a close-up of a brown eye with dramatic black and pink makeup look inspired by Gothic Lolita subculture

Lovelies, oh how I missed doing step-by-step makeup tutorials for you! It is one of my favorite and well-liked rubrics on the January Girl. The whole process of creating a piece of temporary art on your eyelids always intrigues and inspired me. It's been almost six months since I've posted my last makeup tutorial here, it was a bubblegum pink Valentine's Day makeup look with nontrivial winged eyeliner. But this time I have prepared something even better!

a close-up of a brown eye with dramatic black and pink makeup look inspired by Gothic Lolita subculture

What is Gothic Lolita Subculture?

Have you ever heard about the Lolita fashion subculture? It is a super-popular fashion flow in Japan and other countries, that received its wide distribution in the 1990s and 2000s. Lolita fashion culture was once so widespread, that even the Japanese government helped to popularize this movement by giving Lolita models the official title of 'ambassadors of cuteness'. Generally, it is possible to divide Lolita fashion into three categories: Gothic Lolita, classic and sweet. 

Inspired by the melancholy beauty of Gothic Lolita fashion, I have prepared this makeup tutorial. It features everything you need to get those large, doll-like eyes full of sadness  black circle lenses, white pencil on the waterline, and sky-scraping false lashes. Would you dare to try on this Gothic Lolita makeup look? Then follow this step-by-step tutorial and don't forget your sun parasol at home!

collage with a step-by-step makeup look inspired by Gothic Lolita subculture

How to Do Gothic Lolita Eye Makeup Look?

  • As with any other dramatic look, it is better to start your Gothic Lolita makeup with eyebrows. Usually, Lolitas have thin eyebrows without an arch, but I didn't want to hide my natural brows under the layer of concealer and went for a regular black and refined look - filled them with black pencil and matte eyeshadow. To clean out the shape I used a tiny amount of foundation and a synthetic brush. Take a look at my perfect eyebrow tutorial if you need step-by-step instructions for this look.

  • The next step is essential for every eye look. It is an eyeshadow primer. If you want your eyeshadows last on the skin, prime them with a good base. For the Gothic Lolita look, I used the NYX base in shade ESB 03. It has a nice creamy texture and long-staying power. Prime your eyelids and let the product sit on the skin for a minute.

  • Now, let's start working on the crease. Apply matte rose transitioning eyeshadow color on your crease and blend it out with a clean blending brush. Touch the inner corners of the eyes with frosty white eyeshadow and emphasize the brow bone with the same shadow to open up your eyes. Add a more vibrant pink color to the crease.

  • Time to smoke the lids with black matte eyeshadow. To apply it on the lids use a flat eyeshadow brush and light dabbing motion. Swipe away the fallout and work the black color on the crease with a blending brush. Leave the corner of the upper lid untouched and blend it later with frosty white eyeshadow.

  • The distinguishing feature of every Lolita makeup - a wide-opened dolly eyes. The trick is simple here, all you have to do to reach the enlarging effect is underline your waterline with a black pencil lower than it naturally is. Then the blank space between the natural waterline and the newly created false lower lid is filled with white pencil and set with the white waterline. 

  • Blush the lower lid with the same pink eyeshadow and smudged the black pencil with matte eyeshadow and proceed to the hardest part of this look - eyeliner. I went for a very dramatic, double-winged eyeliner and accentuated the inner corner of the eyes with two little wings. This shape is pretty hard to draw on your eyes from the first try, so maybe you'll want to practice a little before the final try.

  • Gothic Lolita makeup look won't be completed without a few coats of mascara and false lashes. But no mascara on the lower lash line! You can put small falsies right on the faux lower lid, but I've decided to skip this step and leave it as it is. Voilà, your doll-like eye makeup is done!

a close-up of a brown eye with dramatic black and pink makeup look inspired by Gothic Lolita subculture

And that's all, lovelies! Enjoy your gloomy, doll-like eye look, full of cute sadness and Gothic appeal. White porcelain skin, rouged cheeks, and petite BJD gradient lips will complete the whole makeup look. What do you think, lovelies? I plan to wear this or a very similar makeup look at the Halloween party this year because last year's Bleeding Vampire Makeup look was a bit too messy for me. Do you plan to go to a Halloween party this year?

Lots of love,