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Pastel Unicorn Nails: Back-To-School Ombré Nail Design

cute pastel nails close up

Did you know that unicorns can cry? Unicorns are legendary creatures with unique, magical powers. According to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone book by J. K. Rowling, a drop of unicorn's blood can keep ones who drink it alive, but at a terrible price. Interesting, what can a drop of unicorn's tears do? Inspired by the bestiary tales and lore, surrounding these peculiar horses, I've created today's colorful manicure. Isn't it ideal for the upcoming back to school season?

How To Choose A Right Shapewear For Autumn

girl in red dress on a field

One of the reasons why I love autumn so much, is because it's finally possible to wear my favorite long-sleeved bodycon dresses and medium-length pencil skirts. These are two seasonal items, which I recently discovered for myself and my minimalist wardrobe. Both pieces are tight, sleek and sophisticated, and it isn't always easy to look great in such clothing.

Trendy Male Jewelry For Autumn: Chains,Pendants & Bracelets

men accessories layout

Whether are looking for the most rebellious male jewelry or simply searching an inspiration for the autumn wardrobe and accessory renovation, my today's post is going to be very helpful, because today I flocked together the best autumn jewelry trends for doughty men. From swanky golden chains and layered pendant necklaces, sprinkled with real hip hop jewelry vibe to shiny and minimal designs, ideal for everyday wear - which one of these men jewelry trends fascinate and inspire you the most?

Useful Makeup Tips For Glasses Wearers

nerd girl in huge black glasses

Do not listen to anyone who says that eyeglasses and makeup are two incompatible things. You can wear your favorite smokey eye look, even under the glass shield and still look strikingly beautiful and hot. But one question still remains unresolved - what are the idea makeup for the shape of your particular eye glasses. With the support of Jupitoo, I've put together a few useful makeup tips and tricks that will help you to emphasize your beautiful eyes and lashes, even if you are a fellow glasses-wearer, according to the shape of the eyeglasses of your choice.

5 Gifts For Your Girlfriend That Fit Every Occasion

tiny present in hands

There might be an up and coming birthday, a long-awaited anniversary, or simply that you want her to know how you feel about her. When it comes to choosing the perfect gift, it can be challenging at the best of times. Obviously, knowing the recipient does help when looking for a suitable gift. With that in mind, here are a few novel gift ideas to give you some inspiration.

All You Need To Know About Autumn Wedding Ceremony

just married couple is kissing

Holding your wedding ceremony during the most romantic seasons of a year is an incredible privilege. There is nothing more poetic and inspiring than fading nature's beauty, frosty grass and endless leaf fall. Just imagine how many memorable pictures you and your guests will be able to accumulate during this time of year. Of course, autumn has a ton of beneficial advantages over the nude spring and stuffy summer, yet there are a bunch of things you should consider before reserving your wedding date and location.

How To Style Summer To Autumn Vintage Dresses

beautiful girl in the autumnal forest

The end of August and the first days of September are usually characterized with stuffy and sunny days, unexpected temperatures drops and sudden rainfalls. All these weather marks mean only one thing - the Autumn equinox is going to happen just in a little while, bringing the real coldness and brisk winds. The good news - Halloween is just around the corner, the bad - summer-friendly chiffon fabrics won't protect you from the upcoming autumn chill. But, with the well-planned styling, right accessories and proper layering you can easily transmit your beloved summer garments into the autumn-ready outfits.

Geo Medical Diamond Black Circle Lenses | Review & Demo

girl is wearing eye enlarging contact eyes

Hello lovelies, last time I was talking about the very first and only purple circle lenses in my petite collection. They had an incredible enlarging effect, very beautiful swirly pattern and, of course, nudy purple shade that blends with the natural color of my iris. But my circle lens addiction haven't finished with this unique addition, moreover in continues to grow further and expand! Meet and greet another eye enlarging circle lenses - gorgeous Diamond Black Circle Lens* by Geo Medical manufacturer from Diamond series. So let us take a closer look at these gems!