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Easy Everyday Step By Step Makeup Tutorial

makeup look for everyday brown green eyes step by step tutorial with pictures

Hi, sweeties! About a week ago I posted a review on Beauty UK Posh Palette and also I promised to create a makeup tutorial for you with this palette. So today I want to show you how to do this simple everyday makeup look which fits with every eye shape and color. It is super easy and fast to do and you will still look very beautiful. Let's start!

NYX Eye Shadow Base | Review & Swatches

nyx shadow base review pictures buy

Hi, my lovely angels! Recently I was putting in order my makeup and remembered that I never did a review on my NYX Eye Shadow Base, which I use for most of my looks. I need to admit that at first I didn't like this eyeshadow primer at all. But when I saw an actual difference that it makes I was slightly impressed and now I use it almost all the time. Now let's talk in detail about the pros and cons of NYX Eye Shadow Base.