summer day. Unlike many other fashion trends, fluorescent shades of orange, yellow, and pink aren't easy to pull off. Despite their effortless appearance, these colors demand very special treatment and thought-through outfits, finished with neutralizing accessories. But, if you feel like trying this controversial trend — just dive into it! Juicy floor-length skirts, neon two-piece swimsuits, or brightly-colored silky dresses — what are you going to try?

girl is wearing tight red bodycon dress

Sleek Panther

If the neon trend was too much for you, then the next trend is going to strike even harder, but I had to include it! The sleek and shiny appearance of patent leather makes the whole outfit look extremely glamorous and sexy. You don't even have to wear strong makeup and bold accessories, because a dress like this is already a fashion statement on its own. All you need is moderate heels, a classic crossbody bag, and an uncomplicated hairstyle. Anything too strong and harsh will draw extra attention and ruin the balance of your sleek outfit.

girl is wearing cute rainbow lgbt bodycon dres


I can't imagine a hot date night without a sexy, perfect-fitting bodycon dress. It is literally one of those always trendy fashion pieces that never get old (thanks to Kim K, I guess) yet grow stronger and become far-reaching every new season.

To take your oldie but goldie bodycon dress to a whole new level, style it with a bunch of new accessories: a pair of handmade seashell earrings and oddly-shaped bulky rings will perfectly complete your look. And don't worry about the evening breeze, because you can always throw vivid blazers on your shoulders to relieve discomfort, nevertheless look striking.

girl is wearing tartan shirt


A countless number of fashion brands and houses use tartan print on regular basis. It is another everlasting fashion classic that always stays trendy. It can be a short, school-girl skirt with knee-socks, sophisticated trousers, or a grungy checked shirt: whatever you choose for your midsummer outfit, tartan pieces are your best fashion buddies. The only hard choice left here is the color and the size of the checks.

girl is wearing bodycon dress with reflective acents

Reflection Of Me

And, lastly, a few words about reflecting clothing and why you should get at least one of these shiny pieces into your possession. Unlike previous trends, reflective fashion is just rising and it is going to expand wider in the next few months. Of course, the very first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about reflecting material are road signs and sports clothing, but the meaning behind this trend is far more interesting. Add a few reflective accents to your clothes to give your night pictures a brand new appeal. 

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