re-haired girl in the field
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Sweet September! My favorite time of the year is finally here. The time when nature turns magical and mysterious, and slowly fades into a night of long 'beauty sleep'. With the changing weather, our style, mood, and overall inner feel change as well. 

So, to put together the mood, style, and personality in one order and meet the new season in all its breathtaking beauty, I propose you experiment with brand-new, soul-stirring fall hair color. What is it going to be? Burgundy red like wine, warm and cozy like chestnut, or sweet and soft as a freshly brewed latte? You are the one to decide.

beautiful woman with a Burgundy Wine Hair Color and long hair
Photo: Rebecca Biangue

  • #1. Burgundy Wine Hair Color for Fall

The intense, haunting shade of burgundy me is the essence of the fall season. I love wearing it on my nails, my lips, and eyes and incorporating it into my outfit. Burgundy combines the best of purple and red colors in one dark and charming shade. But, despite looking so dramatic and non-trivial, the burgundy shade is pretty versatile and can be worn with no extra effort. No matter what is your skin color or undertone, burgundy will brighten up your best features. 

beautiful woman with a curly, mushroom brown hair

  • #2. Mushroom Brown Hair Color for Fall

Foggy and wet fall weather makes it an ideal season for mushrooms, so why don`t we all use the purplish-brown colors of mushrooms' heads as an inspiration for the fall hair color? Of course, it won`t be easy to reach the desired results – professional hair colorists say it is one of the hardest shades to achieve (together with plain gray and platinum blond). But the final mushroomy result is so worth the effort.  You can go for a slightly  

beautiful woman with a curly, rustic red hair color
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  • #3. Rustic Red Hair Color For Fall

When I think of red hair the medieval, rustic red is the first color that comes to my mind.  It is simply ideal for falltime when nature turns every little leaf on the tree into this legendary shade of red. Just imagine having long, wavy rustic red hair. I imagine a young lady, wearing her long, wavy locks in a loose braid. 

She wears a shamrock green velvet dress and slowly walks on the horse through the ancient and dark forest. This forest from my little fall fantasy is situated somewhere in Ireland, but the closest park in your megapolis and a slow walk on your two sounds just as romantic.

beautiful woman with a Pumpkin Spice Hair Color and long hairstyle
Photo: Mi├žary Ruiz

  • #4. Pumpkin Spice Hair Color for Fall

Pumpkin spice hair is for those, who like it hot during the cold period of the year. Spicy and warming, just like the taste of actual pumpkin spice, this hair color isn`t easy to cope with. If your natural hair is black or dark brown, you`ll need to prepare it for the pumpkin spice shade by bleaching it. 

Maybe you'll need to bleach it even more than once. But, after you tone your hair or color it with a permanent pumpkin spice color, you won`t go back to your natural roots for a long time. Some say ginger hair is addictive.

beautiful woman with a caffe latte hair color and a  long shag haircut
Photo: @lilymaymac

  • #5. Caffe Latte Hair Color for Fall

Of course, when it comes to fall hair colors, we think of something dark and intense, in the red and orange color range. Yet, there are many light hair colors, which will suit the chilly fall months. For example, one of my favorite medium blond shades with a cool undertone reminds me of a cafe latte (no lactose, please!). 

This trendy hair color is easier to achieve and maintain, unlike platinum blonde. So you won`t need to worry about the health of your hair. It is not intense and bright, but more on the neutral side of the color spectrum.  

beautiful woman with a  long, Chestnut Brown Hair Color
Photo: Laura Matuszczyk

  • #6. Chestnut Brown Hair Color for Fall

Chestnut brown hair color (or castaneous hair) combines characteristics of both brown and auburn hair. It looks both natural and intense and is named after the nut that comes from a chestnut tree. If you are looking for ways to intensify your natural brown hair, giving it a nice, warm twist, you have to try the chestnut brown hair color.

beautiful woman with a Sweet Caramel Hair Color and bob cut
Photo: @zokacho

  • #7. Sweet Caramel Hair Color for Fall

The next trendy hair color for fall combines the best of both worlds in one charming color symphony. I`m talking about the sweet and warm caramel shade. Caramel is a warm hair color, somewhere in the middle between the brunette and blonde range. It is perfect in those cases when you aren`t ready to go far with your hair color transformation and feel slightly warm-up your natural color by adding some rose-gold hues. 


So here are my top trendiest and eye-catching hair color variants for fall. Whether you are going to completely transform your natural hair color or simply spice it up with a few warming hues, I hope my today`s post was somehow inspiring for you. Please, let me know in the comments, what hair color you prefer for fall. I`m excited to hear your thoughts.

Lots of love,