Practically Stylish: 4 Ways To Dress With Style & Substance by Liz Breygel on Janaury Girl beauty blog
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Ladies, getting old is a drag. Forget the fact that women have it worse than men - fashion trends don't help, either! Although your body is a year older, in your mind, you're still the twenty-one-year-old who parties and dances into the early hours of the morning. Who cares if you were bed by ten o'clock on Saturday night? You're only as old as you feel! 

Unfortunately, acting as if you're still a teenager isn't very graceful. Plus, it isn't great for your health. What you need to do is combine style and substance so that you don't feel like a Mom while understanding your limits. Here's how.

Splash Out On Accessories

In the past, you didn't have to worry about your senses because they were dialed up to one hundred. Today, the eyesight isn't as focused, and your hearing leaves a bit to be desired. The teen in you is desperate to ignore the warning signs, yet that only worsens the situation.

Instead, it's better to splash out on accessories such as Versace glasses. Not only are they incredibly fashionable, but they'll ensure your eyes don't atrophy anymore. Also, the price tag isn't as high when you consider how long they'll last compared to lesser brands.

Practically Stylish: 4 Ways To Dress With Style & Substance by Liz Breygel on Janaury Girl beauty blog
Photo: Pawel Szvmanski

Wear Something With Pockets

That's right - you're a little older, which means you've accumulated a few knick-knacks over the years. If it appears that you can't leave the house without them, which most women can't, don't take it as a sign of your age. The problem is easily solved if you wear outfits with plenty of pockets.

This might seem counterproductive to your clothes' stylish element, yet boiler suits and playsuits would argue otherwise! Both of these statement pieces are popular across the board because they mix fashion with comfort perfectly.

Forget Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is a billion-dollar industry, but it isn't sustainable. Over seventy million barrels of oil are used every year for clothes alone, with eighty billion items being bought yearly. Yes, the likes of Zara and H&M are easy and accessible, and the prices are affordable, yet their business strategies are harming the planet.

Practically Stylish: 4 Ways To Dress With Style & Substance by Liz Breygel on Janaury Girl beauty blog
Photo: Jair Garciaferro

To help the environment and your bank balance, you can shop with environmentally friendly brands. There's nothing more practical than clothes that last, especially when they're designed to consume fewer gallons of water.  After all, you won't spend hundreds of dollars on replacement items when yours have longer life cycles.

Save Ideas

An idea comes into your head one minute, and the next - POOF. Your memory isn't infallible, so you shouldn't treat it as if it is the biggest vat of information on the planet. The same goes for the internet because you may not have the correct search term to locate the outfit.

With that in mind, the trick is to write down practically stylish outfits on a piece of paper or input them into your phone. That way, you'll never be short of inspiration. Have you reached the age where you have to think about changing your style? What tips do you find useful?

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