close-up of a 5 different pink lipsticks on a white background

Hi everyone, how are you? I can't say that I'm a huge fan of lipsticks and lip glosses at all, I simply forget to put them on my lips all the time. Usually, I wear nourishing lip balm daily, but sometimes I opt for something unexpected, just to spice up things a bit. Anyway, today I want to talk about my top five pink lip product picks, which I own at the moment and love wearing from time to time. Some of them have very vivid, almost screaming colors, while others' colors are calmer, bu,t in any case, all these lippies have gorgeous summer-appropriate shades and fit absolutely any skin complexion! 

swatch of the Revlon Lip Butter in 'Sweet Tart'

#1. Revlon Lip Butter in 'Sweet Tart'

I'm going to start with the Revlon Lip Butter in a pink color called 'Sweet Tart'. This is probably the most moisturizing lipstick in my collection. It has a pretty glossy finish and a wonderful sweet scent. And at the same time, Revlon Lip Butter is very pigmented and opaque. For everyone who has very dry lips' skin, this is probably the best lipstick ever made. Most of the glossy lipsticks and lip butter do not last for a long time, but I'm satisfied with the lasting power of the 'Sweet Tart'. I seriously recommend you to try it out, if you still haven't gotten your hands on this lippie!

swatch of the Beauty UK Lipstick in 'Pink My Ride'

#2. Beauty UK Lipstick in 'Pink My Ride'

Beauty UK Lipstick is the most long-lasting and opaque lip product in my collection. Every time I put it on my lips it boosts my confidence so much! Wearing this lipstick is pretty challenging, but somehow it helps me overcome my shyness. 'Pink My Ride' is a blue-based fuchsia color with an almost matte finish, but at the same time, it feels pretty moisturizing on the lips. It has a very light scent of fresh mint and lasts on the lips almost forever. You can eat, drink, and it will still be in its place. It is very bold, so I would recommend using a matching lip liner, to make your lips neat and precise.

swatch of the #3. Bubu Lipstick # 9

#3. Bubu Lipstick # 9

The next product on my list is lipstick by a Korean makeup brand called Bubu, shade # 9 is also a blue-based pink, but this time is a softer, but very opaque baby pink shade. Bubu Lipstick has a soft velvety finish and it feels very soft on the lips, almost like silk. The pigmentation is also fabulous and it stays on my lips for some good 4 or 5 hours, but I have to re-apply it throughout the day.

swatch of the Very Me Neon Lipstick in 'Screaming Pink'

#4. Very Me Neon Lipstick in 'Screaming Pink'

`Screaming Pink` is officially the oldest lipstick I own. But how can I throw it away, if Oriflame doesn't sell neon lipsticks anymore? Very Me Neon Lipstick in the gorgeous, hot pink shade is simply awesome - very pigmented, long-lasting, and hydrating, and it is exactly what my dry lips need. The only thing I hate about it is the scent, too strong for me, but everything else is on top! If I could I would probably be back in time to repurchase this baby again :)

swatch of the Jack Wills Lip Gloss in 'Hot Pink'

#5. Jack Wills Lip Gloss in 'Hot Pink'

And, finally, the last lip product on my favorite pink lipstick list is the Jack Wills Lip gloss in shade 'Hot Pink'. This lip gloss I got from the Fabulously British lip gloss set, which included five different mini lip glosses. So the 'Hot Pink' is a perfect, shiny companion to any of the previously mentioned lipsticks. If you aren't a fan of boring matter finishes, you can always boost your lip look with a coat of glossy lip gloss.

That's all for today, lovelies, I really hope you liked my pictures and swatches. I tried hard to make this blog post somehow useful to you! Please, don't forget to share your opinions down below. Do you have your favorite pink lipstick?

Lots of love,