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No doubt, summer is one of the years associated with heat waves. So, soaking in the pool or beach, and stepping into breezy clothes and sunshades are summer trends. But chances are that you don’t give your hair the extra summer care as you ought to. The thing is, summer activities may be fun but also expose your hair to hair risks. And that’s why you need a new hair care routine. For instance, straightening out your hair with hair straighteners can become an everyday necessity in summer. Check the list below for 10 summer hair care tips.

1. Cover Your Hair

The sun’s ultraviolet rays and heat become super intense in summer. Exposing your hair to it cause your hair to dry out irritably and become flaky. It also strips your scalp of its natural oil. This is why you should invest in scarves, hats, or headwraps. These fits are the best bets to retain your hair moisture and prevent your scalp from possible dehydration – which may lead to premature greying.

2. Wash Your Hair Less Often

The lingering summer heat and humidity come with the temptation to wash your hair incessantly. But you must avoid this to prevent yourself from stripping your hair scalp of beneficial oil with extreme shampooing – which can lead to hair breakage.

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3. Tie Up Your Hair

Yes, you should often tie up your hair to prevent sun exposure. Besides, if you have shoulder-length hair or one that’s longer, tying it up will help prevent neck sweating. To that effect, hairdos like ponytails, twists, and buns should be on your summer hairstyle list.

4. Consider Sunscreen

Sunscreen hair products are summer must-haves. Just like you use them on your skin, sunscreen pastes are additional protective hair layers against the sun’s UV. But if you’d instead not use them – yes, many sunscreen brands are made with strong chemicals – you could rub your hair lightly with your regular skin products.

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5. Use Serums

Hair serums are the go-to products for lasting hair moisturization. Applying serums helps to restore the lost natural oil of your scalp. They also add protective layers over your hair strands to prevent them from drying out. Serums are also alternatives to hair sealants.

6. Trim Your Hair

Trimming your hair negates the formation of split ends. It makes your hair become comfortable and easy to manage. Your major concern may be that you’ll be losing a part of your hair in the process. But not to worry, your hair goes through an anagen period [growth] during summer.

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7. Avoid Tight Styling

If you don’t like to trim, then you should avoid tight hairstyles. This category of hairdos causes hair infections like dandruff. Besides, your hair could easily break or tear from dryness from all the tightness.

8. Use Swimmers’ Hair Care

If you want to spend your summer swimming, stuck up on special shampoos and conditioners designed for swimmers. These hair products are supercharged with agents that protect your hair from the possible damage of chlorinated water.

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9. Softly Massage with Warm Oils

To enhance blood circulation, boost hair growth, and stabilize natural scalp oil secretion, you should frequently massage your hair with coconut, lavender, sweet almond, or olive oil. An added benefit is that this process helps to prevent the loss of moisture from your hair.

10. Hydrate Well

Summer heat cause dehydration. If you get too busy and forget to drink water regularly, you will find your hair breaking out or even observe stunted hair growth around the corner. You should drink at least 8 ounces of water daily in summer.

The Takeaway

As a lady, your hair is probably one of your most precious possession. But seasons like summer comes with a lot of hair threat. However, if you adopt the tips I have shared so far in your hair care routine, summer will be gentle on you. You can also see this post to ensure summer does not get the best of your hair.

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