oriflame eyeliner swatch, fat lash mascara, oriflame lipstick swatches

Good morning, how are you today? I hope you are well girls. Today I have another Oriflame haul for you all. There are some nice products and some disappointing, as well. But, anyway, I think it will be interesting to know about these products and I was very excited to tell you about them.

oriflame eyeliner swatch, fat lash mascara, oriflame lipstick swatches

Pure Color Lipstick

I'm not a big fan of red colors on the lips. Sure, I heard that red lipstick perfectly fits with everyone, you just need to find your shade. So I started to search and bought Pure Color lipstick in Pretty Pink (it is more like a redish pink) tone and Vintage Rose as a pair for the first. Pretty. I still don`t know if the red one fits me, but I like both shades :) Pure Color lipsticks are very good, I like the texture and color range. The only thing, that is bothering me is the smell. I hate when lipsticks smell like old cosmetics. The smell is kind strong, so it stays in the mouth. But beauty demands sacrifices, isn't it?

very me mascara review

Wonder Color Lip Liner

For my new lipsticks I decided to buy some matching lip liners and stopped on Wonder Color liners in Real Red and Perfect Pink shades. These Wonder Color liners match very good to my Pure Lipstick, especially the pink one. Products are good, but again they have some defects. There have only 3 g. / 0,01 oz. of product in each. So this makes them a little expensive. This packaging is very uncomfortable, liners are always blunt. It is simply impossible to make them sharper. Wonder Color liner deserves better packaging, the classic pencil variation would be more than enough.

oriflame eyeliner swatch, fat lash mascara, oriflame lipstick swatches

Fat Lash Funky Mascara

When I was in 7th grade and started to use my first cosmetics my elder sister gave to me an amazing mascara of unknown brand. It was not a boring black mascara, but brightly - blue color. My lashes were so fluffy and curly and amazingly bright on the sun! I wish I knew the name of that brand, so want to try it again. As the time was passing I was hunting for a perfect blue mascara, as I had in my young years. I`m sorry for such a long prehistory. I just wanted to say that I bought this Very Me Fat Lash mascara, because I was hoping that it will look like that old one:) It was not so amazing, but still pretty good. The formula is very light, almost not perceivable on the lashes. It gives a good separation and curve. I`m sorry for my bad lashes, for girls with dense lashes it will work better.  I haven`t found the link for Fat Lash Mascara on Oriflame site, but I think it will appear later.

oriflame eyeliner swatch, fat lash mascara, oriflame lipstick swatches

Night Fever Eye Pencil

And the last purchase that I made is Night Fever eye pencil also from Very Me line. It has a very beautiful silver glitter, that doesn't fall off the eyes. But eye liner is not pigmented. You need to put so many coats to have an intense black color. But for smokey eyes or some Gothic makeups will be good. My shade called Black Ray, the only one on the site. But in the catalog I saw a silver variation of this Night Fever pencil.

Thank you, ladies, for reading. I wish everyone to have an amazing week and stay in a good mood. If you tried some of these Oriflame products tell me your opinion about them. And my new post will be very soon, so visit my blog later, bye!

Lots of love,