portrait close-up of a beautiful woman with bright red hair
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They say when a girl is dyeing her hair a new color, she is ready to welcome huge changes into her life. Of course, it is not always connected with a negative period in life. Sometimes, we simply get bored of the gray routine, and new hair color may help to brighten up the days. Another major excuse to dye your hair may be the approaching new 2022 year — a year of Water-Tiger. If one of your New Year's resolutions is going to be dyeing your hair a trendy color, then here are some eye-catching hair color ideas to inspire your future change.

a beautiful woman with a very long and curly red hair
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#1 Color Trend: Romantic Copper Hair Color

I would love to start with my favorite hair color, which will be huge in the upcoming 2022 year. It is a romantic, auburn color that gives me the coziest medieval vibes. But, if in medical Europe red-haired women were considered to be witches, in 2022 copper hair is going to be super-trendy. If I'm going to dye my hair next year, it will definitely be the copper shade of red.

woman with a black and white short bob hair
Photo: @bean.jpeg

#2 Color Trend: High-Contrasting Combos

According to 'Shape' magazine, high-contrasting hair is going to be another huge hair color 2022 trend. Should we be grateful to Cruella for this hair color tendency? Well, in the '00s Christina Aguilera also wore this hair color, and looked smoking! It doesn't have to be black and white contrast, the caramel and brown, pink and green, lavender and peach color combos work just as fine!

a beautiful woman with a short bob and platinum blonde hair color
Photo: @hathfury

#3 Color Trend: A Perfect, Platinum Hair Color

The platinum blonde hair always reminds me of Adaraa — the main character from George Martin's book 'The Ice Dragon'. She looked a lot like Daenerys Targaryen with a long head of white hair. Of course, such cool-toned blonde hair demands a lot of effort from professional colorists and costly care. So, if you are not ready for the platinum hair commitment, the colored wig would be a great alternative to processing your real hair. Check this website and pick your next hair color, without damaging your hair.

a portrait of a beautiful woman with a vivid pink anime hair color
Photo: @pink.veins 

#4 Color Trend: Blazing-bright Hair

The 'In Style' suggests taking a closer look at all-over bright hair colors, as they are going to explode next year. The bold hair color is the easiest way to make a statement and add a twist to your look. How do you like this blazing pink shade? I believe it rightfully takes a spot in the list of the latest hair color trends for 2022. Pair it with a trendy mullet or wolf cut style, and you got yourself a winning hair fusion.

a portrait of a beautiful brunette with a gorgeous curly hair and caramel highlights

#5 Color Trend: Caramel Highlights

Let's go back to something more wearable for 2022. The voluminous hair locks diluted with warm caramel-toned highlights are a very classic throwback to the early-mid '00s. Every celebrity, including Jennifer Anniston, Jessica Alba, J Lo, and Halle Bare, rocked the look, and it was a fantastic period. The look is simple to achieve and low-maintenance, especially if you already have natural medium-brown hair. 

woman with  a curly chocolate bob hair color
Photo: @minaxxbell

#6 Color Trend: Posh Chocolate Brunette

Another beautiful and wearable hair color trend is deep, chocolate brown. Unlike platinum blonde or bright colorful hair, classic brunette brown hair is very easy to get and maintain. However, there are a few things to consider, before dying your hair in this trendy color. It is important to know if it is going to be a permanent change or a thing for a few months. It is pretty hard to get rid of such dark colors, especially if you like to change them frequently.

a side profile of a woman with a black and red hair
Photo: @zoe3152

#7 Color Trend: Vivid Ombre & Overlays

The next year will welcome any vivid changes to the hair, but, if you aren't sure where to begin, a soft ombre with a few colorful overlays may be a good start. It may be a very thin and diluted highlight on the very ends of your hair or wide colorful ribbons throughout the whole length of the hair. Ask your colorist to blend your natural roots with the stripes and you won't need a constant retouch.

a oprtrait of a woman with a rose-gold hair and curls
Photo: @nyanlebajoa

#8 Color Trend: Blushing-blonde Hair is Back

You can call it rose-gold, peach-blonde, or strawberry-blonde, but the verdict is sole — the warm-toned blushing hair trend is back! I remember it being so popular from 2013-2014 on Tumblr. Everyone craved to have those long, blushy hair with soft, but large curls. This hair color trend is going to be reborn in 2022, are you excited about it?

jennie blackpink with a contrast black and white hair
Photo: @jennierubyjane

#9 Color Trend: Highlights to Frame the Face

The trendy face-framing chunky highlights also called the 'money piece', also made a comeback from the crazy '90s. It is one of those hair colors that doesn't demand contact attention and toning, just slight, low-key care. Love your highlights to be cool, wash your hair with blue shampoo. Want them to stay warm-toned, a peach toner will be handy. Want to add some color to your hair? Just dye your chunky highlights in some crazy hue!

woman with a beautiful blonde hair and wold cut
Photo: @cathywolf

#10 Color Trend: Soft, Creamy Blonde Hair

And, lastly, let's look at this gorgeous cream-blonde hair color. It is less dramatic than platinum blonde but still looks fantastic. Such a beautiful, subtle blend between warmth and coolest, creates the most appealing look on the hair. If you want to add dimension, ask your colorist to sprinkle your hair with a few highlights and lowlights.

Final Thoughts

the world of hair color has undergone a captivating transformation in 2022, introducing a myriad of exciting trends that are impossible to ignore. From bold and vibrant shades to subtle and natural hues, there is a color for every individual looking to revamp their style. Whether you prefer the elegance of platinum blonde, the edginess of metallic shades, or the whimsy of pastel tones, the options are endless. With the help of skilled hairstylists and quality products, you can effortlessly experiment with these top 10 hair color trends and express your unique personality through your locks.

Lots of love,