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Take A Tour Of Your Body With DEXA Scan

girl in swimsuit is meditating

Inner health and beautiful appearance are the two sides of the same coin. Well-balanced diet, regular exercising and healthy sleep and rest habits can make a huge difference in overall quality of your life and appearance. One of my main objectives this year is to achieve all the fitness goals I planned, keeping up with my fitness routine and active living. Knowing your body with all its flaws and strong sides always helps to work towards healthier lifestyle, therefore it is nice to start your fitness development with a little tour of your body and health. DEXA scan will answer all the questions you have about the current composition of your body.

Spring 2019 Fashion Wishlist: Sheer, Sleek & Cozy

spring fashion collage featuring blouses, jumpsuit, dress and cardigan

I can't wait for the spring to come! And don't get me wrong, as much as I love winter season with its magical weather, eternal holidays and cheerful mood, spring always makes me feel awake. Th early Roman empire used to mark the beginning of a new calendar on 1st of March and I understand why. Spring is the ideal season to start from the very and try out something different from your regular style, particularly in fashion.

Mac Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix + Lavender Mist | Review

a closed bottle of Lavender Setting Mist by Mac Cosmetics is laying on a faux fur rug together with a branch of lavender flowers

Thoroughly setting your makeup look is just as important as moisturizing and priming your face. During the long day your foundation may start creasing and eyeshadows may fade away, but makeup setting spray can easily prevent these issues, keeping your makeup in place. Just like a clear top coat for your nail polish, makeup setting spray evens out the surface of your skin, blending primer, foundation, concealer and powder together. It helps to control the excess oil and provides a natural, no shine finish. Today I'm reviewing a famous Mac Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix + setting mist and trying out it's skin hydrating and makeup setting properties.

Creative Valentine's Day Makeup Look & Graphic Eyeliner Tutorial

bubblegum pink and graphic eyeliner makeup look on brown eyes

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Are you going to celebrate the Valentine's Day this year? With love day just around the corner I've decided to prepare a very vivid and creative makeup look that features graphic eyeliner and well-blended bubblegum pink eyeshadow. Such makeup look will wonderfully emphasize brown and blue eyes, prolongating eye shape and making the eyes look charmingly attractive. Follow this step by step makeup tutorial to recreate this creative Valentine's Day look yourself.

Mermaid K-Pop Nails: K-Beauty Inspired Nail Design

glitter and sequin nail manicure in soft baby pink color

Lately I've been obsessed with K-beauty makeup and nail trends! Blushing eyes, ball-jointed doll lips and overly-decorated nail designs. Undoubtedly, we won't stop admiring and discussing these trends in the nearest future. So, today I would like to focus on the nails, because once I spotted this gorgeous holographic nail polish called Tender Love* by Born Pretty I knew I must try K-beauty inspired nail design myself.