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5 Spiciest Summer 2020 Bag Trends: Jellies, Buckets & Micro Bags

Summer 2020 Bag Trends by Liz Breygel on January Girl blog
Photo by Violette Zhou

Pandemic or not the summer has to come. And together with the three hottest months of the year, the season of romantic vacations, new adventures and fancy resorts will arrive as well. Of course, most of us aren't going far away from our homelands, and in some way, it is even far better. This summer we have an opportunity to explore your own country and gain new knowledge about its past and present. That doesn't mean you have to ignore the latest trends in makeup, fashion, and accessories, because they make our lives just a bit more interesting, aren't they? To send all of the blue feelings, connected with the world pandemic, flying far away, I and Baginning - the online retailer of the trendiest women's bags and purses decided to walk you through the most exciting bag trends, which are going to dominate the summer 2020 fashion. Which one of these gems do you adore the most?

Best Lingerie & Bras For Small Breasts

lace bralletes, bodysuits and strapless bras for petite boobs.
Picture by Leah Kelley

Throughout my early and even late teenage years I've always been self-conscious about my petite breast size. It seemed like every girl around me grew and became more feminine, while my body never changed. For a very long time this part of my body had a negative impact on my self-perception. At times I felt less of a woman, just because my body was different from all the girls around me and the women I saw in movies and magazines. The years went by and the older I become, the more appreciation I gain for the way I look. My bust size hasn't changed much, but I started looking and finding positive aspects of having petite sizes. Now, I'm absolutely sure that small breasts can be just as attractive and sexy as their larger sisters, especially if you pick up the right faceting for the gems. Here are few of my favorite lingerie styles and materials, which will make you feel feminine and dashing even if you are an owner of tiny breast size.

Sage Green Spring Bridal Makeup | Step By Step Tutorial

sage green bridal makeup look

Spring is an incredible time of year, when the sun starts to shine brighter awakening Mother Nature from a long winter dream. Isn't it a great time to speak your wedding vows and play the ceremony. Inspired by the newly-grown plants and revived trees, I've decided to create this soft and refreshing bridal makeup look, for those brides, who love playing with makeup and want to make up their wedding eyes by themselves. This spring bridal makeup look is simple enough, so even the beginner makeup enthusiast will recreate it at home without troubles, yet it looks very beautiful and neat to be worn on your special day. Plus, it perfectly fits the sage wedding theme, just as soft and pure, so I hope some of the new brides will find it useful.

Take Care Of Your Hair Extensions & Natural Hair With HairExtensionsBff

natural hair and hair extension products by HairExtensionsBff

Long, thin hair demands constant attention and care, which can be tiring and time consuming. Luckily, there are few hair care products, which make this uneasy task less difficult, helping to restore the good health of the hair, its natural shine, and smooth texture. As an owner of dry and thin hair, I constantly seek out new products that can tame their wild temper. Some time ago I had an awesome opportunity to test on my hair a set of hair care products and tools by best hair award 2019 nominee and winner HairExtensionsBff. The hair-reviving kit by HairExtensionsBff includes shampoo for hair extensions, conditioner, pre-wash oil treatment, and two kinds of hair combs for easy brushing.