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3 Concept Eyes Pore Silky Balm | Review & Demo

3ce makeup review blogger bb cream pore silky balm before after pictures

One of the biggest problems of my skin are large pores, they are very noticeable and definitely need a serious coverage. But hopefully today there are so many products, that were created to hide up large, blackheads and acne scars. Recently I've tested a 3 Concept Eyes Pore Silky Balm and today I'm going to share with you my impressions. 

3ce makeup review blogger bb cream pore silky balm before after pictures

I’m not going to lie to you girls, the actual reason why I've decided to purchase 3 Concept Eyes Pore Silky Balm is this amazing orange picture. I was thinking that if this product could make those pores disappear, my skin will look like a porcelain after this it.

3CE Pore Balm comes in a classy metal tin and contains 25 g. / 88 oz. of the product. It also included a little plastic spatula and a firm sponge for easy application and blending. The product has a very silky and buttery consistency. It appears absolutely transparent on the skin and doesn't have a scent. For easier absorption you can warm the balm with the fingers and rub it on the problematic areas. You can also use 3CE Balm as a primer, so the BB cream or foundation will go on smoothly and will last longer. 

3ce makeup review blogger bb cream pore silky balm before after pictures

You can see from the pictures how my skin looks more even. Small pores almost vanished and the large pores, together with a scar became smaller. I can't say that my skin looked matte after the application of the balm, it was pretty moisturized but doesn't look greasy at the same time. After I applied my foundation, concealer and a coat of translucent powder I was very happy with the result! 

Overall, I think 3CE Pore Balm is a perfect product for those who have oily skin. I don’t think it contains silicone, or at least it is not a main ingredient in the formula, so it is good for every day usage. It will not irritate the skin or block the pores, so your skin will breathe throughout the day. The only thing I would change about this product is its color. I would add some color correcting abilities, to reduce the redness of the skin.

Lots of love,