a close-up of a pair of black diamond circle lenses by Geo Medical on top of a black table

Hello lovelies, last time I was talking about the very first and only purple circle lenses in my petite collection. They had an incredible enlarging effect, a very beautiful swirly pattern, and, of course, a nudity purple shade that blends with the natural color of my iris. But my circle lens addiction hasn't finished with this unique addition, moreover, it continues to grow further and expand! Meet and greet another eye-enlarging circle lens — the gorgeous Diamond Black Circle Lens* by Geo Medical manufacturer from the Diamond series. So let us take a closer look at these gems!

a close-up of a pair of black diamond circle lenses by Geo Medical on top of a black table

  • Basic Info About Geo Medical Circle Lenses:

Diameter: 14.8mm

Base Curve Radius: 8.8mm

C.T: 0.04 ~ 0.13mm

Water Content: 38 ~ 42%

Using Cycle: One Year

Power Range: 0.00 (Plano)

Manufacturer: Geo Medical Inc.

Bonus with every purchase: plastic case and a cute little bag.

selfie of a woman  wearing  a pair of eye enlarging contact lenses 

  • Pattern and Enlargement

As always, I would like to start with a little description of the pattern and enlarging effect. Diamond Black lenses look like two little diamonds, because of their facet-like pattern and sharp edges. Around the pupil of the eye, these lenses appear to have two crisscrossing black squares and an edgy black outline around the iris. A diamond-like pattern blends with my natural dark brown eye color and creates the illusion of bigger and doll-like eyes.

Diamond Black lenses are around 14.8 mm in diameter, so the enlarging effect is pretty dramatic and very visible. I also like how the black and see-through pattern lightens up the iris of the eyes. If you are not a fan of this particular pattern, there are three more pattern types available, so you can pick a design without a black outline.

a close-up of brown eye before and after geo medical black diamonds circle lenses

  • Comfort

These lenses are comfortable, though I experience mild discomfort while putting them in my eyes because of their large diameter. During the first minute after the application, my eyes felt mild discomfort and were tearing, but this feeling quickly passed. Unlike purple circle lenses, these contacts are thicker, so they are less comfortable to wear.

I would not recommend you to wear them every day and wear them longer than a few hours. If your eyes feel dry when you are using enlarging circle lenses, use a drop of soothing eye moisturizer, they will comfort your eyes. Apart from the uneasy application process, I haven't experienced any other significant discomfort with these circle lenses.

black circle lenses are standing on the black table

Final Thoughts...

To sum up this review, I wanted to say a huge thanks to LensCircle for the opportunity to experiment with my appearance once again and try out these gorgeous Diamond Lenses. Hopefully, I'll have another opportunity to try out their colorful contacts. I really like the way these lenses enlarge my iris, giving me the illusion of huge anime-like eyes. I'm even thinking of creating a few cosplay tutorials with these pairs of diamonds, and what do you think lovelies?

Lots of love,