a close-up of woman's eye with a sage green bridal makeup look

Spring is an incredible time of year when the sun starts to shine brighter awakening Mother Nature from a long winter dream. Isn't it a great time to speak your wedding vows and play the ceremony? Inspired by the newly-grown plants and revived trees, I've decided to create this soft and refreshing bridal makeup look, for those brides, who love playing with makeup and want to make up their wedding eyes by themselves. 

This spring bridal makeup look is simple enough, so even the beginner makeup enthusiast will recreate it at home without trouble, yet it looks very beautiful and neat to be worn on your special day. Plus, it perfectly fits the romantic spring wedding theme, just as soft and pure, so I hope some of the new brides will find it useful.

a close-up of woman's eye with a sage green bridal makeup look

How to Do a Sage-Green Eye Look for a Spring Wedding?

  • 1. Start with the primer

To start our spring bridal makeup in soft, sage green shades, we need to prime the skin of the eyelids. Use a soft, subtle eyeshadow base for this task and apply it to your eyelids with the help of your ring finger. Gently blend it on the skin and give it a minute to settle down. At the moment my favorite primer is 'Painterly' by Mac.

  • 2. Draw a semi-cut crease

The next step is one of the most interesting and exciting because we are going to "fake" the appearance of bigger eyelids. Take a well-sharpened eye pencil in a beautiful cool-toned brown color, and draw a semi-cut crease, slightly curved upwards, just a little above your natural crease. Of course, if you have big eyelids you won't need to "fake" this step, but if your eyelids are small as mine or even hooded, this trick might be very helpful for you. Blend the pencil with a synthetic brush upwards.

a close-up of woman's eye with a sage green bridal makeup look

  • 3. Set the crease

You want this spring bridal makeup to last all day (and night!) long, therefore now is the best time to set the pencil. Some time ago I gathered up a few basic eyeshadow colors by Mac Cosmetics and used them to intensify and set the crease, but you can use any other cool-toned, soft brown eyeshadow colors you have at your disposal. Blend the crease well with a soft, bendy pencil brush, and, for the best blending results, use a few shades of brown from lightest to darkest.

  • 4. Add eyeshadow

Now we should add some white, matte eyeshadow under the brow bone and fill in the outer half of the eyelid with sage green eyeshadow. I used satin eyeshadow, it has some shimmer to it, but you can use any texture you like (matte or glitter). Dab the color with a small and flat eyeshadow brush and blend it to the center of the lid.

  • 5. Define eyelids

Take a small synthetic brush and dip it into the eyeshadow primer once again, because we are going to draw a well-defined inner half of the eyelid with it. Take your time and be gentle with the touch – neatly draw an arched shape and fill it in with the primer. By the way, you can also use a full-coverage, creamy concealer to execute this task. This step isn't simple, but your sage green bridal makeup will look super original and professional with this makeup technique.

6. Finish with eyeliner and mascara

Now for the easier parts: fill in the inner half of the eyelid with pearly green eyeshadow and line your eyes with your favorite eyeliner. I like to use super-pigmented and affordable Liquid Ink eyeliner by Essence Cosmetics. Done with these two steps? Then all you have to do to finish the look is to curl your lashes, add some mascara, and glue on delicate eyelashes. Of course, eyelashes aren't mandatory, I just think they complete the makeup look with bold winged eyeliner. Well, your soft, sage green makeup look is done!

Final Thoughts...

What do you think of this makeup look, lovelies? Would you wear it on your wedding day or, maybe, pick this look for your bridesmaids? Please, let me know what you think in the comments, I'm excited to learn your opinion! Thank you all for visiting my blog, I wish you all strong health and stay safe during this uneasy time. Hugs and kisses!

Lots of love,