valentines day wrapped romantic presents

Valentine’s Day is one holiday that just seems to come with prescribed gifts. Elegant dinners, a dozen red roses, delicious chocolates. Sure, we love the idea of celebrating love, but there are so many great alternatives out there that feel more thoughtful and personal when it comes to gifts.

Whether you’re in an exciting new relationship, or you’ve been married for decades, this special day of a year is the perfect excuse to spoil your girl with gifts that reflects the things she treasures and all you love about her. To get you started with a more personal approach to this year’s holiday of love, here are some great gift ideas for all kinds of girls.

  • A Cute Pin Set

Enamel pins seem to be all the rage at the moment. So, consider a sweet and inexpensive gesture if she’s a new love in your life and you’re not quite at the point of looking at coloured diamond rings from The Diamond Jewellery Studio on Valentines!

girl in headphones is listening to music

  • Funky Headphones

There really is no shortage of funky and stylish headphones around. If she prefers to silence out the world while she’s working, or loves her tunes while she’s working out, a set of new headphones is a perfectly thoughtful gift.

  • A Crossbody Bag

If your special lady prefers under-the-radar accessories, prefers to keep her hands free, or just isn’t that big on, well, big bags, consider a trendy crossbody bag.

  • A Scented Candle

Style doesn’t have to stop in her wardrobe. Romantic, scented candles are widely regarded as some of the best ways to say I love you. They’re also a fail-safe if you don’t yet know her shoe size, clothing size, or ring size!

beautiful vintage necklace in a hand

  • A Pretty Necklace

Jewelry is a great gift for any kind of girl, and to give at any time of year, especially for Valentine’s Day. To make this present even more special give her a personalized name necklace. It can feature her name, a picture of your couple, or a memorable pendant.

  • A Trendy Wall Hanging

If she has her own space, choose a wall hanging that reflects her sense of style. It’ll also show her you plan on sticking around.

little bunny is holding valentines day card in his teeth

  • The Perfect Card

You really can’t go wrong with a card on Valentine’s Day. Head online and you’ll quickly find hundreds of cards to sift through with unique sentiments just waiting to be bestowed upon your love this February 14.

  • Chocolate & Wine Pairing

Wine and chocolate are just as well paired as women and diamonds. Find the perfect combination of her favorite wine and chocolate and spoil her this year.

sexy women heels on a bed with a good wife book next to them

  • Strappy Heels

If she doesn’t already own a few pairs, find her a sexy, strappy pair of heels to add to her shoe rack. You might need to rope in her friend or relative to help you choose a color that will match some of her outfits, just to show you really do put thought into Valentine’s Day gifts!

  • A Luxurious Something For The Bathroom

Body wash and soap aren’t the most exquisite of gifts, you’ve probably learned that the hard way. So, ditch that idea and opt for a fancy lavender-infused bubble bath to help her soak away her day. Lavender is a really relaxing scent, and the rich formula leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. Consider these 10 ideas this Valentine’s Day and you’re sure to get her gift just right!

Lots of love,