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Warm Autumn Makeup | Step By Step Tutorial

fall autumn makeup tutorial

Hello, my lovelies. As the time is passing and weather in here turns colder and romantic, I decided to create for you a very beautiful autumn makeup, using warm colors. I got this inspiration from color variations of autumn palette - cold yellow, orange, coral, and honey-brown colors. You can vary the shades and change undertones as you wish.

fall make up tutorial lizbreygel beauty blogger how to step by step

I started from priming my eye lids. We`re going to use bright colors so the base should be good to make them look brighter and last longer.

1. Then we will start to put yellow color on the inner corner of your eye.

2. After start to put orangy coral shade on the middle of your lid.

3. And on the outer corner of the lid put soft brown tone. Blend all the transitions between colours out, but be careful to don`t make them less bright.

4. Highlight your brow bone and also blend out the transition on your crease (between highlight and main colors.)

5. Now line your eyes with liquid eyeliner. Draw a thin line in the inner and thicker line in outer corners, creating a cat eye shape.

6. Line your water line with white eye pencil and add some white color on inner corner and blend it out.

7. Fill in your brows, put your favorite mascara and your Autumn make-up is done.

fall make up tutorial lizbreygel beauty blogger how to step by step

Pick peachy blush and warm rosy lipstick or lip gloss to finish your look. I think it will be perfect for a romantic date with your love or even for daily time. If you liked my autumn makeup look subscribe to my blog for more. I will see you later, kisses!

Lots of love,