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Pastel Candy Makeup


Good day, dear ladies. I know that pastel goth style  is very popular nowadays. So I decided to try create my own pastel makeup. I hope someone will find it interesting and will use my idea to complete their pastel look. You can use any other pastel colours that you like, the only condition is that colours should be very pale and delicate.


1. The fisrt step is priming your lids. I used my usual primer + white eye pencil and blended them with my finger to my brow bone. White base will make our colours more smooth and pastel;
2. Then put minty eye shadows all over the eyelid;
3. Put pastel fuschia colour on the crease and blend the transition between two colours;
4. Create a beautiful winged line on your eyes;
5. Then put exactly the same white pencil on your bottom lash line;
6. Put violet eye shadow above the pencil and blend it with your finger;
7. Highlight the corners of your eyes and your brow bone. Then curl your lashes and put mascara to finish your look. I put blue mascara  on my lower lashes and regular black on my upper, to make my pastel make up look more interesting;
8. And the finishing touch is eye brows, fill them with your pencil or eye shadow and your pastel make up is done.

I think these colours will look especially beautiful with bright green or blue eyes. You can use false lashes and lens to complete your look. Thank you to take a minute and read my post. Stay with me for more interesting tutorials and reviews. Have a good week and I`ll see you soon:)

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