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Drugstore Haul: Isabelle Dupont, Syoss, Nivea

drugstore beauty haul, shopping Drugstore Haul, beauty haul, drugstore products liz breygel january girl

Hey, beauties! Few days ago I went to the closest drugstore to buy some goodies for my hair. But the temptation to buy more things was too strong (it is so hard to be a girl). So, as a result, today I’m going to do my first drugstore haul. For some of these products I will do a detailed review, so don't miss them if you are interested. Let's begin.

Makeup Tutorial For Brown Eyes | Deep Swamp

Makeup tutorial for brown eyes, green makeup tutorial, brown makeup tutorial liz breygel january girl

Hi, my dear ladies. Today I want to show you my first variant of a makeup for brown eyes. I was asked by beautiful Liz Outh to create a tutorial and I got very excited about this idea. Both makeups I did using pencil technique. So, dear brown eyes owners, I hope you will find these tutorials useful and will definitely try them someday.

Little Beauty Haul | Oriflame

oriflame eyeliner swatch, fat lash mascara, oriflame lipstick swatches

Good morning, how are you today? I hope you are well girls. Today I have another Oriflame haul for you all. There are some nice products and some disappointing, as well. But, anyway, I think it will be interesting to know about these products and I was very excited to tell you about them.

Pastel Candy Step By Step Makeup Tutorial

Pastel makeup, mint makeup, pastel goth makeup liz breygel january girl

Good day, dear ladies. I know that pastel-goth style is very popular nowadays. So I decided to try to create my own pastel makeup. I hope someone will find it interesting and will use my idea to complete their pastel look. You can use any other pastel colors that you like, the only condition is that colors should be very pale and delicate.

Faberlic Young Face Care: Toner & Cream Review

Faberlic Young Delicate Face Tonic, Faberlic Young Moisturazing Face Cream

Good day, my lovelies! How are your autumn days going? Last weekend I finally finished a bottle of my old face toner and moisturizer, which I was using regularly. But this time I've decided to try something new. The Faberlic Young Face Care serie includes three skin care products for three steps - cleanser, toner and face cream. As I still have my favorite facial cleanser by Garnier, I bought just two last steps - toner and cream. Both products come in very beautiful bottles and deep violet color. They contain mineral complex, that gently restores and nourishes the skin. 

Warm Autumn Makeup | Step By Step Tutorial

fall autumn makeup tutorial

Hello, my lovelies. As the time is passing and weather in here turns colder and romantic, I decided to create for you a very beautiful autumn makeup, using warm colors. I got this inspiration from color variations of autumn palette - cold yellow, orange, coral, and honey-brown colors. You can vary the shades and change undertones as you wish.

Oriflame Very Me Beauty Haul | Review & Swatches

lip gloss lipstick blush by oriflame review

Hello, my Beautiful! I already tried products by Oriflame, so today I will tell you about their Very Me line, for younger girls. I never tried Very me before, so I just chose products in cute packaging. I bought two lip glosses 'Heartbreaker', neon lipstick and gorgeous pink blush. Everything comes in very cute tubes and attractive pink colors.