packed maccosmetics single eyesahdows in shades brule nylon and print laying on a fur blanket

High-quality eyeshadow is the key to a flawless eye makeup look. As a person who loves playing with makeup and sharing my unusual makeup looks on Instagram I'm in constant need of basic, but extremely good eyeshadows. For this particular reason, a few months ago I've started building my very own custom eyeshadow palette by Mac Cosmetics. The idea of having my personal collection of essential eyeshadow colors always fascinated me, so I continued filling in my half-full palette.

While hunting for my favorite eyeshadows I stumbled upon the major problem - most of the colors were not available online. I have a bunch of very beautiful and, most importantly, essential eyeshadow shades in my wishlist, but I must wait months and months before I can put my hands on these gems. But when it comes to waiting for something you need very much, even the world can wait, isn't it?

unpacked maccosmetics single eyesahdows in shades brule nylon and print laying on a fur blanket

And thus my eyeshadow quest continues... I waited for a few months until a few items in my MAC cosmetics were available once again. This time three of my desired and long-awaited colors were available: Brule, Nylon, and Print. These shades are going to be a great addition to my little eyeshadow family. 

I also wished for mysterious Greensmoke, rich Sumptuous Olive, and refreshing Steamy eyeshadows, but they weren't available in refill setup, only in a single packaging. Together, with these three eyeshadows, I purchased Prep + Prime Fix setting spray with a gentle scent of lavender, but that's another story for another time. And now, let me share my thoughts on these eyeshadow colors by MAC cosmetics.

maccosmetics single eyesahdows in shades brule nylon and print laying on a fur blanket

Brule [Satin]

I really want to start with one of my favorite colors, deliciously called Brule. Brule eyeshadow doesn't have a sweet caramelized crust, but its supple texture surely reminds me of this famed dessert. Creamy formula, natural finish, and seamless blending — these three adjectives perfectly describe Brule. In my view, every makeup noob experienced user, and even pro simply must have Brule shade in their arsenal. 

You can use it as an eyeshadow base for a dramatic makeup look or blend other shades on the skin with this neutral shade. Brule is finely milled and has very subtle satin particles, therefore it applies smoothly and blends easily on the skin. Working with such malleable eyeshadow is the biggest pleasure for everyone who loves makeup.

maccosmetics custom eyeshadow palette filled with single eyeshadows is laying on the fur blanket

Nylon [Frost]

The next color I was waiting for is Nylon. I guess MAC cosmetics named this eyeshadow Nylon because of its frosty finish and very silky, almost buttery texture. Nylon eyeshadow is just as beautiful and noble, as the real Japanese silk fabric. It goes on the skin smoothly, leaving a steady frost shine on the skin. The shade is described as a pale gold color with icy shimmer and it is very beautiful. 

I'm excited to try it out on the top of the black eye kohl — the final results will be fascinating! Love blinding bright highlighter? Then Nylon is going to be your favorite eyeshadow. Use it on your brow bone, inner corners of the eyes, the highest points of the cheeks, and cupid's bow for a lovely golden glow.

Print [Satin]

And finally, the last for now, but not the least eyeshadow, that will fill the blank space in my heart and in my custom Mac Eyeshadow palette is Print. The Print is a very dark gray eyeshadow filled with tiny, almost imperceptible satin particles. Dark gray is one of my favorite colors, it reminds me of wet pavement during the heavy rain. It is essential eyeshadow for a neat smoky eye look. 

Satin particles make the blending process easier and faster. The major downside of this eyeshadow is the dusty texture. Of course, it looks beautiful and lasts long, but once you touch Print eyeshadow with a makeup brush it turns very powdery, so working with this shade can be a little harder.

three swatches of the maccosmetics single eyesahdows in shades brule nylon and print on the light skin

The Takeaway

Although all three eyeshadows have different formulas, textures, finishes, and even properties, they last very long on the eyes. With a good eyeshadow primer and proper application, you can extend the longevity of MAC cosmetics eyeshadows up to 12 hours. Eyeshadow refills for custom palettes come in very convenient packaging and every single pan has a tiny magnet on the back part that will secure shades inside of a palette. That's all for today ladies and gentlemen. I hope my review and swatches were somehow useful to you and help you to pick the colors you need. Until next time!

Lots of love,