a close-up of a brown eye with a beautiful bubblegum pink eyeshadow and graphic eyeliner makeup look for Valentine's day

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Are you going to celebrate Valentine's Day this year? With Love Day just around the corner, I've decided to prepare a very vivid and creative makeup look that features graphic eyeliner and well-blended bubblegum pink eyeshadow. Such a makeup look will wonderfully emphasize brown and blue eyes, making your eye shape longer and charmingly attractive. Follow this step-by-step makeup tutorial to recreate this creative Valentine's Day look yourself.

What Will You Need for This Makeup?

Before starting, let`s make a list of makeup products we'll need for this Valentine's Day look:

• eyeshadow primer;
• white matte eyeshadow;
• bubblegum-pink matte pigment or eyeshadow;
• matte light-pink eyeshadow;
• liquid, cream, or gel eyeliner;
• black eye kohl;
• eyebrow pomade;
• mascara;
• false eyelashes.

makeup collage showing how to do a pink eyeline rlook for valentines day in steps

How to Do a Creative Makeup with Graphic Eyeliner for Valentine's Day?

  • First of all, prime your eyelids to make your bubblegum pink eyeshadow pop. Apply primer all over the lid up to the brow bone and gently spread the product on the skin with your ring finger. Let the primer absorb for a few minutes and meanwhile, shape and fill in your eyebrows

  • Set the primer on the skin with nude matte eyeshadow and apply matte pink eyeshadow on the crease. This step will help you with future blending.

  • Now it is time for a vivid bubblegum eyeshadow. Take a flat eyeshadow brush and apply the color all over the eyelid, lower lash line, and even your crease. With a clean blending brush blend the pink shade, softly working on the skin in round motions.

  • Prepare your favorite liquid or cream eyeliner, it is time to create a dramatic wing on your lids. Start to draw a line from the very beginning of your inner corner and wing it out on the outer corner. 

  • Once you are finished with the wing, go back on your crease with a brush, closing the graphic liner on the inner corner of your eyes. Try to keep your eye steady and try not to blink or you can smudge the line. 

  • And, finally, finish your Valentine's makeup look with a generous coat of curled eyelashes and a pair of false lashes. Voilà, your eyes are ready for a celebration!

a close-up of a brown eye with a beautiful bubblegum pink eyeshadow and graphic eyeliner makeup look for Valentine's day

Let's sum up...

If you aren't a fan of pink shades, substitute the main color with soft peachy shades or lavender hues, and don't forget about highlighter. A subtle pearly glow will open your eyes and emphasize the beauty of your cheekbones. For the lips use a long-lasting waterproof and kissproof lipstick, sweet shades of pink will fit your bubblegum eyes. That's all for today lovelies, please let me know what you think of this Valentine's Day makeup look, I'm excited to hear your thoughts!

Lots of love,