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Important Hair Care Tips You`ve Never Heard Before

new interesting hair care tips for long beautiful hair liz breygel
new interesting hair care tips for long beautiful hair liz breygel

Water is life

The first thing ever touches your head skin and your hair after you enter the shower or dive into the bath tube is the water. And what is important for your hair and skin to stay healthy is the quality of this water and the temperature. And please girls take it serious. I want to share with you a little story from my life. Once I was on the sea side on a vacation, in the town that was in a mountain area. The water was very heavy, full of different salts, minerals and metals. Even the best hair treatment cosmetics couldn't save your hair from such a strong water influence. So what I want to suggest if you have a heavy water running in your area is to install some water filter in the shower. It will make such a big difference to your hair and skin condition.

The second matter is the water temperature. The healthy skin of your head provides healthy hair roots so it is important to set water temperature to the optimal. We don`t want the skin neither to burn, nor to freeze it. Keep the balance, it is the key to the shiny and strong hair.

Hair Care Routine

You don`t need to spend a fortune to keep your hair in a good condition. There are so many cheap, but really amazing hair treatment cosmetics you can find in your closest drugstores. You can try them and find the best for your taste and budget. If you are a fan of handmade cosmetics there are tons of recipes that really work! The only few rules I have for all these hair treats is to be well done and made of fresh and good quality products. And don`t forget the routine means to repeat it with a frequency. Once per day or twice a week, create your personal schedule that will work for you and your hair, just don`t forget to keep up with your personal routine.


It is not important where do we live, weather could be real cruel to our appearance sometimes. This rule is very simple, but not all of us the girls like follow it. We need to protect our head from the rough sun lights and cold wind and snow. And the best way to do this is to wear a hat, cap or a scarf. Girls, just care with you something to protect you from the hot and cold. We don`t want to get sick, and it is not fun for our hairs health as well. I think that everyone needs to follow this rule, especially girls with a thin hair, like myself, because the thinner is the hair, the less protected is the skin on the head. Don`t forget to use special products, that will protect your hair from the high temperature, if you use flat iron or blow dry your hair frequently. 

Pillow Case

Sounds kind strange, isn`t it? You might think it is not important, but did you ever heard how Marilyn Monroe went to bed? Absolutely naked, she just put on a drop of her her favorite perfume - Chanel # 5. And the reason she did that, is because she liked to sleep on a silky bad sheets. Silk softly exfoliates the dead skin and hair cells, leaving them healthy and shiny. I know that silk is an expensive material, but if you`ll just buy one pillow case you`ll not pay so much. And I`m almost sure, that you can substitute a natural silk with a different similar material, like satin.

And don`t forget to wash it frequently, especially if you have some issues with you hair condition, like oily skin, dry patches or you are a big lover of natural masks and oils. A pillow case should always be fresh and clean. If you have an allergy on the rough chemicals we usually use to wash the bad sheets, choose a natural products instead. 

Hair Brush

And again it is absolutely not important how expensive is your hair tools, important is the quality and how they work with your hair. Try to choose brushes, which don`t hurt your skin, but massage it gently. Hair brushes made of natural materials prevent electrification of your hair. If not, I know that there are some plastic brushes which were processed with a special liquids.

Keep your brushes and hair tools clean. Try to get used and clean your brush every time after you comb your hair. Skin oil, broken hairs and skin patches is the best nourishment for bacteria, fungus and even insects. And we definitely don`t want them to start living on our heads. Wash your brushes under the steam of a hot water and with a soap, time to time sterilize them with an alcohol.

Fighting Against Split Ends

I know that everyone falls for those TV commercials – buy our magic product and heel your split ends. Girls, let`s don't lie to ourselves. Split ends were damaged physically, there is no such power in the world, that can glue them back again. But, we can make them look and feel better! The first step to a soft hair tips is a hair care routine we talked before. After my last ammonia hair dye I burned my hair very much. My 30 cm tips from 60 cm of hair length were almost dead. It took me like a 6 months of oil treatment to make them soft again. Obviously my hair tips still looked dry and felt not healthy, when I took a shower (you know that feeling when you wash your hair with the shampoo, but not put on conditioner yet, I hope I`m not the only one!) So take your time girls, be patient if you have some hair problems, they are solvable.

The second step to the healthy hair tips is the systematic hair cut. Don`t worry girls, I know it sounds painful, but it worth the result. Just sacrifice 1 or 2 centimeters every few months and you`ll notice a huge difference.

If you are an owner of a long, very long or a super long hair and you feel that your hair keeps getting a split ends, even though you don`t dye it and give them a minimum of a physical damage the reason for this problem could be just one. Your hair is too long and your body can`t nourish it from the roots to the ends by itself. Deep conditioning, oil treatment and a balanced diet should help you with this.

Wash Them Frequently

This tip I actually got from an actual trichologist, I was a strong believer in a myth that the less we wash, tease and bother our hair, the less we can damage it. Ah, how wrong I was! One of the main reasons why our hair starts to fall out is a natural hair oil that clogs the pores of the skin. The less we wash our hair, the more clogged are the pores. Hair stops to receive a nourishment and dies. So don`t be afraid to wash it once per few days. 

And what is your favorite hair care tip?
Lots of love,
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