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Knowing how to use dry shampoo could actually be more beneficial to you, your hair, your time, and your overall health than you realize! This awesome time-saving product has several benefits; so, read on to discover the 5 top reasons why using dry shampoo is actually good for your hair.

5 reasons you should start using dry shampoo as part of your routine:

Using dry shampoo is going to save you time. Spraying your hair with dry shampoo is a lot quicker than any shower and hair washing routine, but did you know there are other benefits too? Here are five reasons to use dry shampoo:

#1. Without the neat for drying, dry shampoo reduces heat damage. It is likely, especially on colder days, that after washing your hair you are using a blow dryer to get those locks dry and ready to style. By replacing a wash or two with the dry shampoo you cut out the need for this and reduce the heat damage you cause in the process. 

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#2. Dry shampoo is the perfect product to add texture and volume to your hair. Most dry shampoos consist of various powders (some you can buy are all-natural too!) which are great at boosting volume and adding texture. If you have thin, fine hair, this is likely to be a winner for you!

#3. Is your hair prone to be a bit greasy? Dry shampoo can help! We all know that washing our hair can temporarily make our hair look and feel fresh. However, it never lasts, does it? Washing strips your hair of its natural oils, making it over-compensate and produce more, making your hair greasier. Using dry shampoo in between washes, gives your head a break, helping to regulate the oils! Take care to only use dry shampoo when necessary though, as overuse can clog your scalp pores.

#4. Preserve the brightness of freshly dyed hair in the trendiest hair colors using dry shampoo. Want your color to last and be admired for as long as possible? You know, washing your hair strips the color back and can lead to it being dull. Using dry shampoo between washes will allow you to enjoy it bright and fresh for at least a little longer!

#5. Keep a pretty hairstyle in place for longer thanks to dry shampoo. If you’re a little short of hairspray but want to make sure your messy bun, pretty braid, or fancy updo stays in place, dry shampoo will do the job. Using these products is a great way to add a bit of extra texture and staying power to your styles.

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