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Trendiest Bridesmaids Dresses For 2020 Wedding Ceremonies

bridesmaid dress trend
Picture by Anton Mislawsky

Our wonderful bridesmaids deserve just as much appreciation in the new 2020 year as any other honorable guests on the wedding. To follow up with all those trendy colors, styles, and swings you'll need to learn more about the upcoming tendencies, so, with the guidance of bmbridal.com, I've put together some of the hottest bridesmaid dresses for the upcoming year. Here you can find silky-smooth fabrics, saturated sunny shades, coquettish decolletes and other bridesmaid trends, just keep reading.

Beautiful Wedding Dress Trends of 2020: Lace, Drapes & Corsets

Bridal Dress
Photo by Alex Grodkiewicz

If the last year's bridal fashion was guided by simplicity, clear lines and flowing fabrics, the new 2020 promises us a whole new approach to bridal trends. To celebrate its beginning, with the incomparable help of Bmbridal, I've decided to assemble the top wedding dress trends every new bride must inspect before diving into the magical world of wedding preparations. From non-trivial gown colors, vintage-inspired laces and restricting corsets to romantic drapes and see-through fabrics - read on and pick the perfect wedding dress for the upcoming ceremony.

Hot Chocolate Eyes: Warming Makeup Tutorial For Brown Eyes

brown eyes close up with brown makeup look

Everything we need during the long winter nights, when the streets outside are covered with piles of rock-hard snow, is a cup of warming hot chocolate. Topped with vanilla Chantilly cream and sprinkled with brown sugar - I bet any sweet-tooth would commit a crime for a sip of this delicious drink. So, what is the best way to accomplish such a cozy evening? Maybe compliment your eyes with matching eye makeup? Today we are going to find out how to re-create this wonderful hot chocolate eye makeup that emphasizes the beauty of brown and blue eyes, making the natural eye color pop!

Makeup Trend Dissection: Flawless & Glowing K-beauty Glass Skin

k-beauty trend glass skin
Bae Yoon Young by Kang Kyung Suk for Vogue Girl Korea

What is the most widely-known Korean beauty trend, that have been viral for the past few years and took over the worldwide beauty industry? The answer is one and the only one - the glass skin trend. Every makeup artist and cosmetician are talking about the flawless glass skin look and every beauty lover layered tons of skin care products and dewy highlighters to reach the desirable 'wet and wild' allure on the surface of the skin.