girl with silver hair lays on the grass

Among the numerous ways through which one keeps the zest alive and celebrates the spirit of life is coloring hair. 2019 has brought amazing hues in the market which uphold the true spirit of the young and wild. While many choose to color their hair with these vibrant shades, many opt for the hassle-free hair extensions that are available in the market. So, let’s check the different colors that teens and young are availing this season.

girl with short blonde hair in the field

#1. Snow White Or Silver Color

Game of Thrones fans has taken their fanaticism to another level by coloring their hair to snow-white which is the signature style of Daenerys Targaryen or the Khaleesi. Now, you too can get this look by availing of a hair extension which you can get at amazing prices. The long silver stunning hair of the queen is something which all the fans of her will recognize at an instant.

Tips for you: Braid the hair in neat plaits from behind to get the desired look of the dragon queen. Moreover, pair it up with suitable accessories if you are participating in cosplay.

#2. Black & Blond

The black and blonde hair color give a drop-dead gorgeous look. Due to the contrasting nature of both the colors, it will create a stark impression. Just as you love the brown and blonde combination, you will love this one too due to the highlighting strands on your hair.

Tips for you: The combination can be displayed well if you braid it in a fishtail which will accentuate both colors beautifully.

girl with blue hair in the woods

#3. Midnight Blue

If you are a trendsetter and not afraid to try out different colors; well then, midnight blue can be your choice. The dark hues of blue give you the gothic look that you get when you apply blood-red color to your hair. Sets of virgin hair weave are also available for this color if you want to try this shade on your complexion.

Tips for you: Midnight blue color will go well with short layers. So, crop your hair a bit and get that coveted look you have always desired. Also, wearing a nose pin can complete your look.

#4. Blonde Honey, Brown Hair

This particular shade is one of the most popular ones which many women prefer over other colors. You don’t have to worry about the complexion as this shade goes equally well with fair to medium-dark skin tone. 

Tips for you: Cut your hair in layers that will accentuate the different shades of brown and honey color on your hair. Moreover, this color will look good even in curly-haired people.

Numerous other colors such as burgundy, red, sandy brown, fiery redhead, etc. are available from where you can choose one that suits your complexion and personality. Once you have chosen the signature style for your hair, you can buy it online.

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